Where Can I Buy Rancho Gordo Beans Online?

Rancho Gordo beans

“What’s so great about beans is this little miracle happens where you take these hard rocks and turn them into something soft and creamy,” Steve Sando. “I still get a thrill out of every pot. Something magic just happened, but I helped!”

About a decade ago, Rancho Gordo founded by Steve Sando emerged as the go-to dried bean brand. Steve Sando began the company by growing 20 varieties of beans on his three acres, drying, and selling them to various farmers’ markets. This small company located in Napa Valley, California specializes in Heirloom beans, Corn, and Chiles.

The company has attained a level of fame within the food industry which peaked during 2020. According to a Times report, Rancho Gordo typically receives 150 to 200 orders a day, but on March 14, 2020, the company had received 1,669 orders, and on March 21, it received 1,450 more. Since then, the sales have been through the roof.

Rancho Gordo’s famous Eye of the Goat is a must-try. According to Sando, the company sells out every year. People can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s a velvety bean that makes delicious broths. The Rancho Gordo’s yellow eye bean is another classic while the garbanzos are an equally wonderful treat.

Due to COVID local grocery shops cannot guarantee when some items are going to be restocked so if you’re stuck at home craving some baked beans then MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You can email pickup orders to [email protected] or place an order over the phone, and for any general inquiries, simply give them a ring on 707/259-1935 and press 0.

Rancho Gordo products are also available through online retailers but only the Rancho Gordo website is guaranteed to have the most complete selection.

Their online retailers include Ben to Table, My Panier, and Wild Mala. Local retail shops such as nugget market, forkliftgrocery, and spicetin can also deliver some fresh Rancho Gordo at your doorstep.

By entering your zip code on their site, you can find the nearest stores that deliver their product without any hassle. Last but not the least, if you are an Amazon Prime member and would like to save cents on delivery charges, then order your beans right away!

Okay, now that the beans have arrived, you will need a guide to cooking them to perfection, right? Steve Sando’s cookbook, HEIRLOOM BEAN GROWER’S GUIDE is a 176-page fool-proof guide on cooking the perfect pot of beans and recipes and tips on how to grow heirloom beans in your own backyard.


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