Where To Buy Alphonso Mangoes In Singapore?

Alphonso Mangoes in Singapore

Craving Alphonso mangoes for a year and eagerly awaiting their arrival? Worry not! The sweet and delicious Alphonso mangoes are now available at Little Farms. The fresh and sweet mangoes are imported directly from India. Their honey-like taste and aromatic scent hook you to them.

Alphonso mangoes are the king of mangoes. They make delectable desserts and milkshakes. The mangoes’ orange hue is alluring to the eye.  They are fiberless, pulpy, and have a pleasant aroma. They are sought after because of their high demand and short season. The mangoes can be purchased online or in-store, they will be shipped the same day.

Little Farms is a friendly neighborhood market in Singapore that specializes in all-natural and organic fruit, poultry, fish, dairy, and groceries of the finest quality and freshness. Little Farms has established close relationships with vendors all around the world, ensuring that you get only the best quality products. They guarantee you the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious groceries from reputable farmers and artisans all over the world. In 2016, the first Little Farms store opened at Valley Point to satisfy the demand for new, ethical, and healthy food.

Why Is Little Farms A Popular Place To Buy Mangoes In Singapore?

The fresh, delicious, and original fruits of Little Farms make it the finest pick for mangoes in Singapore. One of the chief reasons to buy Alphonso mangoes from Little Farms is that they directly import this juicy fruit from the farms of India. Further, the store also offers one-day delivery services and other perks to their buyers. So, if you are looking for authentic original mangoes with all goodness and no chemical, Little Farms is your ideal stop. 

The store ensures the mangoes are handpicked and precisely chosen. Mangoes are originally grown in India. Thus, the fruits imported from there are juicy, sweet, flavorful, and a perfect delight. By now, it quite clears why Little Farms is the best mango store in Singapore. 

Little Farms ensure they sell healthy groceries and prioritize their customer’s well-being. Alphonso mangoes are favorites, and almost every person enjoys eating them. It is the finest type of mango you will come across. The juicy, pulpy fruit will certainly win your heart. Thus, getting the most original version of it in Singapore is very crucial. One can easily locate other types of mangoes in Singapore. However, many of them are artificially grown. At Little Farms, you will find only original fruits, groceries, and other staples. 

Origin of Mangoes 

We all know mango is an Indian fruit. However, only a few know the Portuguese grafted mango. The fruit was grown in India during the Portuguese rule. It was first tested in Goa and grew successfully in that climatic condition. 

It was a plant from in South India called ‘Mangifera Indica.’ The fruit is about 4000 years old and, to date, is the most recognized and cherished fruit across the globe. Alphonso mangoes are not grown in Singapore. It is a seasonal fruit that is harvested during the summer season in India. In Singapore, this fruit is either imported from India or grown chemically. However, only a few stores like Little Farms import the very original version of it. Thus, buying it in Singapore can be a little pricey. 

Where And When To Buy Alphonso Mangoes in Singapore?

Mango is imported in Singapore, so; the availability of these fruits depends on a few factors. First, little farms import it from India. The mango season in India starts from April to May. So, the fit time to purchase good-quality mangoes in Singapore is from mid-April to the end of August. During this time, the fruit is of its best quality and available at a cheap price. 

Buying mangoes in Singapore in the peak season is not very difficult. The fruit is easily available at Little Farms during that season. Also, you can order mangoes online on their official site to get them delivered to your doorstep. 

Buying original mangoes will give you all the goodness this fruit provides. The fruit is packed with beneficial nutrients and vitamins. Do not fall for chemical fruits and consume original ones for maximum benefit. 

How Can You Identify The Originality Of An Alphonso Mango?

The seasonal fruit is certainly a delicacy. However, are you eating the right fruit? Buying the correct Alphonso mango is important. It is an expensive fruit and must be worth their price. Here are some tips for identifying an original Alphonso mango. You can check them before buying Alphonso mangoes in Singapore. 


Alphonso mangoes have a sweet and aromatic smell that will help you easily recognize them. Their smell is the chief indicator. Original Alphonso mangoes can fill any room with their fragrance. However, mangoes grown with chemicals do not give an aroma so strong. So, before picking, check for a strong and sweet aroma. 


Original mangoes are grown in India. Mangoes are famous fruits of regions like Devgad, Ratnagiri, and Sindhudurg. The mangoes grown here are oval. Also, they do not have a flat bottom or any other shape.


The hue of the Alphonso is also crucial to check. Original mangoes have yellow and green gradients. So it is not entirely yellow but also partially green. If you notice uniformity in the color, then the mango is chemically grown. 


Original mangoes are soft to touch. They may be entirely ripped but are still soft and not hard. If the chemically grown mangoes are hard to touch, thus, check on all of these factors before buying Alphonso mangoes in Singapore. 


Undoubtedly, Alphonso mangoes are special because of their juicy pulp. The pulp of any original alphonso mango is fleshy and fibreless. Its unique pulp and taste make it the star of all fruits. 

Get original Alphonso mangoes from Little Farms to get maximum benefits from this lovely fruit. Mango is a lovely fruit that you can add to a variety of desserts and dishes. So, feast on it with your family and buy from the best store in Singapore in due season! 

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