Is Essentia Water Good or Bad For You? [2500 Words Guide]


Tired of drinking that same old tap water? Want a fancy treat like the Kardashians? But maybe you’re hesitant because you don’t know if it’s good for you? 

Essentia water is another addition to a long list of alkaline waters. These have taken the bottled water and health market by storm. None of the benefits attributed to them have been tested conclusively.

But with a basic idea of nutrition, people believe Essentia can be a stimulating addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

We can’t make any promises as to how good it is. But we can assure you that it isn’t bad or dangerous. Indulging in Essentia in a restrained manner can possibly give you a fillip. Surely clean water with a few minerals will keep you hale and hearty if nothing else! 

This article will explore what Essentia has to offer. So you can decide for yourself if this luxe water is worth the extra moolah. 

What is Essentia water? 

Essentia is basically upgraded local municipal water. It is supercharged with various nourishing ingredients. This makes it more nutritive and pleasing to the palate. It is purified in two steps. The first is an ionization process.

This process substitutes metals like titanium and platinum for more water. Ionization also makes the water more alkaline. Most contaminants are removed through microfiltration and reverse osmosis (RO). This method is very effective at zapping microbes, bacteria, and viruses. 

This makes Essentia pure, clean, and crisp. The water is available in sizes ranging from 12 ounces to 1.5 liters. 

What does Essentia water do for you? 

Essentia water is hydration taken up a notch. There may be several reasons why Essentia is believed to hydrate more effectively than plain water. Since Essentia is alkaline, it contains more free hydrogen ions. More hydrogen neutralizes the acidic ions. 

Water molecules in Essentia are also reportedly smaller. This means quicker transportation because water viscosity is low. More water absorption and retention translate to higher stamina. It strengthens cardiovascular function and minimizes strain as well. 

pH of Essentia water – Is it alkaline? 

Essentia water has a pH of 9.5 or higher. This is highly alkaline on the pH scale. The most alkaline value on the scale is 14. The ionization process involves a technique called electrolysis. Electric nodes are used to separate charged ions in the water. 

The acidic ions are channeled to one side. The remaining alkaline water is filtered out. This removes the caustic and harsh taste. The high pH makes the water taste mellower. 

Benefits of Essentia water

Essentia water has antioxidant properties that could help with the complete detoxification of your body as it flushes out impurities. This is great for digestive health. 

Essentia water is more easily assimilated into the bloodstream. Higher oxygen circulation in the blood fortifies the immune system.

Essentia supposedly has cancer-fighting properties. It may help in eliminating free radicals. Or it may retard the growth of cancer cells. These claims are uncertain and scientifically untested.  Essentia themselves don’t make claims to this effect. 

But it may have a positive impact on overall well-being.  

Are there minerals and chemicals in Essentia water? 

Yes, the Essentia brand uses its own exclusive mineral blend. Some minerals are added to enhance the taste. Others are added for nutritive purposes. Only health-giving minerals are added in any considerable amount. 

Essentia filters out as much of various noxious organic and inorganic chemicals. These may naturally occur in the source water. They include toluene, asbestos, and radionuclides. It also eliminates heavy metals like cadmium, chromium, arsenic, and lead. 

These chemicals are only present in microscopic quantities such that they are almost absent. 

Does Essentia water have electrolytes? 

Yes, Essentia water does have added electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals with electric charges. The electrolytes in Essentia include sodium bicarbonate, dipotassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, and calcium chloride. They are all water-soluble. 

Electrolytes are needed for nerve-brain-muscle coordination and communication. These are the electric tissues of the body. They need electrolytes for proper functioning. Electrolytes also replenish vital minerals sweated out during exercise. They build energy and endurance. 

They also repair and revitalize damaged cells and tissues.  

Does Essentia water have sodium? 

Essentia does not contain any pure sodium. But the sodium bicarbonate breaks down into sodium ions and bicarbonate. Both of these are electrolytes. They help to maintain fluid balance and blood pressure. 

Sodium bicarbonate is added only in trace amounts. So the dissolved sodium content is also negligible. In addition, the reverse osmosis process removes 99.9% of all salt content. This is preferable for heart health. Waters with high dissolved sodium can lead to hypertension. 

Does Essentia water have fluoride?

No, Essentia water is fluoride-free. There is evidence that fluoridated water improves dental health, especially for children. It helps to prevent tooth decay and keeps cavities at bay. But there have been concerns regarding over-exposure to fluoride. 

