Is Aveeno Baby Lotion Safe? Is It Good For Newborns & Adults?

Aveeno baby lotion

Babies are cute little bundles of joy. When you hold your baby for the first time, you worry if you could be hurting his delicate skin. Your little one’s skin is wrinkly when he is born and firms up gradually. It goes through dryness, flakiness, blistering, and many other conditions due to adaptation, environmental factors, diet, diapers, and clothing.

As you look through various products to protect your baby’s skin through his growing years, stop by to review Aveeno Baby Lotion with us – Let’s set off.

Aveeno baby lotion ingredients

The active ingredient is colloidal oatmeal – which is a skin protectant approved by the FDA. It is prepared by finely grinding the kernels of oats and then mixing them with water. It has anti-inflammatory properties, balances the skin’s pH levels, rehydrates, and soothes the skin, cleanses and tones, and gives the skin a smooth and soft texture.

Let’s look at the other ingredients.

WaterActs as solvent

Moisturizing agent
Distearyldimonium ChlorideEmulsifier

Smoothens skin
PetrolatumOcclusive agent

Prevents dehydration
Isopropyl PalmitateEmollientHelps to spread lotion smoothly on the skin

Moisturizing agent

Can be a fragrance ingredient
Cetyl AlcoholEmollient


Smoothens skin
Benzyl AlcoholActs as preservative
Sodium ChlorideCleansing agent

Exfoliating agent
FragranceComposition not known

What is in Aveeno baby lotion?

Besides the listed ingredients, what does Aveeno baby lotion contain? Let’s find out.


Alcohol is one of the listed ingredients in Aveeno baby lotion. The product contains cetyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol. Cetyl alcohol is non-toxic and is not known to cause serious side effects – it may cause burning, irritation, or contact dermatitis in case of sensitive skin. 

Benzyl alcohol is considered safe for topical application – although it can cause rashes on sensitive skin. However, accidental ingestion could be dangerous. As babies are known to put their fingers and feet in their mouths, this ingredient is not safe for infants.


The Aveeno baby lotion is free of parabens. The chemical is used by some brands as a preservative – it causes skin sensitization and allergies.


No. There is no oil in the baby lotion. The product is chiefly made of colloidal oatmeal.


Aveeno baby lotion does not contain hydroquinone. The chemical is not recommended to be used by those below 13 years of age. It causes dryness and redness on sensitive skin.


There is no lactose in the product. You can safely use Aveeno baby lotion if your baby is lactose intolerant. For a baby intolerant to the enzyme, using lactose-included lotion can cause breakouts and swelling.

Salicylic acid

The product information for Aveeno baby lotion does not list Salicylic acid. It is used by some brands to treat dry and scaly skin conditions. However, it can cause irritation.


Colloidal oatmeal may contain gluten. The company has not declared that its baby lotion is gluten-free. Nevertheless, the gluten in oatmeal is considered safe for topical application. If your baby is celiac, consult the pediatrician before using this product.


There is no soy in Aveeno baby lotion. Legume is used in some brands to brighten skin and increase collagen production. It is thought to be safe for topical use.


There is no lanolin in Aveeno baby lotion. It is used by some brands to retain moisture and prevent water loss – however, it is known to cause irritation and allergies.

Is Aveeno baby lotion toxic?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has given a 2 rating to Aveeno baby lotion – which means the product quality is fair. As per the study conducted in 2019, the product ingredients pose a high risk of skin, eye, and lung irritation, non-reproductive organ toxicity, and occupational hazards. There are also moderate contamination concerns. Further, EWG has observed that the product is low on skin absorption and ecotoxicology.

Benzyl alcohol is said to have a high risk of causing allergies and immunotoxicity, while distearyldimonium chloride is found to cause these issues at a moderate risk level. Ingredients like benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, petrolatum, distearyldimonium chloride, and dimethicone are known to have a moderate risk of causing non-reproductive organ toxicity. Further, the European has classified petrolatum as a carcinogen.

Fragrance Ingredients

In most skincare products, it is the fragrances that smell danger. Aveeno has not disclosed the fragrance ingredients in the baby lotion. However, according to the National Library of Medicine, fragrances in baby lotions chiefly contain seven ingredients – isoamyl salicylate, amyl salicylate, benzyl acetate, dimethylheptenal, methyl benzoate, alpha-ionone, and beta-ionone.

Let’s take a look at the possible toxicity in the fragrance chemicals of Aveeno baby lotion. 

