Are CRA-Z-Art Markers As Good As Crayola?

Cra-z-art vs Crayola markers

Crayola is perhaps the most well-known maker of art supplies, including markers. CRA-Z-Art from Randolph, New Jersey may not enjoy the same level of popularity, but offer some of the best alternatives to Crayola.

So who makes the better markers? Crayola or CRA-Z-Art? Let’s find out.

Are CRA-Z-Art Markers As Good As Crayola?

The answer is it depends. As you probably already know, Crayola is a well-known and respected brand that has been around for years. They have produced various supplies for kids of all ages to use for many different projects (art, school projects, or otherwise). Thus, it’s no surprise that they make quality markers as well. However, CRA-Z-Art markers are also of good quality, and they can work well for many different projects.

CRA-Z-Art Markers can be used for a variety of projects. These markers work well on paper, glass, and even plastic. CRA-Z-Art Markers hold their shape and color while drawing and the ink will not bleed through paper; this makes them great for note cards, coloring books, and invitations.

Crayola markers are also great markers for any type of paper or surface. These markers are recommended for children ages 3 and up. Crayola markers will not fade over time, which makes them perfect for works of art that will be displayed in a child’s room.

One thing to consider about CRA-Z-Art Markers is that they are less likely to work well on surfaces other than paper. Most of the markers did not work when we tried using them on plastic and glass; however, there were a few exceptions.

CRA-Z-Art Markers also tend to bleed through thin papers, so they are not recommended for invitations or greeting cards.

Crayola markers are great because most of them will work on any type of surface. You can use Crayola markers on paper, wood, and even fabric. Crayola markers do not fade over time and they come in a variety of colors.

While some Crayola markers did work well on plastic and glass, there were many that did not.

Also, we found that Crayola markers did not last as long when compared to CRA-Z-Art Markers.

Both brands of markers are simple enough for children to use with supervision.

Then why does CRA-Z-Art Marker hold the number one spot on our list?

The answer is simple – the price! CRA-Z-Art Markers are less expensive than Crayola markers, so more people can use them.

When you are looking for a marker that will get the job done, sometimes it is all about price.

Overall, CRA-Z-Art Markers are great markers to have on hand in the classroom or at home. These markers hold their color while drawing and they last longer than Crayola markers.

While not all CRA-Z-Art Markers work well on surfaces other than paper, the price makes them hard to beat!

What is the difference between CRA-Z-Art and Crayola markers?

CRA-Z-ART markers are less expensive than Crayola markers, but they will not fade over time. They contain ink that bonds to the surface onto which it is applied, so they cannot be removed from certain surfaces.

CRA-Z-Art Markers are great for many different projects including invitations and greeting cards (as long as it not on thin surfaces).

They also hold their color and last longer than Crayola markers, but they are not intended for fabric or poster board. They’re great on paper and some plastics.

CRA-Z-Art Markers can be found at most retail stores that sell school supplies.

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Are Cra-Z-Art markers permanent?

CRA-Z-ART markers are not intended for fabric. They will fade if exposed to fabric that is anything other than 100% cotton.

Since CRA-Z-ART markers are water-based, they contain an alcohol component that allows them to bond to the surface onto which they are applied. Once they’re on there it’s pretty tough to get them off.

CRA-Z-ART markers are also not intended for poster board, cardboard, or styrofoam. They’re great on paper and some plastics, but they will fade if exposed to poster board or styrofoam.

What type of art can you make with CRAZY Art Markers?

Most CRA-Z-Art Markers are intended for paper projects. This includes greeting cards, invitations, note cards, and coloring books. Some of the markers can be used on plastic or glass, but keep in mind that the ink will not blur or fade over time.

How do you use CRA-Z-Art markers on fabric?

CRA-Z-ART markers will not work on fabric. They contain an ink component that bonds to the surface onto which they are applied. Once applied, CRA-Z-ART markers cannot be removed from a surface other than 100% cotton.

Are Cra-Z-Art thin markers washable?

Before washing any CRA-Z-ART marker drawings, make sure you hold the fabric taut to avoid distortion.

Then apply warm water and laundry detergent directly to the artwork. Rub gently with your fingers or soft cloth until the picture is completely washed off.

If it doesn’t come off after scrubbing for 5 minutes, then try soaking the drawing in a basin of cold water for half an hour.

Are CRA-Z-art markers toxic?

While the ink is not considered toxic, it may cause an allergic reaction in some people. It is made with glycerine and ethanol, so it will sting if accidentally put into your mouth. If this happens, rinse out your mouth with water and seek medical help if you experience vomiting or a skin rash.

How long do Cra-Z-art markers last?

Cra-Z-Art markers may dry out after a while.

If you notice that the colors aren’t as bright, try removing the cap and shaking the marker to mix up the ink inside.

Then firmly press down on one of the points and release to let it flow back through the nib. Make sure you replace the cap when you’re done to prevent the ink from drying out.

Can Cra-Z-Art markers get wet?

The CRA-Z-ART markers are water-soluble and will run if they come in contact with wet surfaces. They must not be used on posters or cardboard, because the color may bleed and fade over time. The ink is water-based, but it is not recommended for use on fabric.

Are Cra-Z-Art markers safe for use on skin?

Cra-Z-ART markers are not recommended for use on skin. The ink may cause a reaction in some people, so it is best to avoid contact with the skin and eyes. If ink should come into contact with the skin or eyes, rinse several times with water and seek medical help if irritation persists.

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Is CRA-Z-ART marker ink waterproof?

The ink in CRA-Z-ART markers is not intended for permanent use on posters or cardboard, so it is best to avoid contact with those surfaces. If the ink does come into contact with these materials, the colors may bleed and fade over time.

On a concluding note, CRA-Z-ART markers are a safe and fun gift for people of all ages. The colors may fade over time, but the picture will remain visible until it is washed or rubbed away.

CRA-Z-Art markers are better than Crayola markers on some surfaces, but they are not recommended for use on fabric. If you follow the safety precautions and recommendations in this article, your CRA-Z-ART markers should last a long time with seamless operation.




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