99 Ranch Market – All Your Questions Answered

99 Ranch Market

Making homemade Pad Thai or Teriyaki chicken tonight? Is shopping for ingredients at 99 Ranch Market the right choice?  

This article details the pros and cons of this Asian supermarket.

It is certainly worth visiting 99 Ranch Market. This store offers a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. They also have sauces, seasonings, and snacks. In short, all the essentials for authentic Asian cuisine.

You can get fresh ingredients, pre-packaged food, hot meals, and more. 99 Ranch has a deli. So you can grab a quick meal, either after work or at lunch. Their food is as good as take-out. And it’s so much cheaper.

The space is clean and sanitary. But don’t go in if you are sensitive to smell. They clean and prepare their meat and seafood in-house. They also sell mainstream products, found in American stores.

But don’t expect their gourmet offerings like cheese, to be of high quality. They specialize in ethnic provisions. You should buy up, given their pocket-friendly prices and decent quality. 

Is 99 Ranch Market Chinese or Korean?

99 Ranch is a Chinese supermarket founded by Roger H. Chen in 1984. It is now run by his son Jonson. It is owned by the Chinese parent company Tawa Corporation. They sell mainly Chinese and Taiwanese ingredients and foods. 

But they also offer products from other Asian countries. 99 Ranch has products from Korea, The Philippines, and Vietnam as well. 99 Ranch does cater to most Asian food requirements. And it is steadily diversifying its product inventory too. 

What to buy at 99 Ranch market? 

These are some of the popular and delicious items available across categories. 

  • Fresh Meat and Seafood

99 Ranch has a massive range of meats. From your standard chicken and beef to pig ears, deer flank, squab, and rabbit. Select your preferred cuts. It will be done in front of you. You can buy an entire pig or bird, or part of it. 

Seafood options are aplenty too. These are also de-boned, scaled, and filleted based on your preference. Items span from the common to the exotic. Shrimp, lobsters, sea bass, salmon, cuttlefish, for the cautious. 

Geoduck clams, sea snails, and pompano for something totally new!  

They also offer to lightly braise it for you free of charge, so cooking is easier and quicker when you get home. 99 Ranch literally has 99 plus varieties of meat and seafood.

  • Deli 

The deli is a veritable smorgasbord. You can tuck into congee with numerous flavorsome add-ons. They have an endless selection of dim-sums. So Sui Mai or Har Gow? Ramen, sushi, and noodles are always in demand.  

They have barbecued, dried, and preserved meats. These include char siu pork, Chinese bacon, and sausages. Some unique dishes include Takoyaki, turnip cakes, and Kung Pao chicken.

  • Bakery items

The bakery is very popular. You can sample an array of mochi cakes, Chinese sandwiches, and pork buns. There are also non-Asian confections available.

  • Snacks galore! 

This one’s a kiddie magnet. Tasty tidbits include frozen dumplings, fried baby crabs, and Chinese (Patata) chips. Other treats are Haw Flakes, matcha yogurt, and red-bean paste ice cream.

  • Beverages

99 Ranch stocks Asian brands of beverages, juices, and soft drinks. They sell oolong, jasmine, and ginseng teas. Boba tea and juices are a must. But you can also get a Starbucks cold brew if this isn’t up your alley.

  • Fruits and vegetables

Asian greens are essential to the cuisine. 99 Ranch sells bok choy, lettuce stems, lotus, and taro root. They also carry distinct herbs and spices like lemongrass, galangal, and fish mint.

You can also try uncommon fruits like dragon fruit, Asian lychee (longan), and mangosteen.

  • Kitchen utensils 

Genuine Asian food needs to be made in proper cooking ware. That’s why 99 Ranch stocks everything from pot cookers to woks and bamboo steamers. 

Does 99 Ranch sell soju? 

Yes, 99 Ranch does sell soju. This alcoholic drink is native to Korea. It is quite strong, having high alcohol content. It is made of rice, potato, or wheat starches. It tastes like vodka. It is often used as a substitute.

But the demand for soju isn’t high yet. This, even though Korean food is very popular in the U.S. There are many brands of soju. 99 Ranch sells Jinro Soju, one of the most popular.

Does 99 Ranch sell sushi grade fish?

Yes, 99 Ranch does sell sushi-grade salmon and albacore tuna. But comparatively, 99 Ranch has lower quality sushi-grade fish. Towards the end of the day, some pieces may even be stale. People also fear that they contain harmful preservatives or steroids.

This is because some fish is imported from China. Antibiotics are supposedly still used in China, although they deny it. If you are worried, buy from the local fishmonger or market. They may have higher-grade, fresh, better-quality options.

Does 99 Ranch sell boba?

Yes, they do have different boba (bubble tea) options. Some are Earl Grey milk tea, brown sugar, and caramel boba. They also sell fruit juices with boba toppings. There are whimsical concoctions combining Asian and American palates. 

Fancy a milk tea topped with boba and cream cheese? They also offer snacks and foods that contain boba. These include boba pineapple cakes and chocolate bubble tea. These are fan-favorites across ages.

Does 99 Ranch sell kewpie mayo? 

Yes, 99 Ranch usually has a fair stock of Kewpie mayonnaise. This Japanese mayo is known to have a rich flavor. It is made from only egg yolks. Instead of salt or sugar, Kewpie adds only vinegar. This could be rice or apple vinegar. 

The original imported version also contains MSG (monosodium glutamate). It is tangy and meaty at the same time. Not to mention a great accompaniment for almost any food. Especially those California rolls!

Does 99 Ranch sell alcohol? 

Yes, many branches do sell alcohol. But some sell it in another shop front as 99 liquor. They offer Asian-specific brands like Hite beer. Hite beer and Jinro soju are both Korean alcohols.  The Japanese Umeshu (plum wine) is a sought-after liqueur. 

