Is evian Water Good for You and Your Baby?  

Evian water

Tired of the harsh taste of tap water and looking for a healthy drink? Wondering if evian is safe and benign for you and your little one? 

Don’t think twice! If you have some extra moolah, spend it on premier hydration. It will keep you in good health and spirits. Enriched with the best that mother earth has to offer, evian makes drinking water a treat. 

You and your tot can nourish yourselves with the mild tones of this premium aqua. This article is a detailed probe into the depths of evian’s mysteries. 

What is evian water made of?

Evian water is pure aquifer water from the French Alps. It is extracted from the Cachat Springs source. This is located in the town of Evian le Bains. Evian water contains no additives or enhancements. 

The water filters through the sand and rock sediments of the Gavot plateau. In this process, minerals permeate the water. 

It is not artificially filtered or processed. There are evian+ varieties. These are sparkling mineral waters. They contain added nutrients like zinc. They are also enhanced with flavors like raspberry, grapefruit, and cucumber. 

Why does evian water taste different? 

Evian has a very distinct taste because of its mineral content and purity. Evian is classified as hard water because of these dissolved ionic chemicals. The bicarbonates in the water are acid buffers. They give the water a fresh, crisp, and smooth mouthfeel. 

Calcium may lend a certain powdery, gritty texture. Magnesium may also create a bitter or metallic aftertaste. Some people don’t observe any differences. But people with sensitive palates may find the sharpness unpleasant.  

This is especially true if you are used to the neutral taste of standard filtered water. 

Evian is available in 33cL (centiliters), 50cL, 75cL, 1L and 1.5L bottles. All values are measured in mg per liter. 

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What minerals are in evian water? 

The mineral deposits in evian comprise calcium, sodium, potassium, and chloride. It also contains sulfates, silica, nitrates, magnesium, and bicarbonates. Calcium is the predominant mineral at about 80 mg per bottle. Other significant minerals will be explored in later sections. 

The remaining compounds are secondary nutrients below 20 mg.  These minerals fortify the water and augment hydration. Calcium contributes to bone and dental health. Together with silica, it promotes muscle and nerve function. Sulfates aid with blood clotting. 

What’s the TDS and pH of evian water? Is it alkaline?

Evian water has a medium minerality or TDS of 357 mg. TDS (total dissolved solids) or dry residue are the minerals retained in the water. 

Evian natural spring water has a pH of 7.0-8.0. This is ideal because it aligns with the natural human body pH. Our bodily fluids maintain a pH between 7.35-7.45. Evian is only slightly alkaline. It is more accurately described as being pH balanced. 

This pH aids in maintaining biochemical stability and regulating bodily processes. It neutralizes acidity which could cause reflux, ulcers, and heartburn. 

Does evian water contain salt or sodium? 

Yes, evian does contain salt or sodium (sodium chloride). It is present in concentrations of 5-6 mg. This is on the lower side compared to other hard waters. But it is sufficient to balance or replenish electrolytes. 

This makes evian a great accompaniment when fasting, dieting, or during intense exercise. It regulates blood pressure and fluid balance. Since the concentration is not too high, it doesn’t have any harmful effects. But over-consumption may lead to hypertension and bloating. 

Is evian water healthy?

Yes, evian water has many health benefits. It is uncontaminated and pristine. It has additional benefits compared to ordinary, demineralized water. Regular water actually tends to dilute and deplete mineral content. This can make you thirstier more frequently. 

But mineral water can supplement these nutrients and revitalize your system. The enriching minerals repair and restore tissues. They also promote cell health and organ function. Replenishing essential nutrients helps to overcome deficiencies and boost your well-being.

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Is evian water purified or distilled?

No, evian natural mineral water is not purified or distilled. It does not undergo any treatment prior to or after bottling. It is extracted from and packaged at the source, unsullied. The evian+ range is carbonated to make it sparkling.

Evian is not purified by chlorination, ozonation, or distillation. These processes use bleach, ozone gas, and heat respectively. They get rid of adulteration and impurities. They also make the water odor-free and neutral-tasting. 

