Does Dyson Supersonic Damage Hair? Explained

Dyson supersonic hair dryer

When it comes to hairdryers, one of the most common questions that come to anyone’s mind is, do hair dryers cause hair damage?

What will be the adverse effects of using a hairdryer? 

In this article, we will look at Dyson Supersonic, one of the most popular brands among hair care appliances, to see if it causes hair damage. 

How Dyson Supersonic Works 

Dyson Supersonic Air Multiplier technology 

Dyson Supersonic was designed to eliminate the common issues that people face with traditional hairdryers, mainly frizziness. 

Unlike regular hair dryers that cause your hair to tangle up, Dyson uses a proprietary system called the “Air Multiplier technology” that keeps your hair smooth even after blowing it dry. 

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer has two inlets, one at the bottom of the rim, and one towards the back. 

The motor creates a high velocity stream of air to rise upward towards the rim while another stream of air is sucked in from the rear-end at normal temperature. These two streams come together before it hits your hair. 

The Dyson Supersonic uses a digital motor that is much smaller, yet more powerful than the regular hair dryers.

The airflow is typically three times higher, which helps the hair to get dry faster than ever. 

The result is much smoother hair; something you don’t typically see after blow-drying your hair.  

Dyson Supersonic also has a heat sensor that monitors the temperature of the air at least 20 times a second. This helps regulate the air temperature, thereby protecting your hair from damage.

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Is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer dual voltage?

Dyson Supersonic is not a dual voltage hair dryer. However, it comes in two variants. 

The international model is 230-240V while the American model is built for 110-120V. 

Is Dyson Supersonic ionic 

Yes, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer uses ionic technology to dry your hair. 

For the uninitiated, there are several types of hair dryers available today – tourmaline, ionic, ceramic/porcelain, and titanium to mention a few.

Ionic hair dryers emit negatively charged ions that neutralize the positively charged water molecules on your hair. In a way then, this is drying your hair without removing the moisture off the surface of the scalp. 

While this is good for your hair, you should not know that this does not give volume like the cheaper hairdryers. So, if you have short or thin hair, you may not see desirable results. 

How many watts is the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer?

As it can be seen labeled at the side, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer pulls 1600 watts, which is the standard power used for average hairdryers.

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How loud is the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer 

Compared to other hairdryers, the Dyson Supersonic is very quiet, thanks to the brushless electric motor.

The sound produced is barely audible, giving much more comfort to the consumer. Low sound doesn’t mean weak.

The end result of drying the hair is met effectively. 

What heat settings does Dyson Supersonic operate in?

The Dyson Supersonic comes with 4 precise heat settings and 3 precise speed settings.

You can choose from the following heat settings

  • 100°C fast drying and styling
  • 80°C regular drying
  • 60°C gentle drying
  • 28°C constant cold.

The speed settings are fast drying, regular drying, and styling. 

Is Dyson Supersonic Worth It 

Dyson Supersonic is one of the best hairdryers in the market today and the positive feedback from consumers is a testament to this.

Dyson Supersonic offers a quieter, and quicker blow-drying experience that does not damage hair and keeps it smooth and shiny. In our opinion, it’s totally worth it.

Is Dyson Supersonic good for fine hair?

Absolutely. The Dyson Supersonic has heat sensors that monitor air temperature 20 times a second. This keeps the air temperature moderate and protects your fine hair from damage. 

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Is Dyson Supersonic good for curly hair? 

Dyson Supersonic is great for curly hair, because of the efficient diffuser that comes with the pack.

This specialized diffuser makes curly hairs get dry faster than usual, without changing the shape of your curls.

Is Dyson Supersonic good for thin hair?

Thin hair tends to get damaged from excess heat. The heat sensor in Dyson Supersonic helps keep the temperature in check and protects thin hair from damage.

Having said that, Dyson Supersonic is an ionic hair dryer that is generally not suitable for thin hair since it does not give volume as regular hair dryers do.

Does the Dyson Supersonic dry hair faster?

With Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, close to 42 liters of air is blown onto your hair per second.

The tiny motor on the Supersonic is six times faster than conventional hairdryers. 

Consequently, your hair dries a lot faster with Dyson Supersonic than it does with other popular brands.

Can you curl hair with a Dyson Supersonic?

Yes, you can curl your hair with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

The diffuser on the Supersonic lets you disperse air evenly while the long prongs give you greater control in curling your hair. 

Can Dyson Supersonic straighten hair?

Yes, Dyson Supersonic does a great job of straightening your hair. The styling concentrator creates a high velocity stream of air that gives you great control over styling your hair exactly the way you want it. 

Does Dyson Supersonic damage hair? 

Hairdryers, in general, are guilty of damaging your hair. The main protein component of your hair is protected by an outer layer called the cuticle. Applying excessive heat on the cuticle can break it apart, and thus letting the protein components wither and break.

Dyson Supersonic comes with a heat sensor that monitors the temperature of the air close to 20 times a second. This stops your hairdryer from releasing extremely hot hair that can damage cuticles. 

This does not necessarily mean that Dyson Supersonic won’t damage your hair ever. However, the potential damage this can cause is much lower than other regular hair dryers available in the market today.



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