Isoamyl SalicylateNot advisable to be used all over the body as in a lotion

Can cause severe burning, blistering, and rash on the tender skin of babies

Inhalation can cause nausea, vomiting, convulsions, and fatigue
Amyl SalicylateUsually used in pesticides, detergents, and other household products

Can cause swelling of the tissue

Can cause redness and pain
Benzyl AcetateCan make the skin dryInhalation can cause drowsiness, sore throat, confusion, and gasping syndrome

Ingestion can cause diarrhea and vomiting

Can cause redness of the eyes

Not recommended to be used for children below three years of age toxic to aquatic life
DimethylheptenalEWG calls it a human allergen and toxicantCan cause allergies and immunotoxicity

Can cause weak endocrine disruption
Methyl BenzoateEasily absorbed through the skin – hence increases exposure and risk of allergies

Accidental ingestion can cause irritation of the digestive tract

Inhalation causes respiratory tract irritation – can even cause asthma
Alpha-iononeIdentified by scientific bodies of the European Union as a potential skin sensitizer

European Chemical Agency has labeled it as a toxic to aquatic life with ‘long lasting effects’Inhalation can cause allergies and asthma symptoms

Eye contact can cause temporary irritation
Beta-iononeCan cause inflammation of the skin

Can cause skin sensitization

Can cause eye irritationInhalation can cause drowsiness, dizziness, coughing, and nauseaToxic to aquatic life

The European Commission has found that Aveeno Baby’s comfort lotion has the highest concentration of a fragrance substance called hydroxyisohexyl-3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde at 0.45 percent. The substance is banned by the European Commission – it can cause serious allergies to the skin.

Is Aveeno baby lotion safe for newborns?

Aveeno baby lotion is free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, and steroids – which tick off against your list of toxins to avoid for your newborn. However, you still do not know your little one’s skin type, allergies, and other health risks.

By now we know that Aveeno baby lotion contains several possible and known toxins. Therefore, it is not a good idea to experiment with the product on your newborn and invite trouble.

How to use

Health experts advise you to avoid skincare products for your baby till she is a year old. If you need to use the lotion because your baby’s skin is drying out or your environmental conditions mandate it, first do a patch test – then apply the lotion only where required.

Also, experts recommend the application of the lotion immediately after a bath when the skin is wet and soon pat dry it – do not rub the lotion on the baby’s skin. Needless to say – take care that the baby does not ingest the lotion and avoid eye contact.

Aveeno baby lotion during pregnancy

Aveeno baby lotion is not specifically made for pregnant women or to treat postnatal stretch marks. Nevertheless, since this product is formulated for babies, it could be milder than the other ones containing harsher chemicals and additives – which are best to be sidestepped during pregnancy. Also, Aveeno baby lotion is free of chemicals to be avoided during pregnancy, such as – parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, and steroids.

At the same time, be informed that the product is not devoid of chemicals and toxins either.

  • Benzyl alcohol and benzyl acetate should be avoided during pregnancy as they can cause the gasping syndrome. They can cross the placenta – and should be strictly avoided while nursing.
  • Petrolatum is known to be not fully refined in the US – so, it contains toxic chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Dimethicone is one of the chemicals recommended to be avoided during pregnancy. It is a silicone-based chemical and disrupts the hormones. Although the level of the chemical found in the product could be safe, avoid it if you are allergic to it.
  • Fragrance ingredients can be harmful during pregnancy – they can cause gene instability, skin sensitization, and even enter the placenta. It is better to avoid them while nursing. At the elementally level, they can worsen your symptoms of nausea, lightheadedness, and headaches.
  • If you are celiac, you should avoid the oatmeal-based lotion.

Is Aveeno baby lotion safe for dogs?

Oatmeal-based products are considered safe for dogs – even if they happen to lick it off. Further, the lotion is free of chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and steroids. Ingredients like benzyl alcohol, benzyl acetate, and petrolatum are safe for topical application, but if your dog happens to ingest them – it could be nearly fatal.

Fragrances are a major cause of concern. These ingredients can be extremely toxic for dogs – they can cause nervous system issues, kidney issues, seizures, respiratory problems, and endocrine disruptions.

If you can find a fragrance-free version of the product, you may be able to use it for your dogs.

Is Aveeno baby lotion safe for the face?

Oatmeal is a good option to keep your face hydrated and smooth. Hence, the product may be good for your and your baby’s face. However, some of the chemicals and potential toxins may harm the facial skin. You should be careful to avoid mouth and eye contact while using it on your baby’s face as some ingredients are known to cause eye irritation and are toxic if ingested.

