Posh Puppy Camp Corbin Toy Set For Dogs- The Complete Details

PoshPuppy Camping Toy For Dog

It’s springtime, which makes it the perfect time for camping. While it might be easy to find yourself the perfect equipment, Posh Puppy Boutique has your dog covered.

Coming out with their Camp Corbin six piece toy set, this collection has everything to make your dog get into the camping spirit. This collection is named after the lead tester and beloved office dog named Corbin. The toy set comprises all camping essentials such as 

  1. Lantern- This toy has an handy handle ensuring your dog can use to carry it when exploring
  2. Canoe- This plush toy that can also double up as a pillow for your dog sleep under the stars
  3. Campfire- The fire has a custom squeaker in the fire while the wood has a crinkler 
  4. S’mores- This plush toy comes with a detachable cracker and marshmallow. The marshmallow has a custom squeaker and the cracker has a crinkler
  5.  Sleeping Bag – this toy has a bit of pocket  space as well as a squeaker and crinkler
  6. Tent – it only has a crinkler as well as pocket space.

The pocket space in the tent and sleeping bag can be used with the other toys for Find – N – Seek games. The entire collection is made from double layer exterior with reinforced stitching for extra durability. It’s filling is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles.

The entire collection is available for $81 USD and will start shipping from April 5th

Posh Puppy started as a family business in 2007. The inspiration for the business came when Jennifer Kirk (the founder) saw her daughter dress up their dog. Thus the love of dogs has always been a big part of the company. The company provides a wide selection of everything from Apparel to accessories to grooming products and everything in between for dogs both big and small. 

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