Are Upper Bounce Trampolines Good?

Upper Bounce Trampoline

There are 4 reasons why Upper Bounce trampolines are good. Firstly, they are affordable. Secondly, replacement parts are easy to get. Thirdly, they have higher weight limits than many other brands. And lastly, their customer support is pretty good. Read this article further for a complete overview.

Upper Bounce Trampoline is a brand that started out in 2009. It sells high-quality trampolines, trampoline accessories, and a wide range of other products such as ladders, spring covers/safety pads, weather covers, springs, enclosure nets. You can also purchase replacement trampoline parts from Upper Bounce.

Here are the different parts of a trampoline and how you can assemble them. 

Exposure Net

An exposure net is the most important component of a trampoline. This is why it is essential that you pay extra attention to the material, quality, and structure of the exposure net. If you do not have an exposure net, you might be thrown from the trampoline while bouncing, which, in turn, can cause severe injuries. An exposure net ensures that no matter how much you bounce on the trampoline, you will stay within its limits.

Before placing an order for an exposure net, it is important that you know your frame size and the number of poles required. Knowing the structure of the poles is quite important as well. 

Jumping Mat

A jumping mat is a part where you bounce off of the trampoline. It is very important that you invest in a jumping mat of good quality and stretchability. However, the jumping mat should also be able to carry the weight of an adult and some more. 

Before placing an order for a jumping mat, you need to know the frame size, current spring size, and the number of springs that are used in your jumping mat.

Safety Pad

The safety pad is the component that surrounds the trampoline frame. Its purpose is to make sure that the bouncer does not hit the frame or the adjacent springs.

To ensure this, the safety pad should be of a thick foam material that absorbs the bounce or fall without causing any injuries to the bouncer. In addition, the safety pad foam should be covered in a thick PVC material to protect itself from other elements of the trampoline. 

Before placing an order for a safety pad, you need to know the frame size.

The Enclosure Set

The enclosure set consists of three parts, namely the poles, the trampoline net, and all the accessories needed to install the entire trampoline set. Investing in a set ensures that all the parts of the trampoline are matched. This way, the installation process is also completed quickly.

Before placing an order for the enclosure set, you need to know the frame size, number of frame legs, and diameter of the leg tubes.


Poles are placed around the outside of the trampoline to effectively hold the safety net. Every trampoline has a different number of poles and the diameter of each pole. To prevent damage to the poles, they are covered in a thick foam which, in turn, is covered by a PVC plastic material.

Before placing an order for the poles, you need to know the frame size, the number of poles required, and the diameter of each pole.


Springs are needed to connect the frame to the jumping mat. These are available in a wide variety of lengths, diameters, and gauges. It is important that you have the matching springs to the rest of the components of the trampoline.

Before placing an order for the springs, you need to know the current spring size and the number of springs needed to connect to the jumping mat.

What makes Upper Bounce one of the best brands for Trampolines?

There are four factors that make Upper Bounce Trampolines one of the best in the market.  These are:

  • Affordability
  • Availability of replacement parts
  • Higher weight limits
  • An experienced, responsive customer care team

Another factor behind the popularity of Upper Bounce Trampolines would be its recent launch of an easy assemble and disassemble feature that makes setting up the trampoline super easy!

Whether you are buying replacement parts for your old trampoline or simply purchasing a new one, Upper Bounce has everything for all your needs.

Here are the mini-reviews of some of the popular Upper Bounce Trampolines.

Upper Bounce Trampoline 16-FT UBSF01-16

Jumping on a trampoline is surely a fun activity. And it’s even more fun when done with family and friends. This comes down to the size of your trampoline and this is what makes the Upper Bounce Trampoline 16-FT UBSF01-16 one of the best trampolines from the brand!

By far, this is the largest trampoline by Upper Bounce and has a frame-to-frame diameter of 16 feet. The jumping surface of this trampoline is about 169.29 inches and can take up a maximum weight of 330 lbs. With this, three kids or one kid and one adult can jump on the trampoline at once. The rust-resistant springs are a plus as they give the trampoline a good amount of bounce!

Price of the Upper Bounce Trampoline 16-FT UBSF01-16 – $649.99

Upper Bounce Trampoline 15-FT UBSF01-15

Only a foot smaller than the 16-FT UBSF01-16 trampoline, you probably would not even be able to tell the difference between these two. The jumping surface is about 10 inches shorter and measures 159.45 inches. In terms of the bounces, the Upper Bounce Trampoline 15-FT UBSF01-15 performs above average.

This trampoline has a special construction design allowing the assembling of the netting enclosure pretty easy. 

Price of the Upper Bounce Trampoline 15-FT UBSF01-15 – $499.99

Upper Bounce 10-FT by 17-FT Rectangle Trampoline

Rectangular trampolines are quite different from round ones and are better equipped for gymnastics. However, people tend to not purchase rectangle trampolines owing to their high price. 

This 10 inches by 17 inches rectangle trampoline from Upper Bounce is one of the largest rectangle trampolines in the market. In addition, the Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is relatively cheaper as well for the quality you get.

The best part about this trampoline is its huge jumping surface with 186.61” x 97.63”. With this jumping surface, two adults or several kids can jump on the trampoline at once! The weight capacity of this trampoline is quite impressive as well at 500 pounds.

