Are Stouffer’s Frozen Meals Healthy?

Stouffers frozen foods

When it comes to preparing and serving fast food, nothing is more convenient than frozen food. They are perfect for your refrigerator, can be kept for a long time, and are easy to prepare. You can also save money by buying frozen food at the time of sale.

Which company produces Stouffer’s frozen meals?

Stouffer Corporation happened to be one of the first companies to produce frozen meals in America. The Stouffer Corporation was founded by Abraham and Mahala Stouffer in downtown Cleveland back in 1922. By the 1930s, they had already opened a few diners and had become popular among customers for the exceptional customer service and quality meals that they offered.

When did Stouffer Corporation start making frozen meals?

In the early 1950s, they began freezing some of their meals so that they could be purchased and eaten by customers at the convenience of their homes. By the mid-1960s to 1980, Stouffer’s frozen meal line grew to become successful.

Which kinds of frozen meals does Stouffer’s make?

Stouffer’s frozen meals on the market are currently divided into chilled foods and frozen foods. Chilled foods are made by reducing the temperature of the food close to the freezing point and preserving it. Frozen foods, on the other hand, are at a temperature lower than the freezing point. 

What quality threats do Stouffer’s frozen meals face?

Stouffer’s frozen meals face several threats to quality, such as oxidation and dehydration. Oxygen can oxidize and spoil the meal. However, under freezing conditions, the oxidation rate will be greatly reduced, and in addition, when it is packed in a sealed food bag and sealed instantly, the risks are minimal, and such foods may be kept refrigerated for as long as one year.

Dehydration of food in the freezer is a real threat and could cause the taste of food to deteriorate. This however does not impact the quality of the food.

How are Stouffer’s Frozen Meals made? 

Refrigerators make it easy for us to keep food fresh by minimizing the growth of bacteria, and other microbes. The freezer compartment of a refrigerator is usually kept at around 0 Fahrenheit, and at this temperature, biological enzymes and microorganisms are in a dormant state. Consequently, they pose little to no threat to your frozen foods. As such, the shape, flavor, and nutritional value of the food do not change much in a frozen state. 

Of course, in recent decades, with the application of advanced technological innovations like ultra-low temperature freezing, ultrasonic quick freezing, and other technologies, the quality of Stouffer’s frozen meals has been continuously improved, and Stouffer’s frozen meals can be bought with utmost confidence.

These modern refrigeration techniques have helped Stouffer’s scale up its frozen meals division with the launch of several popular products like Stouffer’s Alfredo Sauce, Stouffer’s  Lasagna with Meat and Sauce, Stouffer’s Traditional Macaroni and Cheese, and so on.

Are Stouffer’s frozen meals healthy?

Freezing does not change the health quotient of your meal. Stouffer’s frozen foods are as healthy or unhealthy as their non-frozen counterparts. Their lasagna carries all the fat and protein that is present in a regular lasagna, for instance.

Does freezing affect the nutritional value of Stouffer’s meals?

Freezing does not affect calorie count, fiber content, or mineral content in your food. Its effect with some vitamins, such as folic acid and vitamin C are different. However, most of the nutritional value will remain unchanged after freezing.

Freezing does not change the fat, protein, carbohydrate, or sugar content. The liquid content may change, which will be obvious when thawing the meal.

When calculating calories, is the weight of frozen food the same as when it’s fresh?

The sealed food container should have the same weight before and after freezing. However, if a lot of liquid comes out of the food when it melts, then the food you serve may reduce in volume. If the only thing lost is water, then the calorie count will not change (assuming no soluble nutrients are lost in the water). But in any case, this may change the portion size of the meal.

How to identify the most healthy Stouffer’s frozen meals?

When you buy Stouffer’s frozen meal, look for products without added sugar, sodium, or high-calorie sauces.

Sometimes it’s simple, but when you go beyond a simple vegetable-based meal, it can be a little tricky.

Here are some tips for choosing a healthy Stouffer’s frozen meal : 

  • Choose ordinary vegetable-based meals, rather than products that contain sauces. If you really like sauces, then try sauces that use less fat and sodium. You can check the nutrition label and remember to consider the amount.
  • Choose Stouffer’s frozen meal without added sugar or syrup. 
  • Pay close attention to the extra calories in some Stouffer’s frozen meals.
  • Pick the ones rich in vitamins and minerals rather than the ones rich in saturated fat and sodium. 


As I said earlier, picking the most healthy Stouffer’s frozen meals can be a little bit tricky. However, if you compare labels or search in the natural food section of the store, you can find Stouffer’s frozen meals that are more suitable for you and your family.



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