Xtractor Depot Partners With Across International To Bring Several New Products To Their Store

Xtractor Depot Equipments from Across International

Xtractor Depot has partnered with Across International to provide a large selection of products. Across International is an industry leader in manufacturing of pressure and thermal solutions for laboratory and industrial applications.

Xtractor Depot’s catalogue includes various Vacuum ovens which range from $1,490 to $13,590 USD based on size, rotary evaporators with motorized lifts which range from $4290 to $13,990 based on volume of the evaporator and various tools like magnetic stirrers with heated plates, aluminium plates for the vacuum ovens and many more.

Also included in the catalogue are specialty  items like the dual stage chemical resistant pump available for $1,691.5 USD  and -30° recirculating chiller available for $5,690 USD.

All the products are available in Xtractor Depot’s two California 1  2 locations as well as online. While they do provide international shipping prices may vary based on location.

Xtractor Depot isn’t just another industrial equipment supplier. They focus on being a one stop shop for industrial tools and supplies while also providing technical assistance, education and additional resources regarding their products. Through providing excellent customer service and support by their team Xtractor Depot has managed to become an industry leader since their opening in 2016.

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