JStory Review – Is It Worth All The Hype?

JStory review

It often seems like a new shopping site pops up every other week, promising us a whole new range of goods and faster service with fewer hassles. With such buzz around these sites, it’s easy to get duped and end up getting scammed. In this article, we’ll review JStory, one of the hottest new sites on the block and we’ll tell you if it’s the real deal.

What is JStory?

JStory is a new shopping site and it has caught the eye of many a shopaholic. Founded and based in South Korea, this small site specializes in a range of stationery. A quick look at the site will tell you they sell beautiful office stationery.

JStory’s office stationery on sale includes not only the standard notebooks and planners, but they also deliver bags for your laptops and notebooks. They also have a range of handbags along with albums and scrapbooks. JStory’s sheer diversity in the office stationery area is incredible. Have we mentioned they also sell pencil cases? It’s not just the diversity we like, the range within the products is also impressive. All the products on JStory are cute and chic, and there are multiple kinds of planners, notebooks, and bags. In this area, they’re clearly ahead of their competitors. 

The prices are a bit on the higher side for some of the products, but the quality on offer is sure to make up for them. Even normal stationery like notebooks are elevated into high quality, stylish products. Look at these notebooks to see what we mean.

JStory notebooks exterior

JStory’s products

Colorful and stylish bags for your laptops and notebooks are a must. JStory has you covered here, with an extensive range of products. They have a range of bags from cheap tablet pouches to high-end laptop bags. These products are all minimalistic in their design. They have a wide range of colors on offer and each one looks excellent. The bags are understated but elegant and they’re well made. Some of the bags are sold out as products are in high demand. However, you can still grab an elegant notebook bag. They’ll be stocking up soon hopefully and you can then indulge in buying yourself a high-quality notebook bag.

JStory tablet notebook pouch

Along with those, an item that absolutely all office workers need is a classic briefcase. Briefcases will never go out of style as long as offices last. The classic briefcase used to be a dull bag but JStory has some choices that will completely change your game. Their briefcases are a modern take on an old item. Of course for the people who prefer a reliable and subdued briefcase, they offer brown and dark brown options.

JStory briefcases

It’s not just the big items that JStory offers. They have a whole range of planners and notebooks. In our busy day-to-day lives, it’s easy to forget tasks. It’s always best to write down your tasks in a notebook. JStory’s planners are perfect for that. They offer a variety of planners and diaries, ranging from weekly and monthly planners in multiple sizes to always reliable diaries. As with all their products, JStory’s notebooks and planners are beautiful items. They’re elegant and clean. The colors on offer will satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers.

JStory notebooks inside

Is JStory Legit?

JStory certainly has some beautiful products on offer and the prices are attractive, but is it trustworthy? JStory is very much trustworthy. The site clearly tells you their policies. They are clear that all their products are shipped directly from South Korea.

In addition, they have specified that most products will reach in 5-10 business days. An extra incentive is that if your order is over $100, your shipping is free! Their return policy is also very straightforward. If you receive a different or defective product, you can just return it. At a time where many shopping sites are unreliable and unclear about their policies, we must say that JStory’s policies are refreshingly straightforward. Full marks for that!

JStory seems to be on the fast track to glory. Their products are certainly the kind that are in vogue. Their popularity is clear as their stuff is flying off the virtual shelf. If you like something on JStory, make sure to buy it quickly as it tends to get sold out fast.

JStory’s products will surely make your everyday office work more engaging. Plus you’re sure to have the most stylish stationery in your office or school, and that’s always a great feeling! Of course as with all onlines shopping sites, you should exercise due caution and diligence. JStory is certainly on our radars and we’ll be watching the growth of this site closely. All shopaholics should take note. 

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