What Do You Do With Breyer Horses?

Breyer horses

Are you a Breyer Horse enthusiast? If yes, here is an endless list of things you can do with these exciting toys. Breyer Horses are popular collectives that people love owning. However, only a few know how to use them correctly. In this article, you will discover the fun things you can do with Breyer Horses. And, we will tell you many exciting facts about these lovely toys. So, read on to know more about these artistic model horses.

What are Breyer Model Horses?

A Breyer model horse is an artistic sculpture that is handcrafted and painted manually. That is, the making of these unique toys usually does not involve machine work. Moreover, the most exciting part about them is that the two Breyer horses never look alike. Each Breyer horse has its unique structure, personality, and color. Today many stores make and sell these horse models.

People purchase Breyer Horses for many purposes. They are popular toys that people love to collect, gift, and play with. Getting one of these will surely not disappoint you.

How can you play with Breyer Horses?

Breyer horses are perfect for planning fun activities with children. There are various ways of playing with them. So, if you own one, it is time to have fun with it. Making these toys exciting for your kids will help them enjoy more. You can make their play day interesting with Breyer Horses. They may seem to be simple toys but can be used in several ways to educate and entertain a child. Here are few exciting ways to set up a perfect play day for your kids.

1. Build a home

If you have a Breyer Horse, build a home for it. It will enthuse your kids and cheer them up for play day. Every child loves making homes for their toys. Right from dollhouses to beach castles building a home has always been interesting. So, plan it out and build a solid barn for the Breyer Horse. Moreover, you can also decorate it with hay, straws, paper to make it more creative.

Working on this will surely build your child’s creativity and thinking ability. Thus, the start of with something exciting to surprise your kids and their mates.

2. Feed the Horse

Kids always take care of their toys like they are real. So, set up a quiz or small activity to teach kids how to take care of horses. By this, they will learn more about their favorite animal. Ask them to feed the horse twice a day and give it the right grains.

Besides this, also provide other toys like a little bucket, food supplies, etc., to give them more fun things to play with.

3. Groom, the horse

Grooming the Breyer Horse can be very exciting for kids. Give them grooming accessories like a comb, different brushes, hooves, and towels to clean them. With these little activities, your kids will be entertained all day long and have immense fun as well.

4. Buy or make clothes for the horse model

Painting, cutting, and sewing can be complicated for kids but not impossible. You can have fun parent and child activities to play with Breyer Horses. Making warm clothes for these models is one such activity. Engaging with kids and spending quality time along with them can just be made easier.

5. Buy riders

Purchasing a horse rider can help play with Breyer Horses. Also, make sure that you have a harness that perfectly fits the horse. Without these, the doll will not be able to ride the horse. So, equip Breyer Horses with the necessary tools to make the most out of them.

Value of a Breyer Model Horse

Many factors determine the value of a Breyer Horse. So, stating a fixed figure is difficult. However, with the help of these factors, you will be able to estimate the value of your Breyer Horse. These features signify your worth in the market. Further, prices may also vary and fluctuate with time.

1. Color

The color of your Breyer Horse is a crucial factor that decides its value. Traditionally, these horses were hand-painted, so the horse’s color and pattern depend on the artists that created them. So, the more striking the color of the Breyer Horse, the better price you get. Shades, hues, and even spots are equally important when it comes to pricing.

Models that have a chalky vintage shade are usually valued higher than the rest so, if you are buying one or selling your Horse model, pitch a suitable price.

2. Age

In the case of Breyer Horses, the latest versions are considered more expensive than the old ones. So, if your horse model is about a year old, it will get a better price than a ten-year-old model. Another factor with age is rarity. By this, we mean how unique your horse model is. Your model will certainly find a better value if the sculptures have striking designs, cuts, color, and personality. 

However, unusual Breyer horses are attractive and thus tend to be costlier Today a new and rare horse model can be sold for as high as 600 dollars. 

3. Condition

Your Breyer Horse is beautiful, right? But, the condition of the horse model also matters. The sculpture must be free of marks, dents, and rubs. Breyer Horses are popular collectibles, and when people look for one, they want sculptures without defects. So, if you want to sell your Breyer Horse and it is rare, new, and excellent in condition, you can certainly bag a decent amount.

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How to sell your Breyer Model Horse? 

Do you have a great collection of Breyer Horses? Many people collect these valuable sculptures as kids. So, if you want to sell your Breyer Horse models, you need the right sites to get a good deal. After keen research, we have a few sites to help you sell your Breyer Horses. Many people prefer selling their horse models on these websites for maximum gain. Some relevant selling sites are:

1. eBay

Undoubtedly, eBay is the finest site for selling Breyer Horses. Several listings and impressive website traffic make it a premium choice. In addition, eBay has several Breyer sellers and buyers on its site. So, if you want to sell your Breyer Model Horse, it is your ultimate stop.

2. Model Horse Blab

Another site for selling horse models is Model Horse Blab. The site has a variety of listings and can connect to buyers easily. Further, this site helps you post and pitch products to the sellers. So, create a worthy post and get your best deal today.

3. Social Media

The most used digital platform today is social media. One can do anything and everything on it. Reaching out to millions has just become easy. There are several Facebook Pages and Groups dedicated to model horses where you can find potential buyers. You could also place a listing on Facebook Marketplace. 

4. Authorized dealers

If you want an offline mode for selling Breyer Horses, you can reach out to a dealer. You may get a decent price for your horse models by selling your models to them.

How to Maintain Breyer Horses?

By now, you know Breyer Horse are valuable collectives. So, maintaining them is essential to get a decent price. Occasional cleaning can help you maintain these sculptures and make them look new.

Bent Legs

If the horse model is not standing firmly or is wobbling, you can use heat to fix this issue. Soak the leg in hot water for about five to ten seconds. This method will soften the leg and help you gently move it as needed. However, you may have to repeat the step quite a few times to get perfect results.

Dirt and Scratches

You can solve both these issues easily. First, fill a container with warm water. Now add dish soap or a mild detergent to it. Next, submerge the horse model inside it to get rid of all stains and dirt. It will make your horse model look fresh and new in no time. After soaking it for about ten minutes, remove the horse model and clean it gently using a soft towel. Using a toothbrush or sponge can also help remove stubborn marks.


If your Breyer model horse has turned yellow, do not worry. These sculptures are prone to yellowing with time. To get rid of yellowing, keep the horse model in a sunny location. However, please do not keep it under the sun for too long as plastic may melt. Whitening the horse model may take a few days or a week. 

By now, you know what you can do with Breyer Horses. Right from playing to selling, you can do a lot of things with them. You can also display your unique collection in the Breyerfest. Participate in contests, sign in for horse model shows, and do many more exciting things with these beautiful sculptures. 


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