High concentrations can cause fluorosis. This disease leads to decayed and discolored teeth in children 8 years and below. It may also cause deteriorating bone health in adults. This is quite a rare situation. 

Municipal authorities maintain water fluoride levels below the legal limits. But if you are skeptical and want to be extra safe, opt for Essentia. 

Does Essentia water have baking soda? 

Yes, baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is added as an electrolyte to Essentia to enhance flavor. There were concerns that baking soda was added to increase water pH and reduce acidity. But these fears are unfounded. 

Too much sodium bicarbonate can cause digestive distress. But the amounts added are minute. Their only function is to smoothen out the taste. It gives it a salty zest and reduces bitterness. In these small amounts, baking soda can reduce acidity, heartburn, and acid reflux. 

Does Essentia water have potassium? 

Yes, Essentia does contain about 6.2 mg potassium per liter. The potassium is derived from dipotassium phosphate. This electrolyte salt is a rich source of potassium. Potassium is fundamental to cell health. 

It ensures cells are not dehydrated. Potassium is also important for cardiac health. It helps to prevent osteoporosis and kidney stones. It does so by balancing calcium content in the bloodstream. 

This mineral is also effective at keeping strokes, edema, and irregular heartbeat at bay. 

Does Essentia water have PFAS? 

No, there are no PFAS in Essentia. PFAs are a category of more than 5000 compounds of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances that are thought to be toxic to humans. They may cause anything from liver disease, and thyroid malfunction to reproductive failure. 

Negative effects haven’t been observed methodically. Perhaps only a few compounds in this class are harmful. Many bottled glasses of water have PFAS content. But they are all way below the EPA advised 70 ppt (parts per trillion) safety limit. 

Most have levels a little higher than 1 ppt. But experts warn against even this limited exposure.  

RO removes all traces of these compounds. The concentration of PFAS in Essentia is negligible or even nil. It is only in mineral or spring waters that PFAS levels are even detectable. 

Does Essentia water have arsenic? 

No, Essentia is arsenic-free. Arsenic is proven to be a carcinogen, and extended periods of exposure will likely cause skin and lung cancer. It is also associated with nervous system malfunction. 

It may retard brain development, particularly in kids and adolescents. High infant mortality is also associated with arsenic in water sources. RO whittles down arsenic to infinitesimal levels. The level of arsenic in Essentia is less than 3 ppb (parts per billion). So guzzle fearlessly! 

Does Essentia water have magnesium? 

Yes, Essentia water contains magnesium in the form of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt. This electrolyte dissolves in water. It is an ample source of this mineral. Magnesium is critical for most metabolic functions. These include protein and DNA formation.

It is also essential for converting food into energy and nutrients. It is a great supplement to improve mental health. It may help reduce mood fluctuations, depression, and anxiety. It promotes better quality sleep. It also brings down inflammation. 

Does Essentia water have chlorine? 

No, Essentia water does not have chlorine. This is one of the unique selling points of this brand. Chlorine is added to drinking water by water authorities to eliminate disease-causing microorganisms. But it may also make the water taste sharp and acrid.

Pathogens can cause water-borne diseases like cholera and typhoid. It remains the most cost-effective method of purifying water on such a large scale. Other methods like UV light filtration may not be feasible. 

Although Essentia water uses a local water supply, don’t worry about chlorine content. Carbon filtration in RO removes all traces of this chemical.  

Does Essentia water have iodine?

No, Essentia water does not contain any iodine. Iodine is present in water as iodide. But it is hardly found in drinking water. The concentrations are very low. At most, it may be present in slightly higher concentrations in some spring and artesian waters. 

This is due to the assimilation of minerals in groundwater. But tap water usually has very little, if any. In essentia, iodide is not even detectable. Unless used as a disinfectant or purifying tablet, it hardly even shows up in tests. 

Does Essentia water have silica? 

No, Essentia does not contain any silica. Silica occurs in either reactive or colloidal form in drinking water. Ionization can remove the former. Filtration removes the fine particles of the latter.  

Usually, artesian waters bottled at the source have higher silica content. Silica isn’t harmful in its water-soluble form. It is only a respiratory risk if airborne particles are inhaled. Silica in trace amounts is beneficial for strong hair, skin, and bones. 

It promotes collagen production. This also makes the ligaments supple. 

Can you drink Essentia water every day? If not, how often can you drink it? 

Yes, you can drink Essentia every day, especially if you work out. It should be integrated into your water routine gradually. Cap your daily intake at about 2 to 3 liters. Ideally, you should only drink alkaline water every alternate day. 

