Juice Store Launches Collaboration With EmotionallyUnavailable & Longchamp

Juice Store collaboration

Juice Store has finally released the highly anticipated collaboration between Emotionally Unavailable and Longchamp. Emotionally Unavailable is a company that is known for its streetwear for the hopeless romantic, and Longchamp is an independent Paris-based company that usually deals with high fashion. This collaboration between these two companies forms the perfect Yin-Yang to give streetwear a high fashion twist.

The collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, bathrobes, and much more apparel. Their best seller is a  T-shirt that has the Longchamp name in the foreground with the striking emotionally unavailable logo in the background.

In addition to this the collection also comes with a few accessories like backpacks, hand bags, coin purses and belt bags. All the bags are available in black with the joint logos present. 

 Another quirky item in the collection is a boxing knuckle headband which is 100% pure silk.

The collection is available at select offline locations ( USA, Shanghai and Taiwan). For the rest of the world the collection is available on Juice online store. Prices for items in the collection range from $103.06 USD ( for a boxing knuckle headband ) to $1371.96 USD ( for a leather sweatshirt).

Juice is a fashion and lifestyle store launched by CLOT® that hosts a wide range of curated apparel and goods. It aims to bridge the East and the West through thoughtfully designed apparel and goods.

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