These treatments, especially on an industrial scale strip away health-giving minerals. They are eliminated along with contaminants. This diminishes its natural beneficial properties. 

Is Evian water good for kidneys? Does it cause kidney stones? 

Evian is good for the kidneys, just like regular water. In recommended quantities evian promotes optimal kidney function. It helps to flush out toxins and purify your bloodstream. But you need to tread a fine line.

People who have kidney problems should limit their intake of evian. Excessive sodium from evian can strain the kidneys. Consult your doctor on optimum sodium intake before making evian a habit. Evian isn’t recommended for people with renal failure or those in dialysis. 

Avoid using sparkling evian. Carbonated water can cause kidney stones. Opt for evian natural which is flat and contains magnesium. Magnesium can lower the risk and incidence of kidney stone formation.

It helps to dissolve and break down calcium in the blood. This way it doesn’t harden into crystal deposits in the kidneys. 

Is evian water safe for babies? 

Evian is quite safe for babies. Ideally, you should boil evian if your baby is 12 months or younger. It is reliable and harmless for babies because the minerality is not too high. Sodium and sulfate levels are low enough to prevent potential toxicity. 

This keeps your infant’s fragile, developing kidneys protected. Evian water is comparatively softer than some tap or municipal waters. It is easier on a baby’s system. Avoid adding evian to baby formula. It ruins the taste and consistency.  

Is evian water safe to drink while pregnant? 

Yes, evian is safe and beneficial to drink while pregnant. In many instances, it is safer than tap water. It doesn’t have any noxious additives from chemical disinfection treatments. Tap water may be polluted or dirty at times.

Bottled evian mineral water assures hygienic hydration. The minerals also contribute to the unborn baby’s growth and development.  

Use evian+ sparkling water sparingly. It can be an occasional alternative when you crave sugary or fizzy drinks. Evian is only a supplement, not a substitute for normal water. Expecting and nursing mothers need to maintain a steady quota of regular filtered water. 

Is evian water safe for dogs and cats?

Yes, evian water is safe and often preferred by cats and dogs. Pets can easily sniff out differences between tap and mineral water. They prefer natural sources because of the potential chemical taste in municipal water. 

Since there are no added preservatives or other additives, evian isn’t harmful to pets. It is best to use evian glass bottles. Or you can transfer evian into ceramic or stainless steel drinking bowls. This minimizes the leaching of nanoparticles from the plastic bottles.

Tap water is more than adequate under normal circumstances. But if your pooch is fussy, its elite water habits could get expensive!

Does evian water have fluoride? 

Yes, evian does contain fluoride. But the amount is so negligible that it is almost absent. The concentration is around 0.07 to 0.1 ppm. Evian is not excessively fluoridated. Common levels of fluoridated water range between 0.7-1.2 ppm. 

Excess fluoride can lead to fluorosis. This disease erodes tooth enamel and causes discoloration. It can also affect children’s cognitive and intellectual abilities.

Contrary to popular opinion, evian will aggravate tooth decay. This is because the fluoride quantity is low. It is also balanced out by other minerals.  

Does evian water contain lithium? 

Yes, evian does contain lithium in trace amounts. It is a micronutrient in an infinitesimal concentration of 6 micrograms. But this lithium content is beneficial. It has calmative effects and can aid nervous system function. 

At one point, evian was sought after because of its identifiable lithium content. It was thought to possess a therapeutic effect, especially for mental health issues. Lithium isn’t added to evian. It is a natural component from percolation through the environment. 

Does evian water have arsenic? 

Yes, evian water does contain minute amounts of arsenic. The US Food and Drug Administration has given evian a clean chit, however. The arsenic concentration in evian is only 0.001 mg. This is negligible compared to the 0.01 mg limit prescribed by the FDA. 

These levels will not have any adverse health impact. But concentrations of arsenic higher than these limits are dangerous. It may cause cancer of the lungs and skin. It may also impede brain function in children.

Does evian water have magnesium? 

