Augusta Twenty is raising funds to end houselessness

Augusta Twenty Fundraising

‘Home is where love resides, memories are created and laughter never ends.’ Augusta Twenty is raising funds for a non-profit organization named THE PERIODIC TABLE which ensures that any money you want to donate goes for the farewell of the homeless community.  The organization is founded by the boutique owner’s spouse.

Currently, The Periodic Table is aiming to procure a cargo-type van that can be filled with items that the houseless community needs and wants to get delivered. The Periodic Table has launched its new merchandise which includes T-shirts and hats for this purpose.

The T-shirt comes with a cool print, four assorted sizes, and two attractive colors including Heather Sage Green and Heather Neptune Blue. The fabric is a mix of polyester, cotton, and rayon and is extremely comfortable to wear. The t-shirt is priced at $40. 

The snapback logo trucker hat comes in 3 varieties of color combinations. The hat is priced at $32. 

You can visit their website for a deep insight into their mission and buy their merchandise. Also, you can directly donate on the website itself. 

Since The Periodic Table is a nonprofit 501(c)3, all donations you give goes directly to help the community. 

No one has ever become poorer by giving. It is your time to donate and support the homeless community of The North and South Carolina by contributing to The Periodic Table. The Periodic Table is a Charity organization that serves the homeless community from Greenville, South Carolina to Asheville, North Carolina by providing them with necessities, aid unemployed/underemployed with resources to increase employment and earning potential, and provide housing to the houseless community.

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