SuperPretzel Soft Pretzel Bites With Frozen Mozzarella Now At Target

SuperPretzel mozarella pretzel bites at Target

J&J Snack Foods Corp. launched its new cheese-filled, super soft pretzel bites available in three cheese flavors – Mozzarella, Pub Cheese, and Pepper Jack.

This is a snack that is microwaveable and will be ready to enjoy in a matter of seconds. Unlike some alternatives you have in the market, these are truly readymade (we know, you know what we’re talking about) 

The 13 oz SuperPretzel Frozen Mozzarella Soft Pretzel Bites has a serving size of 57 g, serving about six per container. 160 calories amount per serving. This is way fewer calories compared to other frozen snacks.

These SuperPretzel Frozen Mozzarella Soft Pretzel Bites are now available at Target for $4.49 a box. You can either buy them from the store or purchase the item online. For online shipping, the estimated ship dimensions are 2.75 inches length x 8 inches width x 5 inches height. According to Target’s return policy, this item can also be returned to any Target store or within 90 days of the in-store purchase, ship date, or online order pickup.

According to J&J Snack Foods Corp, cheese-filled products make up close to 40% of their frozen snack category and continue to grow across the country.

 The Vice President of Marketing for J&J Snack Foods Corp, Alissa Davis says, “We worked diligently to research and develop a product that would enhance our long-standing iconic soft pretzel while providing fans with a deliciously simple snacking solution. As we strive to be innovative within the category, we also stay mindful of what is sought out by consumers in-market, which we believe to be easy, cheese-filled snacks for solo snacking, entertaining, and even quick mini-meals.”

Next time when guests come over for a movie or to watch a game don’t just serve a bowl of potato chips or spend hours in the kitchen cooking up a complex dish. Strike a balance with SuperPretzel Frozen Mozzarella Soft Pretzel Bites!


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