Outerknown Fleece Blanket Shirt Jacket Is On A 70% Sale

Outerknown Blanket Shirt Jacket Sale

Outerknown is holding a sale for its fleece blanket shirt jacket. There is a heavy discount available and you can buy it for $89.4, an extremely attractive price as the price is originally marked at $298 dollars. 

The shirt jacket on sale is an extremely versatile piece of clothing. It is a piece of classic workwear, updated to meet modern-day casual outfit needs. While it is undoubtedly a stylish piece of clothing, it hasn’t forgotten its root which makes it extremely useful. On a moderately cool day, it makes for a great piece that completes your outfit, while on that cold, wintry day, you can still fit a sweater in it as there’s plenty of space. The Outerknown’s shirt jacket is thus an all-year product that you can trust. 

The jacket was made by bringing together wool blend with organic cotton for the looks and lining it with a polar fleece to ensure that it served its purpose in the cold. The plaid patterns on the shirt are a classic and will always be in style. The cotton chosen is trendy and fashionable ensuring that style isn’t sacrificed for comfort. Speaking of comfort, cozy entry hand warmers in the big flap pockets, zip fronts and big collars are all there for you to protect your hands and stay warm.

You can grab it in small, medium, and large sizes currently. It is low maintenance and you just need to machine wash it cold. The construction and materials are all excellent and long-lasting. Outerknown is a well-known company you can trust and this product is no exception.  All the reviews for the shirt jacket are excellent and there’s plenty of proof that the shirt jacket is a safe choice, which will make you look and feel good. Buy it here.

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