The plums are fermented with shochu, a strong white liquor. This dessert wine is often added to food or drink in Japanese homes. Some 99 Ranch stores also sell common brands of wines, beer, and hard spirits.

Does 99 Ranch sell kimchi?

Yes, most 99 Ranch outlets sell kimchi. It is either sold on its own or with other foods. There are many kimchi-flavored snacks. They also organize Korean food festivals. During this time, many dishes using kimchi are sold.

On regular days, 99 Ranch only has a limited choice of kimchi. Nasoya Kimchi is the main brand for sale. Nasoya is made of napa cabbage. It can be mild or spicy. But 99 Ranch also stocks daikon or radish kimchi sometimes. 

Does 99 Ranch sell duck?

Absolutely. Chinese duck specialties include Peking, barbecue, Cantonese roast, and five-spice duck. You can buy the whole bird. Or, you can get your preferred portion, like breasts or legs. Pre-ordering for festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas is also available.  

You may occasionally get some rather skinny birds. This may be because the batch is emptying, later in the day. But the quality is fairly decent, mostly. But you may get juicier, flavorful alternatives in your local Chinatown.

Does 99 Ranch sell sake? 

Yes, 99 Ranch does sell an assortment of alcoholic and flavored sake. Junmai sake and citrus Yuzu are the sweeter, fruitier choices. Ozeki is a brand that offers dry sake and organic sake. The brand Sho Chiku Bai is also a dry rice wine. 

Sho Chiku Bai sakes are earthy and floral, without sweet undertones. Sake can be bought and served chilled. It can also be heated up at home, depending on the meal and season. 

Does 99 Ranch sell crab legs? 

Yes, 99 Ranch offers fresh crab legs. Their crab selections are Dungeness, snow, and king crab. Their crabs are fleshy, tender, and moist. They are freshly caught. You can buy any segment of the crab including the claws or legs. 

The claws and leg meats are sold separately. Check its color, size, and joints. Crab legs are a treat. The flesh is more succulent and sweet. The supply and price may differ depending on the season. 

Does 99 Ranch have natto? 

Yes, 99 Ranch does stock frozen natto. It is a Japanese staple made of fermented soybeans. It can be used for breakfast and as baby food. It can also be paired with rice, with bonito flake seasoning. Natto is really healthy. 

It has proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It helps in reducing several health conditions. It may be an acquired taste (and smell). But 99 Ranch caters to this staple in the Japanese diet.  

Does 99 Ranch have lemongrass? 

Yes, the market has lemongrass. It is an important ingredient in several Asian foods and beverages. Lemongrass extracts are also used for self-care. This herb is often used in soups, curries, stews, and salads. 

It can be used with all kinds of protein, including tofu. It is also commonly used in herbal teas. You can get the full, fresh stalks. You may also get it in powdered form, for seasoning. They even carry lemongrass jellies! 

Does 99 Ranch have fried fish? 

Yes, you can get ready-made fried fish at the deli. Or, you can take your pick of fish at the seafood counter. You can either get it pan-fried or deep-fried. The former is moister, the latter is crispier. There are regular fish options like tilapia and trout. 

Asian fish include redlip croaker and milkfish. There is even imported red snapper from New Zealand. You can get an entire fried fish, with its head intact!

*In all these cases check with the local outlet, to ensure they have stock. 

Does 99 Ranch sell gift cards?

Yes, 99 Ranch Market does sell gift cards, especially for holidays and festivals. They sell annual gift cards during a 1-2 month window. These celebrate the Chinese year (like the Year of the Ox) and cost about $97-99 dollars.

You can also get gift cards at discount from websites like GiftRocket or GiftCardio. They are sent by email. You can print them at home. Ensure you buy yours from a 99 Ranch authorized seller. Other cards are invalid. 

Does 99 Ranch accept the following methods of payment? 

  • EBT- Electronic Benefits Transfer 

Yes, 99 Ranch does accept payment through EBT. EBT is a government nutrition assistance card. It is for zero to low-income buyers. Eligible people can use this card to purchase food from retailers nationwide.  

  • Apple Pay 

Yes, 99 Ranch does accept Apple Pay. You can pay in-store or through the app. 

  • WIC 

Yes, 99 Ranch does accept WIC at certain branches. You will need to confirm its validity at your local outlet. This is also a government program for pregnant and nursing women and infants.

  • Food Stamps

These are part of the EBT system too.  99 Ranch branches accept U.S. food stamps given to a specific state. For example, there are Texas, California, and New Jersey food stamps. 

* None of the above payment options are applicable for online payment. You can only use debit/credit cards like Visa or MasterCard.

Does 99 Ranch do delivery? 

Yes, 99 Ranch does offer delivery. They have partnered with Shipt, a U.S. delivery service. They offer same-day delivery across the country. To access this option you can pay a one-time membership fee. Or, you can pay each time you order. 

Instacart also offers same-day delivery from 99 Ranch. There is no minimum or maximum order amount. But you do need to verify if the service is available in your region or locality.  

Does 99 Ranch have curbside pickup? 

Yes, they do offer curbside pickup. Their system is called Click N’ Collect. The in-store option allows the customer to shop online. The order will be assembled by the staff. Once the order is ready you will be alerted by the local store.

You can then pick up your order on-site. You can also opt for online delivery. The store will drop it off at your home or workplace. Delivery fees will vary based on the order amount.

As an immigrant, 99 Ranch keeps your roots close in a foreign land. As a newbie food enthusiast, it offers a stimulating cultural experience. Either way, we hope this article has helped you decide if 99 Ranch is the place for you!


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