Is Jiffy Lube Good And Reliable? Comprehensive Guide

Jiffy Lube

Prevention is better than cure. And this holds for your cars too! But is Jiffy Lube the place to go? This article provides answers to all your questions. 

Jiffy Lube may not be a good, dependable option for most car servicing needs. It works for a quick and cheap oil change. It’s a lower-grade substitute during emergencies. The overhead costs of starting and running a Jiffy Lube franchise are high, and that is also reflected in the value you get for your money.

At bargain prices, customers may worry about where Jiffy is cutting costs. Low-cost substitutes could damage engines.

Because their main pull is rapid service, Jiffy Lube may often reject servicing high-end cars. These cars take more time and require detailed inspection.

Jiffy may often try to sell you services that you don’t need. So be extra cautious. Customers may also find Jiffy Lube routinely recommending unnecessary fixes. If you aren’t someone who knows much about cars, go to a proper dealership. 

Having said that, Jiffy Lube maintains good customer relations. And even if they are more expensive, they are genuine. Most dealerships have qualified and trained mechanics. But Jiffy doesn’t require their technicians to have any training when they join.

To safeguard your car and its longevity, don’t skimp on costs. Either do the changes yourself. Or get help from a mechanic. Don’t let the convenience of a quick lube damage your investment. In other words, don’t be penny-wise, pound-foolish. 

What services does Jiffy Lube offer?

  • Full service

Jiffy Lube does NOT offer a full service. A full car service usually comes as a package. This includes a comprehensive review of all the crucial components. Jiffy offers to check components only separately. You can choose the services you need for preventive maintenance.

Some branches combine a few services into an expanded maintenance offer. The individual services Jiffy Lube offers include oil changes, brake inspection, battery maintenance, wheel alignment, to name a few. 

They don’t offer a thorough annual appraisal. Many components may take a few hours. So you can leave your car overnight. 

  • Brake change

Jiffy Lube does brake replacement and brake fluid tests. If you notice metal scraping and squealing sounds from the brakes, Jiffy Lube will inspect the entire brake system to find the root of the problem. It will replace worn-out brake pads and shoes. 

They will repair leaks or damage in the rotors, calipers, and cylinders. These are all essential to providing friction, so the car can halt. They empty the master cylinder of excess fluid. Then they recharge with fresh brake fluid.

  • Oil changes

Oil changes are Jiffy Lube’s claim to fame. Oils lubricate, prevent overheating, and keep the engine running. Once the oil becomes rancid and forms sediments, it doesn’t work as well. Old oil can blow the gasket.

Jiffy Lube refills or tops up your engine with fresh oil. The weight, volume, and category of oil will depend on the manufacturer’s specifications. They also offer to replace the oil filter if required. They offer high-mileage, conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend oils.  

  • State inspections

Jiffy provides State Vehicle Inspection services. It could be once or twice a year, based on where you live. You can contact your local Jiffy branch. They will help you comply with all mandated checks and repairs.

Jiffy evaluates the entire vehicle. The main areas of focus are the steering wheel, tires, windshield, head, and tail lights. These are just a few of several parts that need an inspection.  Each Jiffy Lube goes by its state’s regulations when inspecting registered vehicles. 

  • Tire rotation

Yes, Jiffy Lube provides tire rotation services. Here, the position of tires is altered to allow for uniform wear and tear. Otherwise, you risk bumpy driving, flat tires, and skidding.

Jiffy Lube regulates the balance and traction on all the tires. This keeps the vehicle running smooth and safe. Jiffy Lube technicians will inquire about the kinds of roads you typically drive on. For example, asphalt roads affect tires differently as opposed to dirt roads. After a pressure check, Jiffy Lube will reposition the tires suitably. 

  • Smog checks

Yes, Jiffy Lube does do smog checks or emission tests. In a post-1996 car model, there will be a diagnostic port near the steering wheel. The technician will insert a diagnostic device. It presents any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). 

If you don’t have a port, they will do the emission tests on the tailpipe. Jiffy checks for noxious exhaust gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. This emissions test result is valid for 3 months. 

  • Tire patching

Yes, Jiffy Lube does tire patching when you have a flat tire. This is a safety hazard. Jiffy Lube examines the tires to determine whether they should be repaired or replaced. When repairing, they mend the puncture. 

They then cover the gap from inside with an industry-grade sealant. Usually, the glued patch will heat up during driving. It then melts into the rubber tire patch. This keeps the metal rim away from the ground.

  • Headlight change

Yes, Jiffy Lube renders headlight change services. They repair cracked and broken headlights. Jiffy Lube also cleans up the headlight surfaces. They give the plastic or glass a good rinse and polish.

Jiffy Lube also repairs or installs new light bulbs to replace dimmed or fused bulbs. They are typically re-installed in pairs so that the functioning remains even. 

  • Tire change 

Yes, Jiffy Lube helps customers change tires. Jiffy will check the pressure and the tread condition. If the tread is worn out beyond a certain point, it will be replaced. If the pressure drops, the tire tread will begin to deflate inwards.

Jiffy Lube measures this loss. If the inflation is below minimum safety standards, they put in new tires. Without this, the tires cannot grip the road. Your car could swerve and slip-on dangerous surfaces like ice. 