High pH may trigger system imbalances. If you exceed 3-4 liters, your body will produce extra acid to compensate. Try to have regular water and supplement with fruits and veggies. These are a more wholesome nutrient-filled hydration option. 

Can you drink Essentia water while pregnant?

Yes, Essentia water is safe to drink during pregnancy. The electrolytes can improve energy levels and reduce fatigue. The minerals can also aid the baby’s development and immunity. 

It reduces nausea, indigestion, and morning sickness. It replaces nourishment lost through vomiting.  

Expecting mothers often have higher levels of acidity because the baby discharges acidic waste. Uterine pressure on the stomach and hormonal changes also worsen acid accumulation and related distress. 

Make sure your consumption is supervised by your OB/GYN.  

Can babies & toddlers drink Essentia water? Can it be used for baby formula? 

Babies should ideally not drink Essentia water. It isn’t recommended at such a young age. Their systems are very fragile. They may not be able to regulate mineral content. 

If tap water is safe in your area, stick to that or filtered water. Use either of these in a baby formula rather than Essentia. Essentia can also alter the taste and texture of the formula. 

Toddlers can have 1-2 glasses to begin with. Quantities can be increased to about a liter as they get older. But with kids, it is always best to use regular boiled water. At this age, alkaline water is unnecessary. If you want to use it, make sure it isn’t the main source of water consumption. 

Can dogs and cats drink Essentia water? 

Yes, cats and dogs can drink Essentia water, but only in restricted amounts. You can give them Essentia once in a while. Since they have highly acidic digestive systems, Essentia can help soothe them.  It can also augment nutrient levels. 

But if consumed regularly, Essentia can cause bladder stones and urinary tract infections. Don’t give them Essentia if they are nursing. It will cause the over-absorption of calcium. Also, avoid Essentia if your pet is medicated. It may cause drug interactions. 

Also, never gives them Essentia before, during, or after meals. It messes up stomach function by deactivating acid. This can cause digestive distress and vomiting.  Essentia can help with dermatitis and alopecia in animals. 

But overall, neutral water is the best because its system can regulate itself. Try limiting Essentia to times when pets refuse to drink chlorinated tap water. 

Can Essentia water cause diarrhea or constipation? 

Yes, Essentia water can cause diarrhea in case of excessive intake. Too much Essentia makes the bloodstream too alkaline. This is called metabolic alkalosis. It can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. In moderation, Essentia prevents diarrhea by reducing hyperacidity. 

It also helps with constipation. Magnesium helps the intestines to absorb more water. This makes the stool softer, enabling easier bowel movements. Essentia is a great alternative to medical laxatives. Having Essentia first thing in the morning can help along the excretory process. 

Can Essentia water cause kidney stones? 

Yes, Essentia may cause kidney stones in rare cases. 

In moderation, alkaline water can reduce acid secretion. Acids cause kidney stones like cysteine or uric acid stones. But the impact of Essentia is limited. Water only helps to lower stomach pH. Kidney stones are caused by intestinal pH imbalance. 

This can only be addressed by incorporating alkaline fruits, vegetables, and grains into your diet. People suffering from kidney disease must consult a doctor before using essentia. It may worsen renal malfunction. This is because excess alkalinity also forms calcified kidney stones. 

Can Essentia water cause acid reflux? 

No, Essentia doesn’t cause acid reflux. It may actually help reduce the incidence, frequency, and intensity of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and related heartburn. The water neutralizes hydrochloric acids in regurgitated stomach juices. 

It blocks the function of the pepsin enzyme that generates acid. Essentia offers temporary relief. But it is not a treatment or a solution. It only addresses the symptoms, not the cause. At most, it is a complementary therapeutic effort along with medicines and diet. 

Does Essentia water expire? 

Yes, Essentia water will expire. Unopened, it expires about 2 years after bottling. Expiration dates point more to the reduction in quality than a lack of safety. Technically water can never go bad. But bottled water will start to smell and taste rancid after a while. 

Chemicals and microplastics leach into the water from the bottle. Seepage increases if the bottle is exposed to heat, sunlight, or humidity. Plastic remnants can be harmful in the long term.  

Once opened, drink it within a few days. Otherwise, it starts tasting rank because it reacts with carbon dioxide in the air. You won’t fall sick if you drink expired essentia. But it sure won’t be a pleasant experience either. 

Now that the depths of Essentia’s secrets have been revealed, it’s your turn to determine how essential this water is for your needs! 


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