Is WaterWipes Good For Your Baby? Should You Buy Or Avoid?


Picking the right derma product for your baby comes with a cloud of questions. WaterWipes is an Irish brand of water wipes that has taken the world by storm, and is today sold in over 50 countries and has a market share of over 25%.

But is it good for your baby? In short, WaterWipes are safe for the light and sensitive skin of your baby. The wipes do not contain any toxic substances that are known to irritate the skin of newborns. The product is made to resemble water to keep the skincare process as natural as possible.

What are WaterWipes made of?

WaterWipes are made of 99.9% pure water with 0.1% grapefruit seed extract which comes with trace amounts of Benzalkonium Chloride. The wipe cloth is completely made up of viscose without blending any other fabrics. 

The water is filtered and purified by a unique technique to remove any waterborne microbes and hard minerals that can be harsh on the skin. A seven-step water purification technology is used which is safer than boiling and cooling water. 

The grapefruit seed extract is a mild cleanser that is known to moisturize the skin and cure rashes. Benzalkonium Chloride is a non-toxic, inorganic salt that is used to gently sanitize the skin and protect it from bacteria.

Is WaterWipes safe for the baby’s face?

Yes, WaterWipes are perfect for your baby’s face. As the wipes are mostly composed of water, using them on the face does not pose any threat. The wipe material is entirely made up of viscose, a naturally occurring fabric that is soft in texture and free from synthetics. 

Instead of rubbing, dab the wipe gently on the baby’s skin to prevent any abrasions or burns. This also keeps the skin hydrated for a long time. The grapefruit seed extract helps to lock in the moisture and shields the skin from dryness.

Is WaterWipes safe for newborns?

Yes, WaterWipes are completely safe for newborns. The wipes are extremely mild which makes them suitable for the sensitive and vulnerable skin of newborn babies. The ingredients are not only gentle on the skin but are also non-toxic and hypoallergenic in nature.

The wipes do not contain any synthetics and chemicals that are harmful to babies. The formula is free from perfumes that may be allergic to newborns. There is no alcohol present in the formula to dehydrate the skin and cause epidermal water loss. 

Is WaterWipes safe for your baby’s eyes?

No, WaterWipes are not safe to be applied on or around a baby’s eyes. Benzalkonium Chloride in the wipe can potentially irritate your baby’s eyes and can cause excessive tearing and burning sensation. If irritation persists longer, please consult a pediatrician.

Is WaterWipes safe for pacifiers?

Yes, you may use WaterWipes to clean and wipe down pacifiers. But these wipes do not really ‘sterilize’ them since technically you are just cleaning your pacifier with water. But WaterWipes is a better option compared to other baby wipes since a lot of other brands contain parabens that can stick to the pacifier and make it through to your baby’s system. 

While parabens are not toxic, they are known to disrupt hormonal function which is not good for a young baby.

Is WaterWipes safe for diaper rash?

Yes, WaterWipes are safe for cleaning and treating diaper rash. The wipes are extremely soft on baby skin and do not aggravate the rashes. The wipes also deliver a light, cooling sensation that lessens the pain and inflammation caused by diaper rashes.

The grapefruit seed extract is used in the formula to provide intense moisture to the skin and gently heal the rashes. Benzalkonium Chloride acts as a disinfectant and keeps the skin free from bacteria that can cause or worsen rashes.

It is a good idea to apply adequate rash cream (Zinc Oxide) on the rashes to heal them.

Is WaterWipes safe for pets?

Yes, WaterWipes can also be used to clean pets like dogs and cats, as its main ingredient is water. Benzalkonium Chloride is only present in trace quantity and is hence not a deal-breaker. 

WaterWipes on fur do not cause any shedding. Cats are known to lick themselves and may swallow substances that can potentially impair their health. Being free from any dangerous additions, WaterWipes can be freely used on cats. 

However, the wipes are extremely mild, making them unreliable when it comes to killing germs and bacteria on animals. If you are looking for a product with efficient germ-killing properties, it is better to go for animal wipes as their formulation is better suited for cleaning pets.

Is WaterWipes good for baby acne?

Yes, WaterWipes are good for baby acne. Baby acne is caused by maternal hormones circulating in the body for the first few weeks of childbirth. The acne gets intensified when it comes into contact with milk during breastfeeding. Hence, it is necessary to clean your child’s face and skin after breastfeeding.

