Are Ryka Shoes Good For Walking, Running, Gym, Hiking, Etc.? 

Ryka shoes

Ryka is an American athletic shoe brand for women. It was established in 1987 by Sheri Poe. After going through an exchange of hands a couple of times, the brand is presently owned by Brown Shoe.

Ryka shoes are manufactured in China and sold in several countries across the world. The brand is preferred for its excellent fit and comfort. How well would it suit you though? Let’s find out.

What are Ryka shoes good for?

Ryka shoes are touted to be designed specifically to suit a woman’s feet, her physique, and the nature of muscle movements. They are grouped into two broad categories, namely, Fitness and Lifestyle. Some sub-classifications include walking, running, training, hiking, water sports, slip-on, boots, and sandals.

Each category of products is constructed with the design and material to cater to the exact purpose. This customization improves comfort. The brand is also focused on the fit. The shoes are available in sizes five to 12, besides special sizes for wider feet and pregnant women.

Ryka shoes are ranked highly for their performance in walking, training, and comfort. Some of the award-winning variants are Devotion XT Training, Dynamic Pro Training, Trek Hiking Shoe, and Vida RZX Training Shoe.

The brand is also known for durability.

Are Ryka shoes comfortable?

Ryka shoes is in business for over three decades. It is preferred for the superior comfort and balance it offers. It is claimed to support every step of yours. Let us evaluate the shoes’ performance in the following instances.

For Running

Ryka’s running shoes provide outstanding stability, traction, and cushioning to support your feet and entire body while running. They are characterized by air channels for shock absorption, rubber soles for grip, anatomical insoles with cushioning, memory foam, lightweight impact protection, and heel crash pads. Therefore, they are ideal for high-performance running, light running, and intense walking.

You can choose from the following list to set off on your running track.

  • Ultimate Running Shoe
  • Activate Walking Shoe
  • Optimise XT Training Shoe
  • Devotion XT Training Shoe

For Walking

Ryka shoes in the walking category are best suited for both leisure and brisk walking. They offer these features –

  • Lightweight
  • Arch support
  • Flexibility
  • Narrow heel with slip cancellation
  • Spacious at the toes
  • Exceptional cushioning and shock absorption
  • Airy and breathable
  • Impact protection

Some variants have padded heel collars and rubber soles for better traction. A few walking shoes are sturdy enough to be used for training as well. The variants also come in trendy designs and colors.

The prominent variants in the category are Active Walking Shoe, Devotion Plus 3 Walking, Perform Walking Shoe, and Balance Walking Shoe.

For Standing all day

If you have a job that needs you to stand for hours, you should pick a shoe that protects your back, and helps avoid muscle fatigue, stiffness, and sore feet. Comfortable shoes with flat soles, memory foam, cushioning, and breathability are the features you need to look for.

Ryka Shoes that conform to these requirements are

  • Sky Walk Fit – Is designed with a Skeletal Guidance System, breathable mesh, durable faux leather, soft cushioning, and rubber sole
  • Balance Walking Shoe – Has memory foam with all-day cushioning, a gel insert cushioning for the heels and breathable mesh
  • Optimise XT Training Shoe – Features Skeletal Guidance System, arch support, breathable fabric, anatomical insole with cushioning, and padded heel collar
  • Echo Low Sneaker – Has padded heel, anatomical insoles, extra arch support, and shock absorption
  • Empower Slip-On Sneaker – Features stretchable knit, breathability, anatomical insoles, extra arch, and heel support, lightweight

For Hiking

A good hiking shoe must provide exceptional grip, traction, flexibility, support, cushioning, protection, snug fit, and water resistance. Ryka shoes in this category are made with fabrics that are water-resistant and provide protection from the rubble. They are constructed with arch and heel support, cushioning, and an outsole tread pattern.

Trek Hiking Shoe, Trailhead Hiking Boot, Kahuna Hiking Shoe, Sky Walk Trail Hiking, Echo Trek, Summit Mid Top Hiking, and Hydro Sport Water Shoe are some of the best Ryka models for hiking and trekking.

Working out

Ryka offers several models in the training and gym category. Whether you are working out at the gym, dance studio, or outdoors, these shoes are a perfect companion for quick movements and stability.

The brand’s fitness shoes are designed with Re-Zorb technology. They offer narrow heels, reliable footbed, arch support, higher step volume, responsive cushioning, and anatomical insoles.

Popular Ryka shoes for those working out include

  • Dauntless XT Training
  • Optimise XT Training
  • Daze XT Training
  • Defiance Sneaker
  • Graphite Training Shoe
  • Devotion XT Training Shoe


For cross-training, you need shoes that are flexible to support different types of movements. The shoes must have strong heel support with minimal cushioning.

Outstanding Training Shoe, Journey Sneaker, Defiance Sneaker, Re-Run Walking Shoe, Declare XT Training Shoe, and Devotion XT Training Shoe are some models that fit the bill.

Are Ryka shoes good for your feet?

Ryka shoes are designed for comfort, accurate fit, and diverse requirements. They are specifically constructed to suit the anatomy of a woman and her muscle movements.

Let us examine if Ryka shoes are suitable for different conditions of the feet.