Yes, evian water does contain magnesium. Magnesium has the second-highest concentration in evian, amongst the other minerals. Evian water contains about 24-26 mg of magnesium per bottle. Magnesium has several functions. 

It is crucial for several biochemical processes. These include the production of proteins like DNA, enzyme reactions, and metabolism. It also regulates insulin and blood glucose levels. Magnesium is also thought to improve mood and lessen stress. 

It may also provide some respite from anxiety and depression. 

Does evian water contain potassium? 

Yes, evian does contain a small amount of potassium. The concentration is about 1 mg. This tiny amount still offers various health benefits. It contributes to healthy circulation and cardiac function. 

It reduces the possibility of strokes and heart disease. It supports calcium absorption which keeps osteoporosis at bay. It also promotes stronger nerve-muscle-brain coordination. 

Since the concentration is minimal it is safe for pregnant women. High potassium can lead to hyperkalemia. This is dangerous for expecting mothers. 

Does evian water contain sugar and iron? 

No, evian spring water does not contain any sugar, added or inherent. Neither do the sparkling varieties. They may have flavors, but they have zero sugar. This means zero calories. No artificial sweeteners are used either. 

Evian might leave a lingering sweet taste for some. This is because of minerals like calcium and iron. In evian it is probably due to calcium because there is no iron content. Moderate amounts of iron in water can assist with oxygen transportation and reinforce red blood cells.   

Can evian water make you sick? 

It is unlikely that evian water will make you sick. But there does exist a rare possibility. Sometimes the mineral water could be contaminated with bacteria from the environment. 

Even in the pristine Evian region, a few soil tests revealed groundwater contamination. Of special concern was the pesticide compound chlorothalonil. It could be poisonous and lethal. These occurrences are few and far between. 

Other bacterial contaminations of E.coli or legionella can’t be ruled out either. These can harm the stomach and lungs. The sick, elderly, and children are especially vulnerable. They have compromised immune systems. 

Excessive consumption could cause a disproportionate accumulation of minerals. This may also lead to discomfort. 

Does evian water make you poop? 

Yes, evian water can improve your bowel movements. Magnesium improves digestion and intestine function. Magnesium and sulfates ease pressure on the intestinal wall muscles. It also assimilates more water. This makes the stool softer and can relieve constipation. 

Bowel movements may become more regular. Sulfates also have a laxative effect. They can help you overcome bowel obstructions. You may experience diarrhea after drinking evian. This may point to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) triggered by water intake.  

Do evian water bottles have BPA? 

No, evian bottles are 100% BPA-free. Bisphenol A(BPA) is used to make industrial-grade polycarbonate plastic. All evian bottles are made of P.E.T. plastic instead. This is a flexible, durable, and inexpensive plastic.

BPA has been linked to hormone imbalances and reproductive failures. It is also associated with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. P.E.T bottles eliminate the risks posed by BPA to a large extent. But they can still deform and leach chemicals when exposed to high heat. 

Is it safe to reuse evian water bottles? 

Yes, it is safe to reuse evian water bottles. PET bottles can be used multiple times before disposing of. This is an eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-saving practice. 

But you must dispose of PET bottles that are damaged, cracked, or cloudy. This minimizes the risk of micro-plastics seeping into the water from worn-out bottles. 

Evian’s sustainability initiative recycles discarded PET bottles. They incorporate recycled plastic up to 40% in the new bottles. Evian glass bottles can be used for a few years. Throw them away if they are shattered or murky from constant wear and tear.  

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Can you drink expired evian water? 

Yes, you can drink evian water past its expiration date. Unopened evian water has a shelf life of about 2 years. The constituent elements will start disintegrating. Microbes may also begin to breed on the surface and in crevices. Since plastic is porous, it could percolate into the water. 

This could make it rancid and tepid. Exposure to heat expedites this process and makes it worse. Once opened, refrigerate the bottles and consume them as soon as possible. 

You’ve got the lowdown on all things evian. Toss out those sodas and seltzers. Make way for evian- your new way of chilling out, guilt-free!


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