Eliza Page Unveil New Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings from Eliza Page

The New Eliza Page collection features stunning new diamond stud earring designs.

Nova Round Sapphire & Diamond Studs

Featuring the dazzling prong-set sapphires and matching round white diamonds, the Round Sapphire & diamond Studs are the first entry on this list. They are available in 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold and the diamonds have a high polish finish. This is priced at $890. The sapphire and white stones complement each other perfectly and are ideal for formal events.

Diamond Heart Studs

Featuring the bezel set white diamonds, these heart-shaped yellow gold studs are the perfect gift for your significant other. The studs are made of 14K yellow gold and the high polish finish white diamonds (0.5 CTW) complement the gold very well. This is available at $2200. Their heart shape makes them a great love statement and is perfect for informal outings. 

Diamond Disc Studs

Simple yet sparkly, the diamond disc studs feature dazzling pave diamonds on white gold disc studs. The studs are made of 14K white gold, white diamond (0.08 CTW), and are approximately 4.3mm in size. These studs are available at $528. The best part about these studs is their subtlety. Perfect for work environments.  

Eliza Page has been offering the best handmade jewelry from select artists in Austin, Texas, and other parts of the world. They value designs that are handcrafted to offer charming beauty, durability, and craftsmanship. 


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