Hill House Home Reviews

Hill House Home Reviews

Hill House Home, unlike what the name suggests, is NOT a real estate company. Rather, they are one of the leading fashion houses, specializing mainly in women’s apparel. Hill House Home is a brand that offers unique clothing, with lots of variety but with a single, unified design philosophy.

Since they are incredibly popular there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across the brand and are now wondering how legit they are. This is your one-stop review for the company, as we’ll cover everything from their signature dress to their collections to their shipping policies. 

The Brand

Hill House Home was started in 2016, a brainchild of designer Nell Diamond, who wanted to “to make happy things for happy places”. That’s a great philosophy for design and life in general and the brand has gone on to do exactly that.

The Hill House Home brand’s design philosophy is what sets it apart from the crowd. All of their creations blend very feminine designs with unmistakably modern cuts and silhouettes. This leads to a line of clothes that stand out and shine.

Their creations span from those for every day to those for once-in-a-lifetime days such as your bachelorette parties. Though the focus of the brand is women’s clothing, they do have a line for kids and for men. 

The Nap Dress

The dress that made Hill House Home a well-known brand, is their iconic Nap Dress. The name, the company admits, is a bit of a misnomer. The dress is a sophisticated but simple garment, made to be worn anywhere but look stylish everywhere.

Of course, there’s not much point in us describing it in bleeding detail, as this dress conquered the internet a long time ago.  Long and flowy, it’s extremely comfortable, making it a great option whenever you want to take it a bit slow.

Hill House Home founder Nell Diamond wanted a dress that could be worn at all times, particularly when one was in a hurry. She spent a staggering 18 months designing this dress. The Nap Dress is made for the modern world in the fullest sense.

Hill House Home Nap Dress

The great thing about the Nap Dress is that it drops in multiple collections throughout the year making it a near guarantee that you can find a chic one that’s at the cutting edge of fashion. We’re in love with the beautiful Nap Dress Summer 2021 line, with beautiful takes on the original nap dress as well as flirty, chic reinventions such as these. The dresses retail at a range of $75-$220, so you can find a price you’re comfortable with. Our parting word is that this dress is that rarity, a gorgeous stunner that is actually comfortable and practical. 

The Bridal Collection

Apart from their mainstay, Hill House Home also has an excellent line of dresses for those events in the run-up to the wedding. One of the good things about this line is that, it makes every event in the run-up to the wedding a shared event, with dresses for your bridesmaids a big part of the offerings.

Hill House Home Bridal Collection

The Engagement line sets the tone with its range of gifts within the kits. Each kit in the engagement line contains a silk eye mask embroidered with j’engaged, and a silk pillowcase. The silk pillowcase is excellent to ensure that your skin retains moisture and it prevents you hair from suffering excess breakage. 

The bachelorette lineup is the perfect kit for the bachelorette weekend or party. This is one of those days which are once in a lifetime and Hill House Home’s bachelorette kit will ensure you and your bridesmaids are impeccably dressed. The kit includes a Jewel Jammie top and bottom in black and other accessories. Of course, if you prefer to be dazzling in white, Hill House has you covered with the same fits in white. These kits cost $300.

The wedding weekend will see you harried and busy, so you need to wear something that’ll be comfy but stunning at the same time. The Nap Dress, is a shoo-in for this and Hill House Homes has an excellent wedding weekend edition of the Nap Dress. With this dress on hand, there’ll be no more worries and you can just enjoy the day. The Nap Dress wedding weekend edition is priced at  $125.

Other products

Apart from these, Hill House Home has a great deal more to offer. Zip-ups, sweaters, cardigans, and tees are all sold in the women’s top category. All of these are cleanly designed and comfortable. The price ranges are affordable. There are other great selections in the tops section and we encourage you to check them out. To with the stylish tops, there is a wide selection of pants and shorts

If you’re wondering if there’s anything for men, rest assured, Hill House Homes offers tee shirts and pants, which are supremely comfortable and stylish. Hill House Homes has a great range of bed sheets and pillowcases. In short, if you’re looking for accessories which combine feminine grace with modern cuts, Hill House Homes has you covered.

Is Hill House Homes Legit?

Hill House Homes dominated the 2020 fashion scene. Their, by now iconic, Nap Dress was the perfect dress for all those days in quarantine. In 2020, when many brands were experiencing steep declines in sales and profits, Hill House Homes saw an astonishing 275% rise in year-on-year revenue growth with the Nap Dress being the factor driving it.

What these numbers reveal importantly, is just how trustworthy Hill House Homes is, as they have garnered almost universal rave reviews and scores. Their shipping is free when it’s over $100 and the dresses are of high quality. Of course, the dresses are often sold out and online shopping requires you to exercise due caution but that said, we have no problem in saying that Hill Houses Homes is legit. Now go get your Nap Dress!


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