  • Transmission fluid change

Jiffy Lube offers fluid change on both automatic and manual transmission cars. Transmission fluid helps cool down the engine. It also keeps contaminants at bay and transmits the energy needed for movement. It is essential for the proper function of both clutch and gears.

Jiffy Lube technicians may also install a new transmission filter. This reduces the seepage of contaminants and improves the longevity of the transmission fluid.

  • Spark plugs change

Jiffy Lube does tune-ups or swaps out your spark plug. The spark plug is the ignition that releases an electric current. This current triggers the fuel combustion that powers your car. With time and use, the spark plug will lose its efficacy. 

While replacing the spark plug, Jiffy Lube also checks out your ignition system. Problems in the ignition coil could also damage the spark plug. 

  • AC recharge

Yes, Jiffy Lube does AC recharges. Jiffy technicians will first assess the serpentine and compressor belts. These power the AC. Then they check for leaks or dents. If there are, then Jiffy will refer you to an AC repair facility. 

  • Batteries replacement

Yes, Jiffy Lube replaces batteries. First, they try to jump-start it. If it needs maintenance, they clean out the battery terminal. A corroded terminal full of debris blocks the electrical connection. They will also reattach loose cables or wires. 

This prevents faulty connections and wire trips. These issues can make starting your car very difficult. If the battery can’t be fixed, a new one will be inserted. Jiffy Lube discards the old battery in a harmless, eco-friendly way. 

Jiffy Lube payment options

  • Credit cards

Jiffy accepts Visa, Master-card, Discovery, and American Express (Amex) credit cards.  Fleet credit cards are also available. The fleet company needs to create an account at Jiffy to be eligible. 

These are mainly used by businesses that have 10 or more cars requiring regular service. Some Fleet credit cards they accept include Voyager, Motor-Lease, and Coast. They also have a Jiffy Lube Credit Card program for individual customers. 

If you sign up, you can get flexible payment and financing options. This is subject to credit approval. 

  • Apple Pay

Jiffy Lube has been accepting Apple Pay for the past few months. Some franchises may still not take it. So make sure you call them and confirm beforehand. If you have an Apple card while you pay, you can also get a cash-back.

  • Cash

Jiffy Lube takes cash payments. Sometimes they insist on cash if systems are down. This isn’t ideal for customers. An electronic receipt helps customers hold Jiffy accountable for faulty service.

  • Shell cards

Yes, Jiffy Lube accepts Shell Mastercard, Fuel, and Gasoline cards. These are for individual customers. For fleets and commercial establishments, they offer Shell Fleet Navigator, Small Business Cards, and Fleet Plus.

  • ARI 

Jiffy is a certified nationwide vendor for ARI. They accept their fleet credit cards. ARI is a comprehensive fleet management company that manages more than a million vehicles both within the U.S. and internationally.

Is Jiffy Lube expensive? 

Comparatively, yes. Jiffy Lube usually costs less than a traditional dealership or local mechanics. But compared to its rival Quick Lube, it is much more expensive. Other quick oil-change outlets charge less for conventional and synthetic blend oil changes.

But for premium synthetic blends, Jiffy Lube is cheaper than Valvoline, and other automotive dealerships. On average, their prices are steeper across the board. Jiffy Lube tends to pass on its high raw-material costs to its customers.

Does Jiffy Lube sell tires? 

Yes. Jiffy Lube also sells a variety of tires. You can select the tire brand, size, and model. If you aren’t sure, the Jiffy Lube team can help pick out suitable tires for your car. Once you have made your choice, book an appointment. 

You can also do tire bookings online if your local branch has the facility.  Tire changes are typically done in one working day.

Jiffy Lube offers the following tire brands: Michelin, Kumho, Nexen, and Ironman, among others.

What oil does Jiffy Lube use?

This will depend on the vehicle and the category of oil. For conventional oils, Jiffy uses generic crude oil brands. This is often bought in bulk. The main synthetic oil they use is Pennzoil Synthetic. Jiffy also stocks Mobil1, Shell Rotella, 0W-20, and Motorcraft. 

Make sure you ask for the oil that is compatible with your engine. And ensure that they don’t mix oils. Change in viscosity can be quite bad for the engine. 

What does Jiffy Lube charge for an oil change? 

Jiffy Lube charges anywhere from $39.99 to $99.99 for an oil change. For high-end cars like Audi, it may go up to $150.  Jiffy also charges additional amounts on checkout. So double-check the tally for hidden costs.

This is the baseline price for 5 quarts. You will be charged extra for each additional quart. The prices also vary depending on your state. Sometimes Jiffy Lube gives major promotional discounts. So you may get a bumper discount of $19.99. 

Is Jiffy Lube walk-in? 

Yes. You don’t have to make an appointment at Jiffy Lube. You can just drive in, get your service done, and drive out. You can get assistance anytime during standard working hours.

You may sometimes get stuck in a queue, but this is rare because Jiffy literally completes its changes within 15-30 minutes. You can either wait in the lobby or stay in your car as they complete the process. This way, you can monitor the work done as well.

We hope that the information in this article will help you to make an informed and apt choice for vehicle repairs. Drive safe! 



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