The New Odin Parker Barber Set Is The Cutest Toy You’ll Find

Odin Parker barber wooden toy set

Are you looking for a birthday present for your kid? Check out Odin Parker’s latest barber set. It’s a wonderful present for your kid that will help him limit his screen time.

In this day and age, we are all surrounded by technology; if you want to help your child minimize his technology use, the new Odin Parker barber kit is an excellent pick.  

The set contains a pair of scissors, a shaver, a shaving foam bottle, a brush, a comb, a mirror, a barber knife, and a mustache. The set’s natural-looking components provide your child with a realistic playing environment. The measurements of each part are as follows:


 Scissor: 9 cm

 Barber knife: 8 cm

 Shaver: 9 cm

 Brush: 7 cm

 Mustache: 8.5 cm

 Foam bottle: 9 cm

 Comb: 9 x 4 cm

 Mirror: 12.5 cm

The product is made in 100% beech certified wood and will be completely safe for your child. It’s made of non-toxic water paint, and it meets European standard EN-71-1, ensuring your child’s safety.

 A natural wooden construction gives it an authentic look and provides your child with an unforgettable experience.

The set has to be cleaned with a damp cloth without using any chemicals to ensure no wear and tear of the original wood-set. It’s priced at $45, you can also pay in 4-interest free installments of $11.25 with afterpay.

Odin Parker is an online store that sells gender-neutral baby goods that are hard to come by in stores. It feeds children with every purchase you make and has a company ethos of ensuring no child remains hungry.



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