Jack Rogers Shoes and Sandals Review

Jack Rogers Review

If you’ve been searching for footwear for that trip to the beach or that weekend getaway, you’ve probably come across Jack Rogers. The footwear brand, which specializes in women’s footwear, is close to unavoidable when searching for quality products.

In this short article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the brand, its products, and everything related. Jack Rogers has a range of products and hopefully, after reading this you’ll know exactly what you want to buy from them and where to find it.

Are Jack Rogers Still In Style?

Jack Rogers is an American footwear company started in 1960. The brand has a long and storied history and has reliably been fashionable, practical, and stylish. The company has a range of products ranging from simple classic sandals to trendy sneakers.

The company made products with the resort aesthetic in mind but over the decades they’ve come to a lifestyle collection with year-round pieces. What has made Jack Rogers a popular brand for so long with women, is their philosophy of designing products that are classic and allow women to be their own stylish icons. As the saying goes, class never goes out of style, and Jack Rogers exemplifies that. 

The Classic Jack Rogers Sandal

The legendary Classic Jacks is among the most popular and bestselling products from Jack Rogers. These are a ladies’ favorite, first designed in the early 1960s, and are meant to offer a clean and comfortable experience.

These sandals are famous for their Rondelle and whipstitching, which are unique for each pair of Classic Jacks. These minimalistic sandals have leather insoles making them comfortable to wear. They are long-lasting and each one age to better fit the wearer. You can’t go wrong with these sandals, which have been a fashion mainstay for over 60 years now. They are available in a range of colors. The sandals cost $128 dollars and you can buy them from multiple outlets but we recommend buying them directly from the Jack Rogers online store.  

It is not just the classic sandal that Jack Rogers makes; they have a variety of sandals with modern designs and trusty classic designs. Their comfort slippers are perfect loungewear and are chic and cute. Their flats and slippers are perfect for resorts and the summer with their optimistic and upbeat vibe. The lemon embroidered lemon slipper is a great example and you can check them out here.

Jack Rogers Flats and Sneakers

If you’re looking for something to wear for a party or a semi-formal event, Jack Rogers has some great options. Their flats and mid heels offer great diversity and comfort at a reasonable price. The Blair Pointed-toe flat is an impeccable choice for those days when you want to look classy and stylish. It retails for $128 and has a leather upper lining with rubber soles. If you prefer something a bit more casual you could go for the Serena Sling Back Flat which is quite feminine. 

Rory’s classic sneakers are the mainstay in the Jack Rogers sneaker collection. These sneakers are refreshingly basic, their silhouette and cut are a throwback to the classic sneakers. These are reliable options that you can pair with many, many different looks.

It’s not just the looks, as these sneakers have been made with the goal that they should be comfortable enough for all-day wear. Hence, they’re very comfortable and you can put them on and go about your day. The classic sneakers cost $128 and are available either in clean white or with camo on the back. You can’t go wrong with either choice. 

If you want your sneakers to be fun and trendy, a great option is the Daisy Print Rory Sneaker. This is the classic sneaker with fun prints that elevate them to great fashion options. These cost $108 and you can either go for the ones with prints all over or just on the upper heel. 


Jack Rogers offers a bunch of great loafers for those who need them. These loafers are great at being formal without losing their individuality courtesy of the crocodile stamped leather. For those days when you want great party loafers, Jack Rogers has the beautiful Kennedy Loafers.

These are loafers with gorgeous velvet uppers with the brand’s icons the turtle and the hummingbird stamped on them. We can’t stress just how beautiful these loafers are, and they’re also often available at great discounts. The standard price is $154. Apart from the loafers we’ve covered, Jack Rogers offers a bunch of different options. Their loafer game is second to none and you really can’t miss any of the options. 

Rain Boots

We’ve said a lot about their variety and there’s no better proof of this than their range of rain boots. For a company founded on an aesthetic of resorts and summer holidays, their rain boots are fantastic. With Jack Roger’s there is no tradeoff between style and functionality. The rain boot is hardly something you think of as stylish but the Sallie Rainboots by the company will change your opinion. You can add a dash of color to those dreary rainy days with these boots, which are available in a bunch of different colors, including a colorful magenta. They cost $68 and are long-lasting and reliable. 

Is Jack Rogers reliable?

Jack Rogers is an iconic American footwear brand and they are reliable and trustworthy. Over the last sixty years or so, they’ve consistently produced footwear that is fun, forward-looking, and stylish. Their classic options such as the Jack Rogers Classic Sandal are never out of style and are iconic. This is a brand you can trust and rely on.

They ship around the world and have a range of products at reasonable prices. They have free shipping over $50 and if you’re a student you get a 10% discount. We told you they’re a great brand! While you should always exercise due caution while doing your online shopping, you can rest assured that Jack Rogers is reliable.


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