Lineage Goods Launches New Candle Scents For Spring – Victory Garden & More

New scented candles from Lineage Goods

Bring home the brand new scented candles by Lineage Goods and transform your home into a soothing spa. The candles would give your olfactory receptors a reason to rejoice and their aromatic scent would alleviate any sort of discomfort. You can use any of the three fragrances to transform your home into a heavenly dwelling:

Eucalyptus and Birch Candle: This minty and crisp scent offers vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and white birch. The essential oils in this minty-clean blend will help you unwind after a long day.

Wildwood Candle: Wildwood provides a clean and luxurious combination of amber, dense musk, and lavender with velvety and hushed tones of sandalwood and vetiver. 

Victory Garden: With the calming aroma of this candle, get the great outdoors inside. It is a refreshing combo with vivid notes of vine tomatoes, lemon zest, basil and rosemary. 

The candle contains 100% soy wax and burns slowly and cleanly for up to 50 hours. The combustion efficiency and fragrance ensure better sleep and a calm environment. The candle weighs 10 oz. and is made of natural wick. The candles are handcrafted in meticulous detail, and the wax is hand-poured into an amber bottle with a kraft paper lid. Its intricate and handmade design complements every décor. The candles cost $24 each and can be purchased in-store or online.

Lineage Goods sells handcrafted products.They have a fantastic selection of bags, candles, and apparels. Lineage Goods guarantees the workmanship, quality and materials of its handcrafted products

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