Kyte Baby Sleep Sack – The Complete Review

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

Sleep sacks are a great substitute for blankets and provide your baby with a good night’s sleep. The Kyte BABY sleep slack is extremely breathable and is ideal for babies with sensitive skin. It comes with a J-shaped zipper that makes it suitable for a nighttime diaper change. 

Kyte BABY is popular for its soft and high-quality baby items. The goods are made of bamboo, which is three degrees cooler than cotton and hypoallergenic. The softness and coolness of the cloth are unrivaled by cotton or anything else. Bamboo is a very sustainable material that is used to make all of Kyte BABY’s products.

The manufacturer states that the dress is quilted on the inside to keep the inner lining from bunching up and thus help retain the product’s quality. They have a soft feel since they are created from their unique bamboo rayon fabric. It is lightweight and may even be worn in the summers. It costs $60 and comes in a variety of colors. At 1.0 TOG (Thermal Overall Grade), it provides the ideal warmth to the baby all year round. TOG is a grading method that monitors warmth and estimates how rapidly a cloth absorbs heat. For colder months, a thicker TOG is advised.

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According to customer testimonials, the Kyte Baby sleep sack is exceptionally comfortable and has just the right thickness. It’s quite warm and cozy for the infant, and it’ll provide her with hours of uninterrupted slumber.

Material & Build

Kyte Baby is soft and cozy and comes in brilliant colors. One thing we liked about the sleep sack is that the zipper does not begin near the face which you will really come to appreciate when you are coming off other brands. And oh, the sack includes a twin zipper for added ease. 

Kyte baby sleep bag zipper

The lining, on the other hand, is quite shabby. The threads come loose after a few washes, even if the sack is washed correctly. The loose threads are a concern to the child and tend to frequently tangle on the infant’s foot. This is a risk for very young infants since you risk cutting off blood supply to the toes. This tangling of threads can cause your infant child to wake up wailing.

 The sleep sack must be line-dried, making it unsuitable for frequent usage. It takes hours for the sleep sack to dry, therefore it can’t be used daily. There are no shoulder buttons, which is inconvenient, and after a few washes, the sleep sack develops holes, because of the few holes, the infant may rip the entire sack apart. 

According to some customers, the sack may sometimes not dry completely, resulting in a mildewed odor. Even if all of the care requirements are followed, the fabric will eventually deteriorate. You may thus find it a little expensive for the quality.


You may find the sleep sack to be a little too long for your little guy. However, if you want a sleep sack that will last longer, this is an excellent option because it gives your infant plenty of room to grow into.

Customer Support

The company’s response to complaints seems to vary. According to third-party reviews posted on various online marketplaces, they are known to replace sleep sacks for some unhappy clients while others did not find similar experiences.



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