Is Liquid IV Good Or Bad For You? Complete Safety Guide

Is Liquid IV good for you?

Did you down a few extra tequila shots at girls’ night? Or has a bout of food poisoning left you feeling parched? Wondering if Liquid IV Multiplier is good for you? 

Yes! Liquid IV is a healthy and natural oral rehydration option. It contains crucial nutrients which are naturally sourced.  It is free of dairy, soy, and gluten. It is vegan-friendly. It doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). 

There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

This powdered mix directly hydrates the cells. It bypasses the digestive system which drains some water and nutrients. It is also safe for consumption by most groups irrespective of gender, age, or lifestyle.

It’s great for people with both active and sedentary lifestyles.  

But here is a quick note – there is no substitute for drinking sufficient water. Liquid IV is not an alternative to fruits, vegetables, and sufficient water intake. 

Liquid IV ingredients & nutrition facts

Liquid IV has four variants – Hydration, Sleep, Energy, and Immune Support. These have the same foundational ingredients. Some are discussed in detail in separate sections. 

  • Pure Cane Sugar, Beet Sugar, and Dextrose 

These additives are to aid the rapid absorption of water and minerals. Dextrose is very quickly absorbed into the system. 

  • B Vitamins 

Liquid IV contains Vitamins B12, B6, B3, and B5. They promote cognitive functioning and the production of red blood cells. They also help in the conversion of food into energy. 

  • Potassium and Sodium Citrate 

Citrates combat acidosis which is caused by acid build-up in the blood. This usually happens after a severe bout of diarrhea that dehydrates the system. Citrates are chemically converted to bicarbonates in the body.

Bicarbonates being alkaline neutralize excess acidity. 

  • Silicon Dioxide

This compound prevents ingredients from lumping. This makes the solution easy and pleasant to drink. 

The Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is available in multiple flavors like berries, lime, acai, and watermelon. Each variety has some extra ingredients that serve a purpose. For example, the Liquid IV Sleep mix contains valerian root and melatonin. Others contain caffeine, L-theanine, and zinc. These aren’t recommended for people with kidney or heart disease. These ingredients may trigger side effects like nausea, dizziness, and disorientation. They should ideally be used only for short durations, based on need and doctor’s orders.

Hereafter, the article refers to the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier unless another variety is specifically mentioned. 

What’s in Liquid IV


No, only the Liquid IV Energy Multiplier has caffeine in it. The Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier, Sleep, and Immune Support do not contain caffeine.  The Energy Multiplier has about 100 milligrams of caffeine per sachet. 

The caffeine comes from matcha and guayusa tea leaf extracts. These teas are from Japan and Ecuador, respectively. These provide quite a strong hit of caffeine. These stimulants take effect rapidly. The caffeine from these sources is equivalent to about one or two cups of coffee. 


Yes, Liquid IV does contain natural cane and beet sugar. Sugar is for the transmission of electrolytes into cells in conjunction with sodium. Natural sugar is not very different from refined sugar.  

Cane sugar is less processed so it may retain some minerals and molasses. Otherwise, there are no additional health benefits.  

There are only 11 grams of sugar per sachet. So there are fewer calories compared to the usual sports, energy drinks, and sodas. But make no mistake, over-consumption can cause the same issues as with standard sugar. These include tooth decay, obesity, inflammation, etc. 


No, Liquid IV does not contain magnesium. Magnesium is a crucial electrolyte. It contributes to bone health and a robust immune system.  It is also essential to facilitate many metabolic and enzyme actions. 

The absence of magnesium is one negative aspect. Magnesium is often an ignored electrolyte, although it has multiple health benefits. It elevates mood and helps with depression It also regulates insulin levels for diabetics. 

Magnesium is fundamental to several body processes such as protein formation.  

Calories and carbohydrates

Yes, Liquid IV does contain calories. The Hydration Multiplier has around 45 calories in one sachet. Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier also has about 10-12 grams of carbohydrates. It isn’t recommended for people on a keto diet. 

Even a small number of carbohydrates can interrupt the ketosis process. Liquid IV can be useful for intermittent fasting and other diet plans that allow carbs. The hydration and minerals can keep you on track by blocking unhealthy cravings. 


Yes, Liquid IV uses stevia to sweeten the drink. Stevia is about 200-330 times sweeter than natural sugar. Being an herbal sweetener it is much healthier compared to other artificial sweeteners. It has zero calories, making it perfect for weight watchers. 

It is also an excellent sugar substitute for people with diabetes. It is derived from stevia plant leaves. Go easy on quantities, because too much stevia increases urination. This will dehydrate you, counteracting the effects of Liquid IV.