Price of the Upper Bounce 10-FT by 17-FT Rectangle Trampoline – $1199.99

Upper Bounce Trampoline 12-FT UBSF01-12

This 12 feet trampoline model by Upper Bounce is perfect for families looking for a great quality trampoline but within a budget. It can also be a great option if you are looking to purchase a trampoline for the first time. 

Upper Bounce Trampoline 12 FT-UBSF01-12 comes with a weight limit of 330 pounds with 72 springs, each with a measurement of 6.5 inches. Even though this trampoline is not the best in the market, it is definitely one of the good quality trampolines with incredible performance, primarily for children and teens!

Price of the Upper Bounce Trampoline 12-FT UBSF01-12 – $519.99

Upper Bounce 9-FT by 15-FT Rectangle Trampoline

The Upper Bounce 9-FT by 15-FT Rectangle Trampoline is another popular trampoline model among families looking for a good quality yet cheaper option than the 10 feet by 17 feet rectangle trampoline.

The trampoline has a usable jumping surface of 162.5 inches x 85.83 inches and a 500 pounds weight capacity. These amazing features of this trampoline ensure that you have a great bouncing experience. Up to 2 kids can jump on the trampoline at a given time. It also has a gap-free design along with ten closed and padded enclosure system poles that ensure the safety of the jumpers at all times!

Price of the Upper Bounce 9-FT by 15-FT Rectangle Trampoline – $999.99

Upper Bounce Trampoline 7.5-FT UBSF01-7.5

Rated as one of the top trampolines for kids, Upper Bounce Trampoline 7.5-FT UBSF01-7.5 will make an excellent option for kids or teens upgrading from a smaller size trampoline. It has a pole-to-pole diameter of 7.5 feet.

The trampoline is quite reliable when it comes to safety and performance as it has been built using the same blueprint for the other models of Upper Bounce. The weight capacity of the trampoline is 250 pounds.

The frame system of the trampoline has been with galvanized steel which has been further coated with powder for durability. The total jumping surface of the mat is 73 inches and has a height of 90 inches. 

Price of the Upper Bounce Trampoline 7.5-FT UBSF01-7.5 – $349.99

Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline 48 inches

This mini trampoline from Upper Bounce is a foldable rebounder that comes with an adjustable handrail. It can be a great option for people looking for a decent foldable trampoline for fitness purposes. With this mini trampoline, you can easily do several low-impact aerobic workouts. The best part about this trampoline is that even though it is a mini one, it does not limit the storage or space.

Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline in the 48 inches variant is definitely one of the best options for a rebounder, especially for those who are on a tight budget. 

The frame diameter of the trampoline is 48 inches with a jumping surface of approximately 38 inches. The weight capacity of 200 pounds is supported by 8 legs that stand about 8 inches from the ground.

Two of the standout features of this foldable mini rebounder are that it folds into two, making space for storage, and has a height-adjustable handlebar.

Price of the Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline 48 inches– $119.99

Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline 40 inches

Pretty much similar to the Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline 48 inches, this foldable rebounder is a tinier version of it. In addition, it is much cheaper than the 48 inches one. The trampoline is perfect for those who like to exercise outside. Even people who have a small backyard or none at all can opt for this mini-trampoline.

This trampoline has a 40 inches frame diameter, a polypropylene jumping mat, a height-adjustable handlebar, and a spring system of 36 3.5 inches.

It easily folds into two for storage and can be assembled in about 10 minutes, which is quite time-friendly. 

Price of the Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline 40 inches – $94.99

Now, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the brand Upper Bounce and its trampolines.

1. What is an Upper Bounce Trampoline?

Upper Bounce is a popular brand that sells trampolines, accessories for trampolines, and their replacement parts. The trampolines at Upper Bounce are made of high quality and are available at reasonable prices. Additionally, the brand also ensures that you get on-time delivery of your trampoline orders.

2. How is the Upper Bounce Trampoline assembled?

The best way to start assembling an Upper Bounce Trampoline is by reading the instructions manual provided with your order. 

Then, you can start assembling the trampoline’s legs first. After that, you can attach and screw the rest of the parts to the legs. You can then unroll the mat and attach the frame to the springs. Post that, you can attach the protector over the springs and put the safety foam over the frame. And lastly, you can connect the mesh wall to the frame.

If you face any difficulties with the assembling, you can contact Upper Bounce’s customer service for further assistance.

3. How to install the Upper Bounce Trampoline net?

Before you start installing the Upper Bounce Trampoline set, it is essential to ensure that the size of the trampoline net matches that of the size of the frame. You can read the instructions manual to secure the top and the bottom of the net.

4. Can the Upper Bounce Trampolines be folded?

While folding the Upper Bounce Trampoline, it is necessary that you follow the actions step by step. First, you need to put the trampoline upside down and flat on the ground. Second, you need to place both knees on the center of the trampoline. Third, you need to put your hands on the side of the frame and gently pull it closed.

5. Do the Upper Bounce Trampolines require special care during the winter times?

Yes, Upper Bounce Trampolines need you to take extra care of them, especially during snowfall or severe frost. 

Here is how you can take care of your trampoline during winter:

  • First, to store the trampoline inside, you will need to remove the frame pads.
  • Second, you will have to remove the safety enclosure set and springs of the Upper Bounce Trampoline. 
  • Third, you will have to carefully fold the jumping mat.
  • Lastly, you will need to take down the metal frames and pull the frames and the poles apart.




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