Breyer Horses Introduces Unicorn Treasures In Six Colorful Hues

Breyer Model Horses Unicorn Treasures

There is no such thing as too many stablemates in your collection. But the traditional horse models are not enough to make your collection extraordinary. 

How about unicorns? Does the sound of unicorns make your eyes glisten with joy? Then prepare your eyes for a treat.

According to their latest Instagram post, Breyers have introduced six new unicorns to their stablemates collection.

This collection of six new stablemates is a perfect embodiment of six different gemstones, each with different from the other.

From the attractive and delicate pink color of the Rose Quartz to the yellowish green, dubbed by the Egyptians “Gem of the Sun”, Peridot. The beauty of pleochroic Topaz and yellow-to-orange Citrine stablemate is a sight to behold.

Known for its kaleidoscopic dance of colors, Opal is one befitting choice for a unicorn stablemate. The lustrous and one of the most loved, Pearl, completes this aesthetic collection.

As is often said, There is no time like now. Currently Breyer is offering free domestic ground shipping in the contiguous United States with purchase of $49 or more. The offer is live till 11:59pm EDT on 6/30/2021, so don’t forget to take advantage at the earliest.

Breyer Animals Creation is a premier brand known for creating horse models and collectibles. It began as Breyer Molding Company, a Chicago based plastics manufacturer.

Breyer believes that horses are a great source of Inspiration. With them, you are getting a horse of your own. Their commitment to authenticity, quality and realism is highlighted by their product.  

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