Salt (sodium) 

Yes, salt is a major part of the CTT function in Liquid IV Sodium is also needed for neural health and impulse. Salt (sodium chloride) is essential for thyroid function, metabolism, and regulating blood volume. 

Liquid IV uses mined salt which is unprocessed. It contains more nutrients. Liquid IV contains about 500 milligrams of salt per sachet. This is relatively high. People with high blood pressure, kidney problems, and heart disease must avoid large intake. 

Vitamin C

Yes, Vitamin C is a primary ingredient in Liquid IV It provides all-round well-being. It promotes the production and vitality of red blood cells. It also ensures sufficient iron content in the body. This helps prevent or reduce anemia.  

It contributes to firm and glowing skin by strengthening collagen proteins. It also repairs damaged tissue so your system remains in fine fettle. It is added to Liquid IV in the form of ascorbic acid. 

What does Liquid IV do? 

Liquid IV is a rehydration mix that is added to water. It enhances water absorption and replenishes essential minerals. One sachet hydrates the equivalent of 2-3 bottles of regular water.  Minerals and water are depleted through any daily activities, even breathing. 

Heat and intense exercise magnify this process. You may forget to hydrate due to frequent travel and work pressure. This leads to lethargy, fatigue, and anxiety. 

In such situations, Liquid IV provides a quick remedy. Sodium, sugar, and potassium form the base of a method called CTT (Cellular Transport Technology). This technique allows the water and nutrients to be transported directly into the bloodstream. 

So it takes effect quicker. Water transmission and retention are also higher. Liquid IV restores electrolyte balance and water levels so your system can function optimally. 

Is Liquid IV safe?

For pregnancy 

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is safe for expecting mothers. Pregnant women utilize more water on average. They may experience excessive sweating, morning sickness, muscle cramps, and frequent urination.

The growing baby will require more nutrients during this time. Liquid IV can be a helpful supplement to boost mineral, vitamin, and water intake. It is also great for nursing mothers. Breastfeeding can drain water and nutrients, causing exhaustion.

Liquid IV can energize mothers in a safe, healthy way. There are no harmful preservatives. But it does have high sodium content. So use only if approved by your OB-GYN. Pregnant and nursing women should ideally avoid Liquid IV Sleep, Energy Multiplier, or Immune Support. 

These have ingredients that could harm the mother and baby. 

For babies and kids

Liquid IV is a great option for kids. School and playtime can interfere with regular hydration. Liquid IV with delicious flavors can help augment nutrition intake. Fill their water bottles with Liquid IV

This way any water they drink will have amplified effects. Do not give babies younger than one-year Liquid IV without consulting a doctor first. Babies might resist drinking due to teething, illnesses, pains, or digestive issues. 

Babies older than a year and up to four years can be given Liquid IV in emergencies. But do so only after consulting a pediatrician. 

For elderly people

Liquid IV is safe for senior citizens. Elderly people can suffer more from dehydration. This can worsen existing health conditions. Liquid IV Multiplier is a feasible alternative. This is especially so because the elderly often find it hard to drink as much water as required. 

They should drink about seven glasses daily. But memory loss, mobility problems, or urinary incontinence may restrict their consumption. Liquid IV can provide nourishment without exerting too much strain. 

For heart patients

Heart patients should avoid Liquid IV High sodium levels can increase blood pressure or hypertension. A sudden escalation in these factors can aggravate heart ailments. Patients with congestive heart failure must limit their water and sodium intake. 

Liquid IV can create more stress for the heart vessels. Heart medications can also make the patient excessively thirsty. Moderate amounts of plain water are enough.  Heart patients have to tread a fine line. 

Liquid IV could make matters worse by creating an electrolyte and water imbalance.

How many Liquid IV can you drink a day? Is It Safe?

Yes, you can drink Liquid IV daily. The Energy Multiplier should only be used twice a day, maximum. One sachet should be mixed into about 16 ounces of water. Too much of this supplement can heighten your sugar and sodium levels. 

It is not needed on a daily basis unless you undertake rigorous workouts or have a physically demanding routine. You can use it on very hot days or in case of serious exhaustion. 

Is Liquid IV bad for you?

For dogs

No, Liquid IV is not bad for dogs. That said, it isn’t meant for your pooch. It isn’t harmful or toxic for the dog. The formulation won’t make your dog sick or affect its organs. The minerals and vitamins are similar in the animal’s system as well. 

But it is unlikely to be very helpful. If your pet is very dehydrated you can give it a few sips. But pure water and wet foods are the best way to go.

For kidneys

Yes, Liquid IV is safe on the kidneys in controlled amounts. Only use it based on need. Overuse can hurt the system. The sugar in the mix can put pressure on the kidneys to expel the surplus.  This process uses more water. 