It is advisable to do a patch test before using the product on your face – and apply a thin layer without rubbing too much.

Further, Aveeno baby comforting lotion may not be good for use on the face as it contains hydroxyisohexyl-3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde – a high-risk skin sensitizer.

Is Aveeno baby lotion good?

You may want to know if the baby lotion is good for use in case of these conditions.


Oatmeal in Aveeno baby lotion is a great treatment for alleviating symptoms of eczema. It is recommended by pediatricians and physicians for dry skin and eczema. However, some people with eczema experience worsened symptoms due to fragrance ingredients.

Baby acne

While oatmeal can kill acne-causing bacteria, fragrance ingredients in Aveeno baby lotion can aggravate the acne problem.


Oatmeal and benzyl alcohol in the Aveeno baby lotion is great for sunburns. However, petrolatum can cause infections depending on the level at which it is found in the product. As the skin is very sensitive to sunburn, fragrance ingredients can cause irritation.


Do not use the baby lotion when your tattoo is still fresh. When it is healing, you can apply a thin layer of it soon after bath – however, the product must be fragrance-free. Chemicals like fragrances and petrolatum can cause skin irritation and allergic reaction on your inked skin.

Fair skin

Oatmeal is found to have skin-lightening properties. So, Aveeno baby lotion is good for fair skin.

Does Aveeno baby lotion cause cancer?

Of the listed ingredients in Aveeno baby lotion, petrolatum is classified by the European Union as a carcinogen. Other ingredients may have toxicity but are not known to cause cancer.

Does Aveeno baby lotion clog pores?

Oatmeal is a natural exfoliator – it can remove oil and dirt that clog the pores. The product also has humectants that help in managing clogged pores. So – Aveeno baby lotion does not clog pores, instead helps you in managing the condition effectively.

Does Aveeno baby lotion lighten or darken skin?

Oatmeal is a good ingredient to lighten skin tone. So, Aveeno baby lotion should not be causing your skin to darken. However, there are a few reports by parents grumbling that the product is darkening their baby’s skin.

Does Aveeno baby lotion cause acne?

Aveeno baby lotion flatters to deceive in the case of acne. Oatmeal contains zinc that has the potential to kill the acne-causing bacteria in addition to reducing inflammation. It also helps in removing excess oil that can activate acne.

However, fragrance ingredients – although not all – can worsen acne. As the fragrance ingredients are not divulged, we are not sure to comment. Typically, fragrance ingredients are considered unsafe for acne. It also depends on how sensitive your baby’s skin is and how it reacts to different ingredients.

Does Aveeno baby lotion cause rash?

There are reports of itching and rashes caused by Aveeno’s baby lotion. Your baby could be sensitive to some of the fragrances and other ingredients. Do avoid the calming comfort lotion as it contains hydroxyisohexyl-3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde – which causes allergy and rashes upon skin contact.

Can Aveeno baby lotion be used on the cradle cap?

Aveeno baby lotion contains Oatmeal and petrolatum that can help get rid of the cradle cap. However, it is a good idea to use fragrance-free products as these ingredients will only exacerbate the problem.

Does Aveeno baby lotion work?

Branded, processed, and packed lotions like Aveeno’s contain chemicals and toxins that a baby does not deserve. The product may seem to work well superficially – or show up its harshness at the outset depending on your baby’s skin type and immunity level.

Aveeno baby lotion chiefly contains colloidal oatmeal – which works well to hydrate, smoothen, and cleanse the skin. However, the level of processing it undergoes, the agricultural practices used in growing it, and its storage and handling are not known. All of it impacts the quality of the final product. The product also contains harmful chemicals that can cause immediate impact if your baby has sensitive skin – or long-term effects with prolonged use.

Therefore, use the product sparingly. Using a natural, organic, or oil-based product without fragrances and chemicals may work better for your baby now and as he grows up.

Meanwhile, just because you are an adult does not mean you punish your body with toxins. The product is reported to work magic on dry skin for adults – however, do not make it a staple. Consider more natural and chemical-free options.

Does Aveeno baby lotion expire?

Yes, Aveeno baby lotion has an expiration date – it is printed on the package. For more information, you can contact the company.

How long does Aveeno baby lotion last?

It depends on your usage. However, do not use Aveeno baby lotion beyond the expiration date as colloidal oatmeal could turn bad and grow bacteria and fungus. Using the product past its expiry will be hazardous to your skin.


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