Ion True Tones For Dark Hair Reviews – Is It Any Good?

Ion True Tones For Dark Hair

People love to color their hair. But choosing the right product is very crucial so you get the desired result.

Ion’s True Tones for Dark Hair by Sally Beauty may not be the most popular brand out there, but it surely is getting there. 

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What is Ion True Tones for Dark Hair?

As the name suggests, Ion True Tones for Dark Hair is designed specifically for dark hair; especially those in levels 2 to 4. 

The International Hair Color Level System grades hair based on its color and buckets them into one of 10 levels. Level 1 is the darkest (black) while Level 10 is the lightest (lightest blonde). 

According to this level system, Ion True Tones is ideal for the following hair colors

Level 2: Medium Black or Natural Black

Level 3: Darkest Brown, Light, or Soft Black

Level 3: Dark Brown

Since it’s meant for dark hair colors, you do not have to bleach before applying the color; and depending on where you are pre-color, True Tones for Dark Hair can easily lift you 3-4 levels.

True Tones for Dark Hair has a fast blending formula and this gives you results in under 35 minutes.

What we like about Ion True Tones is that it does not contain bleach, PPD, parabens or lighteners. It is infused with peri and argan oils.

Ion True Tones For Dark Hair Color Options

There are a total of 10 color options to choose from for your hair coloring

  1. Cherry
  2. Red
  3. Cooper
  4. Black Onyx
  5. Blue-black
  6. Violet
  7. Honey Blonde
  8. Ash-blonde
  9. Garnet
  10. Crimson

If you’re not sure of the color to get, make use of the handy Ion Color Coder app to find the best match for you. 

This app displays examples of all of the colors available in the Ion line. You may also upload your photo to see how the color will look on you. 

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How to Apply Ion True Tones for best results

Since Ion True Tones is meant for dark hair, you do not necessarily need to bleach before applying it. 

However, this only holds true if you plan on continuing with the same color. If you want to switch from one color to another, it is a good idea to bleach your hair before using Ion True Tones.


  1. Use a non-metallic bowl – mix 2 oz. of color with 3 oz. of developer 30 volume.
  2. Make sure the mixing ratio is 1:1.5
  3. Wear a suitable glove and use a tint brush to apply the mixture to dry and unwashed hair
  4. Make sure you use a 20 volume developer (6% peroxide) – this helps lifting color by 1-2 levels.

Does Ion True Tones For Dark Hair Damage Your Hair?

It depends. There is indeed short-term damage to the hair, but there is no long-term impact on the health of your hair. 

Here is the thing. 

Coloring your hair is done with two components – the Hair color, and a Developer. The Developer is basically a peroxide solution whose job it is to penetrate the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) so the hair color can do its job.

In other words, it is not possible to color your hair without damaging your cuticle. 

The good thing however is that hair color does not penetrate the scalp. All the damage it does is on the hair shaft. 

As you know, the hair on your scalp is constantly getting replaced. 

So, while Ion True Tones (or any hair color for that matter) can damage telogen hairs (the hair you see on your head), new offshoots are healthy like they always are.

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Can you use Ion True Tones For Dark Hair without a developer?

A developer is required for the application of all hair colors. It is this that causes the hair to break down and change colors in the first place. 

Ion True Tones also has semi-permanent hair colors that do not need a developer.

Using only developer on hair

When you use only developer, you will notice a slight lightening of your hair. As a result of the developer’s acidic nature, it is stable. 

Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide occurs as a result of the addition of a developer to alkaline hair color. It is this that causes the hair to lighten in color.

Which is better: a 10 or 20 volume developer?

In terms of results, the only difference between the two developers is how long the color lasts.

Coloring your hair with a 10 volume developer will last for fewer days than coloring with a 20 volume developer. 

If you want to go blonde, a 20 volume developer will give you better results since it tends to lighten the hair much more.

A 20 volume developer helps break open the cuticle more and allow more of your natural melanin to escape through.

This creates much deeper and brilliant hues than you can achieve with a 10 volume developer.

How long should you leave the developer in your hair?

Leave the color on your hair for at least 20 to 30 minutes before washing it out. Not only does the color become inactive after 30 minutes, but it may also irritate your scalp if kept on for an extended period.

Is Ion True Tones Worth It?

A 5 out of 5-star rating is no joke to maintain but Ion has somehow managed to please its customers and also managed to keep its rating at 5 stars.

While female customers were generally happy with Ion True Tones regardless of their hair color or skin, those with dark hair (which is exactly the audience for True Tones for Dark Hair) were sometimes unhappy with the depth and intensity of the color.

Some found the color excessively intense in some instances.

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