Is Nexxus A Good Shampoo? (Helpful Tips)

Nexxus offers a wide range of hair care products that use potent botanical ingredients to treat the different root causes of your hair issues.

Healing hair damage and making them look healthy and fantastic was never so easy. 

So, does this mean Nexxus is a good shampoo? Read on to know more.

Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Colored Hair?

If you have colored tresses, Nexxus Color Assure Sulfate-Free Shampoo is your hair’s best friend.

As the name suggests, this product has no sulfates and is hence gentler on the hair. 

This shampoo claims to keep the vibrancy of your colored hair for longer periods (up to 40 washes). 

It is infused with Elastin Protein and Quinoa that breathes life into your hair. It also protects against UV rays that can cause further damage to dyed hair. 

Nexxus Color Assure Sulfate-free shampoo has mixed reviews though – it worked great for some colored-hair beauties while it was a fail for some. The most common problem users faced after using this shampoo was a greasy scalp.

So, if you have an oily scalp then make sure to figure out a good cleanser for your scalp along with this shampoo.

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Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Curly Hair?

For coily and curly hair, Nexxus has its Curl Defining Shampoo enriched with marula oil and silk protein which delivers moisturized and more defined curls in one use.

This shampoo is also sulfate-free. Use this with a conditioner of the same range for better results.

Whether you have thick curls or fine curls, Nexxus Curl Defining shampoo works best on both.

It doesn’t strip out the natural oils and gently cleanses the scalp without leaving any residue. Many users experienced instant softness in their hair after using it just once. 

Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Oily Hair?

Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisturizing Shampoo is good for oily and flat hair.

This shampoo is enriched with sea minerals, however, it is not sulfate-free. The oily scalp becomes difficult to handle as the scalp needs to be cleansed well without leaving it overly dry. 

Since this shampoo has sulfate as a strong cleanser, sea minerals are a good ingredient to provide the weightless hydration needed for hair. 

If you have oily scalp and dry lengths, then you will need to include a good moisturizing conditioner or a mask as sulfate tends to make lengths drier.

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Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For African American Hair?

Nexxus ranges of shampoos are formulated in a way that goes well with African American hair. All you need to do is to pick up the right product that could attend to your hair problems in the best way possible. 

Many African American women have found Nexxus to be helpful for their hair growth.  It helps make them softer and manageable.

Nexxus shampoos are gentle and also provide enough strength to withstand chemical relaxers. 

Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Black Hair?

Black hair is normally dry so getting rid of scalp buildup now and then is not a necessity as it will damage the black hair more.

Most of the Nexxus shampoos are sulfate-free and silicone-free which makes them a good choice for people with natural black hair. 

A good moisturizing shampoo from this brand is going to be a good choice for black hair. 

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Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Bleached & Blonde Hair?

The best thing about Nexxus is that it has a very inclusive haircare range.

The Nexxus Blonde Assure Shampoo is made for blonde, bleached, platinum, silver, and brassy hair. This shampoo has keratin blended with violet pigments that balances the brassiness and enhance the look of silver, blonde and platinum hair.

For better results, it is recommended to use the Color Assure Conditioner. 

This shampoo restores the shine and health of hair and makes them look salon-treated. 

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Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Dry & Frizzy Hair?

The Nexxus Therappe Replenishing System Shampoo is tailored for dry and frizzy hair. This shampoo leaves hair moisturized without weighing them down.

It has the nourishment of Caviar Complex and Elastin Protein that restores the moisture in the locks making them soft and silky. 

The plus point of this shampoo is that though it provides intense moisturizing to the locks, it doesn’t add up to the scalp buildup or leave any residue. 

The Nexxus Therappe Replenishing System shampoo needs to be used in regulated amounts though as it lathers strongly and tends to dry out the hair instead of providing moisture.

A little goes a long way with this shampoo. With the right amount it makes hair look lustrous and you can even skip a conditioner if you don’t have excessively dry hair. 

Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Thinning Hair?

The Nexxus Diametress Shampoo For Flat and Fine Hair can bring back volume to thinning hair. It is enriched with concentrated Elastin Protein and Green Tea extracts that help refresh the scalp. 

This shampoo is a great clarifier and lifts the flat and thin hair and gives them a thicker appearance. This shampoo can be slightly drying if you have dry hair so make sure to follow up with good moisturizing treatment. 

Is Nexxus Shampoo Good For Hair Growth?

Shampoo DO NOT contribute to hair growth. Shampoos are meant to cleanse your scalp, they don’t penetrate the roots to provide any nourishment. The shampoos can only boost the volume of hair and can prevent hair fall and make them less prone to breakage.

A good cleansing shampoo can create a base for other hair products that can aid hair growth like hair oils and scalp tonics.

Does Nexxus shampoo cause dandruff?

Some ingredients in Nexxus shampoo like sulfate, synthetic fragrances, keratin, and proteins can make the scalp dry and cause dandruff. Therefore, pick variants that do not have these chemicals.

Alcohol is known to help in killing bacteria and controlling dandruff. Variants with natural oils would also work in your favor. Further, you can use Nexxus’ hair masks and conditioners to overcome your dandruff problem.

Do We Recommend Nexxus Shampoo?

The main reason we would recommend Nexxus is its inclusive range and the science behind the products. Their formulas use healing ingredients backed up by science that creates perfectly balanced products. 

Nexxus as a brand has a lot to offer which includes shampoos and conditioners for various hair types and concerns, intensely potent serums and masks, multitasking styling products, and result-driven hair treatments.

It sets the benchmark for what a hair product should be able to provide you. We strongly encourage you to try out the shampoos we have mentioned, especially if you have damaged hair in need of some extra care.

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Is Nexxus shampoo safe?

Nexxus Shampoo is free of formaldehyde, silicone, gluten, and wax. These are chemicals that are harmful to the hair and scalp. There are also sulfate-free options for Nexxus shampoo users. But all this does not mean that the shampoo is entirely safe to use. 

The following ingredients in Nexxus shampoo may come with a few side effects.

  • Alcohol – Can cause skin irritation and reddening.
  • Protein – This can make hair dry and brittle if used excessively.
  • DMDM Hydantoin – This can lead to allergies and contact dermatitis.
  • Linalool – Known to cause sensitivity and irritation. Can also cause cell death and cancer risk.
  • Sodium Laureth sulfate – Can be harmful to skin, eyes, and lungs. Is likely to be contaminated with elements that can cause cancer.
  • Fragrances – High-risk ingredients linked to dryness of hair, allergies, asthma, reproductive issues, and cancers.
  • Keratin – Can cause hair breakage, headaches, and coughing.

Here is a detailed article on the safety aspects of Nexxus shampoo.


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