The acne heals on its own if the baby’s face is kept clean and free from body oils and lotions. WaterWipes help with curing baby acne by providing the skin with balanced hydration and clearing off any acne-causing bacteria.

Is WaterWipes good for eczema?

Infants are more prone to conditions like eczema which makes the skin look patchy and causes non-stop itching. This is usually caused by harsh chemicals that are found in baby soaps and shampoos. 

WaterWipes are free from any kind of chemicals that can irritate the skin and this makes them ideal for cleaning baby skin. The wipes are also a good replacement for soaps for newborns.

Is WaterWipes good for removing makeup?

Yes, WaterWipes is a good substitute for water to remove makeup and dirt from the face. The wipes act as a gentle, fragrance-free alternative to regular facial wipes that can be coarse and filled with perfumes. The water-based formula keeps the skin soft, supple, and fresh.

However, WaterWipes is not suitable for getting rid of waterproof makeup as they do not contain oil or petroleum products. Cleaning the skin with WaterWipes after taking off makeup, clears any pollutants or debris that can cause allergies and break out acne. 

Is WaterWipes non-toxic?

Yes, the WaterWipes formula is non-toxic as it is made with 99.9% water with a tiny amount of fruit extract. The water used in making the baby wipe is purified to remove toxic minerals and to make it soft. Benzalkonium Chloride is used in a very small proportion to be kind and gentle on a baby’s skin. 

The wipe material is also made of viscose which is known to be harmless. Being a naturally made fiber, it does not contain any toxic traits that can impact the baby’s health. 

Is WaterWipes flushable?

No, WaterWipes is not supposed to be flushed. Although the wipe material is made to be totally biodegradable, it still does not break down in the sewer system. Flushing WaterWipes can cause clogging and blockage of pipelines and lead to a plumbing catastrophe. Flushed wipes pose a serious ecological concern by polluting the ocean and harming marine ecosystems.

Is WaterWipes biodegradable?

Yes, WaterWipes is made up of 100% viscose and are completely biodegradable. Viscose is derived from tree pulps and cellulose that can be easily broken down by soil and bacteria within a short span of six months. 

Biodegradable wipes make a good component for industrial as well as household composting.

WaterWipes are free from any chemicals that can negatively impact plant health. The used wipe can be stuffed into flower pots which hold and distributes the water evenly to the roots. 

Is WaterWipes plastic-free?

Yes, WaterWipes is completely free from plastic. WaterWipes were originally made with polyester since its inception. Polyester is a synthetic fiber made by combining petroleum, coal, and air and this can irritate the skin of infants. 

After January 2021, WaterWipes completely replaced polyester with viscose to make its wipe material. Viscose is a natural, plant-based fiber that is not associated with plastic. The fabric is soft and completely safe to be used on babies. 

Is WaterWipes cruelty-free?

WaterWipes are not tested on animals. The wipes are vegan-friendly and come with a tag of approval from The Vegan Society. Even though the wipes are not animal tested, they can still be used on pet animals to achieve safe and mild cleansing.

Do WaterWipes contain alcohol?

No, WaterWipes do not have alcohol in them. The baby wipes are made with only two ingredients, water, and grapefruit seed extract. Alcohol is a widely used antibacterial in baby care products which is also known to dry out the skin. Grapefruit extract is used to naturally replace alcohol as it is a mild-disinfectant while also being able to hydrate.

Do WaterWipes have chemicals in them?

Yes, WaterWipes contain trace amounts of Benzalkonium Chloride which is naturally occurring in grapefruit. The formula is free from any other chemical compounds. Benzalkonium Chloride is used as an antiseptic and keeps the skin free from rashes and infections. As the wipes only contain a very small quantity of this chemical, it is not hazardous for your newborn’s health.

Do WaterWipes expire?

Yes, like all other wet wipes, WaterWipes do come with an expiration date printed on its packaging. The product comes with a shelf life of 15 months after which it expires. Once opened, it is recommended that you use up the product within a month.

Although WaterWipes are made up entirely of water, the viscose tissue may lose its holding capacity after expiration, thereby letting the water rest at the bottom of the pack. Expired WaterWipes may appear to be dried out, due to evaporation.


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