KAVU & Chums Collaborate To Launch Neoprene Eyewear Retainers

Eyewear retainers from KAVU and CHUMS

Do you wear sunglasses or prescription eyewear when you are outdoors? You surely understand how important it is to make sure they stay put where they are meant to be.

 KAVU offers stylish and comfortable eye retainers that are now even better thanks to this collaboration with CHUMS. The collab brings the best out of both brands and offers this amazing eye retainer at just $8 which is cheaper than most of the CHUMS’ eye retainers – its price sets it apart from the ones available on the market.

These eye retainers are very easy to adjust, comfortable to wear, and lightweight. They will fit most glasses and have light floatation of up to 15g. The versatility of this product is instantly visible with how perfect it is to use on all kinds of applications and places, including snow, air, land, and waters.

If you’re one of the river rats, beach bums, or someone who likes to spend some time on the water, they are the ideal choice for you. With that, it can help you get a superior fit.

It also comes in a design, which allows it to hold the frames of your eyeglasses firmly and securely. Wearing or removing it is extremely quick and easy. The industry standard for neoprene retainers makes them quick-drying and durable. They are also latex-free which reduces any possibility for allergies.

They are available in two stunning colors “Dream Van” and “Electric Cactus” and would perfectly fit with any of your outdoor gear. The brand describes its products as the expression of this approach to life.

The details of the eye retainer are as follows:

  • Length: 16″
  • Weight without packaging: 0.2 oz
  • Light flotation, floats frames up to 15 g


  1. https://kavu.com/products/chums-neoprene
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