Is The Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

The Joico Color Balance purple shampoo is available online and reaches you in an attractive bottle. A purple shampoo, or a toning shampoo, deposits pigments of purple color in your hair to counter yellowish or brassy tones in your hair.

The Joico purple shampoo is suitable for medium-sized ash brown hair (natural or dyed), and may not be suitable for other types of coats.

Joico purple shampoo is designed for hair that is colored. It helps maintain the dyed hair for long to keep the color enacted. Customers who have tried the shampoo are generally impressed by the extended period of hair color. This shampoo offers—a perfectly priced product for keeping the shine and good ash brown hair in the right texture.    

There is good popularity of purple shampoo among users, as it is a color-dying shampoo. It is easy to use and results in a pleasing shade of hair. Some of the standard reviews include the majority of satisfied customers after a single wash which is impressive. Happy customers have also shared a never-felt before experience of a good hair day. And few have highlighted the harsh and drying effect after few washes.    

Is Joico purple shampoo sulfate-free? 

Yes, Joico purple shampoo is free of sulfate and offers maximum protection to the hair color. 

Is Joico’s purple shampoo gluten-free? 

As per clinical testing, Joico purple shampoo is 64% free from gluten and other allergens. 

Is Joico purple shampoo color depositing? 

It is the property of the shampoo to bleach or color your hair. Hence, it is color depositing.  

Does Joico’s purple shampoo work? 

A good 12-minute regular wash by the shampoo can start showing excellent results. The product has to be used once or twice a week.  

Does Joico’s purple shampoo dry out hair? 

Excessive usage of shampoo can dry out the ends of your hair quickly. 

Is purple shampoo recommended for ash brown hairs?   

Yes, Joico’s purple shampoo is highly recommended for people with natural ash brown or who have dyed their hair in ash brown color. It can be pretty strong though, and so users are advised to use gloves while using the shampoo. It will help to keep their hands free from any pigmentation caused by the shampoo.    

Can you use the Joico purple shampoo every day?   

No, we do not recommend using Joico purple shampoo every day. Applying it twice a week is a good way to maintain the excellent health of your hair. In case your hair is damaged, and you are struggling to get them in a good texture, it would help if you used this bi-monthly or weekly. Extra care of the hair is advised if you are suffering from hair loss or a patchy scalp.    

Can you leave the purple shampoo for longer?   

Please be ready for a lilac hue if you plan to keep it in your hair for more than 50 minutes. It can happen to those who use this shampoo regularly – like every day or every other day.

The results are just not limited to dye but leaving it for long can also harm the quality of your hair. It may look dull and dry.

To treat such side effects, please switch to a milder shampoo for few washes, and you can switch back once hair quality improves.

Is it safe to leave the purple shampoo in your hair for more than 50 minutes?   

No, leaving the purple shampoo on your hair for 50 minutes or more is not a good idea. A good 20 minutes of application followed by a wash is considered ideal.

While at it, make sure you wash your hair with fresh water at room temperature. Do not use hot water, as it may wash out most of the hair color.    

How often should I use purple shampoo?   

In case you have medium or long hair, once a week is good, and in the case of short hair, you can use it twice a week. The pigmentation in the shampoo is the primary reason for the minimal usage of the shampoo. It is better to increase usage once you are sure that the shampoo is not causing any damage to your hair.    

What products go well with the Joico purple shampoo? 

You are advised to use a conditioner and toner after every wash. 

Does Joico’s Color Balance purple shampoo cause hair loss?   

Yes, frequent use of Joico’s purple shampoo can potentially lead to hair loss. Truth be told, overuse of any product can damage your hair. So, it is important to use any hair care product in moderation. To ensure healthy hair, avoid applying Joico’s purple shampoo more than once a week. 

What do customers think about Joico’s purple shampoo?

A number of customers on shopping sites like Amazon recommend using Joico’s purple shampoo to less than once a week. They say that excessive use has indeed contributed to poorer hair quality, dull hair, hair loss, and in some cases over-toned hair as well.

When shouldn’t you use purple shampoo?   

If you have excessively damaged hair or are treating some hair problem, you should not use purple shampoo. It is better to use mild color protection shampoo as per the guidance of an expert.   


Joico’s purple shampoo is for trendsetters. It takes a brave decision to try out such a helpful product in a moderate amount. The side effects of using any dye shampoo cannot be overlooked. Yet, one can achieve their goal of getting a good shade in their hair without visiting a salon. It is recommended that people try new products and repair their damaged hair by reducing the usage after a certain period.   



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