Dehydration can damage kidneys. But so can an overload of water and minerals. Too much sodium can cause seizures and kidney stone formation.  So avoid or limit intake to prevent kidney malfunction.

For liver 

Liquid IV should be safe for the liver. It flushes out toxins from the liver. Toxins could accumulate due to alcohol use or unhealthy eating habits. Liquid IV can support healthy liver function. It can lower inflammation. 

Liquid IV has vitamin B12 which regenerates liver cells and prevents liver disease.  Vitamin C reduces fat accumulation. Liver disease symptoms are not quick to show. Cirrhosis and fatty liver can be life-threatening.  

So hydrate before it’s too late!  

For diabetics

No, Liquid IV is actually quite a good option for diabetics. It does contain minimal amounts of sugar. These aren’t added for sweetness. They facilitate the CTT technology by enabling the diffusion of water and nutrients into the cells. 

Sugars like dextrose may still upset the insulin balance. But Liquid IV uses stevia for sweetness. This is a good sugar substitute for diabetics. If you have diabetes and can’t have any sugar, opt for plain water. 

For teeth

No, Liquid IV is an excellent option to protect dental health. Liquid IV has a comparatively low sugar content. This limits enamel erosion and the formation of plaque. If Liquid IV is mixed with fluoridated water, it can keep your gums and teeth healthy. 

Hydration is essential for oral health. Liquid IV can help keep bad breath and dry mouth at bay. A dry mouth and tongue are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Liquid IV also doesn’t use any artificial colors which could stain your teeth. 

For acid reflux

No, it is unlikely to cause acid reflux.  Acid reflux occurs when a person is dehydrated. There is insufficient acid in the stomach which is then regurgitated. This leads to heartburn or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). 

Liquid IV can restore the fluid balance in your digestive system. This way, there are enough acids to break down your food. Vitamins B and C can help reduce inflammation in the stomach lining. 

Don’t use Liquid IV which contains ascorbic acid or caffeine. These can make acidity worse. 

Is Liquid IV good for you?

For hangovers

Yes. Liquid IV isn’t created to address hangovers. But it gets the job done. Hangovers are a result of dehydration and low blood sugar. The body uses extra nutrients when trying to digest and excrete the alcohol.

Vitamins B and C are antioxidants. They help metabolize and flush out toxic by-products of alcohol. Liquid IV also contains some carbohydrates which can absorb excess alcohol. 

Liquid IV can’t cure a hangover but it makes it bearable. 

It alleviates headaches, nausea, and weakness to a large extent. 

For diarrhea

Indeed. Liquid IV is a very effective restorative drink when suffering from diarrhea. A runny tummy could be due to a stomach bug or general gastroenteritis. In trying to get rid of the virus or contaminant, the system loses a lot of water.

Liquid IV can combat nausea that accompanies diarrhea. It may stop or reduce the frequency of vomiting and motion. It keeps replenishing the body’s essential nutrients, while the system fights against the pathogens. 

For cold and flu

Yes, Liquid IV can be quite effective during the flu. The immune system is on overdrive during a cold. The white blood cells fight viral infections. Liquid IV can boost body fluids. These transport T cells that kill viruses. 

Water removes excess mucus that causes a stuffy nose. The vitamins also help the body fight infection. Hydration strengthens mucous membranes that trap and get rid of germs. 

You may also try the Liquid IV Immune Support for a brief period until you recover. 

For runners

Liquid IV is a good stamina booster for people who work out. This could include high-intensity, cardio, and running as well. It enhances performance and builds endurance and longevity.  

Whether running a marathon or a sprint, you need to hydrate every 5 kilometers. 

Without calories and minerals, your muscles will begin to cramp. Lactic acid build-up can be very painful. Liquid IV replaces the electrolytes you lose through sweating.  It also aids body recovery post a run or intense exercise sessions. 

For weight loss 

Liquid IV is not formulated as a weight loss drink. But it can help you slim down. Hydration curbs appetite. Dehydration can be misinterpreted as hunger when your body is just very thirsty. Electrolytes keep your digestive pH balanced which also reduces hunger pangs. 

The drink has minimal calories which fills you up. It nourishes without bungling your calorie intake goals. It gives you steady energy through the day so you don’t have a crash.  Energy crashes can lead to binge-eating calorie-rich foods.  Instead, Liquid IV can modulate your appetite and boost metabolism. So you burn more calories through efficient hydration.

We hope this article has given you an idea about the suitability of Liquid IV for your nutrition and hydration needs. So go ahead- revitalize and live your best life! 


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