Wide feet

If you have wide feet, you need shoes that are roomier and flexible with soft cushioning. Ryka has a wide range of sizes to choose from in addition to separate classification for medium width and wide width. The wider sizes are available in an array of shoes, sandals, and boots.

Some of the medium width and wide width models are Activate Walking Shoe, Momentum 2.0 Sneaker, Re-Run Walking Shoe, Hydro Sport Water Shoe, Graphite Training Shoe, Trance Sandal, Sage Slide Sandal, and Moonlight Slip-On Sneaker.

Flat feet

A flat foot has poorly developed arches. Therefore, this condition requires shoes with greater stability. A slightly cushioned insole with arch support will be useful. Further, you must not wear completely flat or extremely high-heeled shoes if you have flat feet.

Ryka shoes for this condition have anatomical insoles with responsive cushioning. Kahuna Hiking Shoes, Defiance Sneaker, Loveable Training Shoe, Influence Training Shoe, Devotion Reflect Walking Shoe, Sky Walk Trail Hiking Shoe, Dash 3 Walking Shoe, Myriad Walking Shoe, Balance Walking Shoe, Molly Slip-On Sneaker, and Vera Sneaker Boot are the models to choose from for flat feet.

Narrow feet

If you have narrow feet, go for shoes with narrow heels and tips. You could also pick shoes with laces to be able to brace the shoes for the desired fit.

Most Ryka models come with a narrow heel. Variants that also have narrow tips with laces are Perform Walking Shoe, Daze XT Training Shoe, Take a Trail Hike Shoe, Trek Hiking Shoe, Trailhead Hiking Boot, Dauntless Sneaker, Love Life Slip-On, Margo Sandal, and Savannah Sandal.


A bunion is a bony bump at your toe. It makes your feet appear wider. You will need extra wide shoes with flexible material. Ryka’s wide-width shoes would be the perfect fit for you.

Some good wide-width models include Activate Walking Shoes, Dauntless Sneaker, Kudos Trail Shoe, Devotion XT Training, Flourish Walking Shoe, Sky Walk Chill Slip-On, Belong Walking Shoe, Better Half Sandal, Stella Sandal, Timid Flip Flop Sandal, and Vera Sneaker Boot.

High arches

High arches, also known as the Cavus foot, is a structure of the foot where the foot arch of one or both the feet is raised. Thought to be caused by a neurological disorder, this condition can lead to plantar fasciitis or claw toes.

If you have high arches, you would probably be advised to walk barefoot. The shoes you wear should support your ankle firmly and have snug heels. It must also have sufficient cushioning to line up the heightened arch. Staying in shoes without these features can result in back pain, poor alignment of the knee joint, fracture of the foot bone, ankle sprains, and body aches.

Ryka has solutions for high arches. They include Activate Walking Shoes, Perform Walking Shoes, Optimise XT Training Shoes, Trailhead Hiking Boot, and Journey Sneaker. These variants provide excellent stability, padded heel collar, responsive cushioning, anatomical insole, gentle progression from heel to toe, and snug fit.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the tissue connecting the heel bone and the toes. It is important to wear the right type of shoes to manage the condition. The shoes must provide adequate support at the ankle and heels besides ample room at the toes and comfortable cushioning. You must also avoid high-heeled shoes.

Ryka variants for high arches, such as Optimise XT Training Shoes, Activate Walking Shoes, and Journey Sneaker would be helpful for plantar fasciitis too.


Overpronation is caused when obesity or uneven distribution of weight on the feet causes the feet to flatten. Wearing the wrong type of shoes with this condition can strain the ligaments, ankle, knee, hip, and back and eventually cause the whole body to ache.

If you have overpronation feet, you must pick shoes with stable midsoles and comfortable extra cushioning. You can also use orthotic insoles in your shoes.

Some Ryka shoes good for overpronation are Momentum 2.0 Sneaker, Dauntless Sneaker, and Echo Low Sneaker. These shoes feature premium anatomical insoles with Re-Zorb technology, functional outsoles, Re-Zorb responsive cushioning, flexible fabric, rubber sole for traction and balance, impact protection, and narrow heels.

Achilles’ tendonitis

This is an injury of the Achilles’ tendon, typically caused by overuse and strain. In fact, running or working out with improper shoes can result in Achilles tendonitis.

If you are suffering from this injury, your podiatrist will firstly ask you to avoid high heels. You will need shoes that offer stability, arch support, and cushioning, reducing stress on the ankles. You can also use orthotic insoles and compression sleeves to reduce pain and swelling.

Ryka Perform Walking Shoes, Outstanding Training Shoes, and Activate Walking Shoes are good options to manage your Achilles tendon.

Arthritis feet

Arthritis causes pain in the ankles and feet, difficulty in standing on the feet, and inflammation and tenderness in joints. The key to selecting the proper shoes here is to be able to reduce the symptoms. The best shoes would be the ones with rigid material, thick outsoles, less cushioning, tight heels, and stable ankles.

Ryka shoes that fulfill these requirements include Defiance Sneaker and Journey Sneaker.

Are Ryka Shoes true to size?

Ryka shoes may run a tad small. It is recommended to select a size higher than your usual size. You should consider the material of the shoes as leather and knitted shoes tend to stretch with use.

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