About Delgoor

Did you know that there are chemicals like Arsenic and lead in bottled water that can be absolutely harmful to you? That, the very fragrance that makes you fall in love with your shampoo can cause hair loss or dandruff?

Products that you buy are NOT always what they are advertised to be.

‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ is not always better.

An unscented chunk of soap is not always worse than one that smells of olive.

About Me

I am Anand, and I am a business owner and consultant in my day job. I have spent years studying what’s inside the products we buy. ‘Delgoor’ in Mongolian means ‘shop’, and this website is meant to document the good, the bad, and the ugly things about the products you love shopping for.

In this website, I strip each product down to its bare elements and tell you if it’s worth buying or not.

But be forewarned – none of what I say is medical advice. I am just a bloke who has spent time studying what the ingredients really mean. Do not take my word for it. Consult your doctor, or pediatrician, or nutritionist before picking one product over another. I am here to help you ask the right questions.

Is there a product you want me to study? Write to me at [email protected]

You can also reach me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.