How Much Weight Is In The Nested Bean Sleep Sack?

Weight in Nested bean sleep sack

One of the most tiring things for parents of newborns is to get their children to sleep. Babies wake up crying in the middle of the night and that adds to the stress of their parents. 

Ready to do anything to put your baby to sleep? A Nested Bean sleep sack is something you should consider. The Zen Sleep Sack can be a relief to the parents, providing their  baby with the comfort he or she needs to have a sound sleep


The Zen sleep sack is available in 3 different sizes i.e Zen One, Zen Swaddle, and Zen Sack. Zen One is the ideal product for babies that are 0-6 months old. It has a band that wraps around the baby’s belly and gives an experience of arms-free sleeping

The band can also be around the baby’s arms to prevent the baby from startling. The bag gives your baby a safe and sound sleeping experience. The interior pouch can be used until the baby is 1 month and 23 inches long, after that the baby would be safer if switched to an exterior pouch which provides room for more movement.

Zen Swaddle is a good choice for infants that are between 0 to 6 months of age. It prevents the baby from swaddling and is the best choice for babies who don’t like rolling over. It has an interior pouch that prevents the baby from sliding down in the swaddle. It is also designed in a way to help babies sleep through the startle reflex.

Zen Sack is made for the babies who detest swaddling, they give a lot of freedom for the baby to roll over. It’s available in three sizes – Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-15 months), or Large (15-24 months).

Zen PJs is for babies that can’t stay still! For babies who find swaddle or sacks restricting their movement, this is the perfect choice for them. It comes in two sizes: Small (0-6 months), and Medium (6-12 months).

WEIGHT: The Nested Bean sleep sack carries a weighted pouch of between 1 to 5 ounces and can be used on babies heavier than 7 ounces.

The sleep sack puts a gentle weight of about 10% of the area of the body that is covered by the sack. This makes the baby have a sense of touch that soothes him enough to have a calm and peaceful sleep. The weighted parts of the sack are made with poly-beads that are safe and not toxic. This is the same material you will find in Beanie Babies or plush toys.

FEATURES: The sack consists of 2 snaps on the shoulder. The top snap offers room to grow while the bottom snap gives a snug fit. All designs of the sack have a two-way zipper for easy diaper changes.  While you can wash it daily, make sure you do it with cold water and tumble-dry it on low heat.

USAGE: The sack is not only meant for infants with sleep problems but is an ideal choice for babies of all ages. The sack offers a sense of touch which reduces an infant’s anxiety and provides him or her with a feeling of being secure in their surroundings. The swaddle creates an environment similar to a womb and protects the baby from startle reflexes. It can be used for sleep or nap time,

SAFETY: Nested Bean claims that safety steps have been taken at different stages of the product’s design and development, and as a result, the sack is very safe for the child. The sleep sack takes care of temperature and doesn’t overheat. The light fabric for the swaddle ensures the right temperature and the weighted parts are kept to minimum density to ensure no overheat and maximum benefit.



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