Is Kevin Murphy Shampoo Good For Hair? Does It Cause Hair Loss?

Kevin Murphy shampoo

On the prowl for a plant-based shampoo that is kind to your hair? Wondering if the Kevin Murphy line is as good as the hype? 

We’d say it lives up to the buzz to a fair extent. Kevin Murphy uses natural botanical ingredients. It uses only clean synthetic ingredients where necessary to enhance effectiveness. If used in accordance with your specific hair requirements, it should be quite good for the hair. 

It is quite an expensive bundle, though, and has quite a distinctive range. You need to be clear on your hair composition, type, frequency, and modes of styling. These will help you utilize the shampoos properly. Else, you may have poor results if you don’t understand their work. 

But fret not! This article will help you decode everything about these shampoos. 

Kevin Murphy shampoo ingredients

These are the ingredients common to all the shampoos in the Kevin Murphy range. 

Ingredients in Kevin Murphy ShampooFunction
Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate/ Sodium Lauroyl Methyl IsethionateThese are surfactants or cleansing agents. They bind to the grime, making removal easier. 
Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine/ Tocopheryl AcetateThese conditioning agents reduce static and friction. This eases application and improves spreadability. 
They also regulate viscosity, making the shampoo thicker.
Glycol DistearateThis compound makes the shampoo opaque, shiny and pearlescent. 
PEG-7 Glyceryl CocoateThis emulsifier blends oil and water-based ingredients together. It is also a stabilizer that prevents ingredients from separating. 
PanthenolThis compound enhances hair texture, making it lustrous and glossy. 

Every shampoo formulation has many herbal and plant extracts. This aids the shampoo’s specific functions. 

What does Kevin Murphy smell like? Do they all smell the same? 

Kevin Murphy shampoos have a lot of different fragrances. They all smell different. But whatever their specific scents, they all tend to smell rich and heavily aromatic. Some have a musky, masculine scent. 

Shampoos like “Hydrate Me” smell citrusy and floral. The “Repair Me” shampoos smell like a tropical vacation with hints of pineapple. Others may have herbal notes. 

The entire range does have a characteristic and divisive fragrance portfolio. Some may have a luxurious or high-end tone. But other options may also be overpowering and slightly musty at times. This depends on individual preferences. 

Some options give off a cologne-like whiff which may not be appealing to everyone. 

What is the best Kevin Murphy shampoo?

Specific Kevin Murphy shampoos are good for different hair types. For example, “Hydrate.Me” is designed for dry hair. It has Shea Butter, and Vitamins C and A which hydrate and rejuvenate. These ingredients make hair vibrant and healthy. 

The “Stimulate.Me” variety helps exfoliate and energize the scalp. This promotes thicker, robust hair growth. There are mild options like the “Balancing Shampoo” which suits many hair types. The “Repair.Me” also promotes scalp health, eliminating chemical build-up.  

The “Smooth. Again” shampoo provides intense moisturizing. It tames frizzy, fly-away hairs to give you a sleek do. Other varieties and their purposes will be explored in the sections below. 

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo sulfate-free? 

Kevin Murphy shampoos are all 100% sulfate-free. They use sulfonates, sulfosuccinates, and sulfites instead. These are mostly derived from coconut or coconut oil. This is why they are gentler. Their cleansing action is not as severe as sulfates.

Sulfates like Sodium Laureth or Lauryl Sulfates (SLS or SLES) are quite harsh. They strip away the natural oils and moisture in the hair. They also remove color much quicker. These sulfate-free alternatives shield the hair from dehydration to a large extent. 

It’s not a perfect solution. But sulfosuccinates, for example, are much bigger molecules than sulfates. This means that the lathering action that removes moisture is limited to the surface of the cuticle. It doesn’t permeate the scalp and dry it out.

So there are comparable benefits to using these substitute foaming agents. 

Does Kevin Murphy shampoo have silicone? 

Kevin Murphy shampoo contains silicone quaternium-18, poly-silicone 19, and polysilicone-15, to name a few. Polysilicone-15 is a sunscreen that provides protection from UVB rays. This prevents hair from getting parched and straw-like. 

This compound acts in tandem with tocopherol or alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) to prevent hair from burning in the strong sun. Silicone Quaternium-18 and poly-silicone 19 both give hair volume and definition. They make it glossy and smooth. 

But over-use of these silicones can make your hair stiff and brittle. It prevents moisture from penetrating into the strands and scalp. So make sure you rinse off the shampoo thoroughly. 

Does Kevin Murphy have DMDM Hydantoin?

Kevin Murphy shampoos do not contain any DMDM Hydantoin.  But some treatments like the “Kevin Murphy Cool.Angel” do contain Hydantoin. So does the “Autumn.Angel” conditioner. 

“Cool.Angel” promotes shine and helps highlight the ashy colors. “Autumn.Angel” hydrates and also brings out a peach-pink tint. 

DMDM Hydantoin is an antimicrobial preservative. It is used to prolong the shelf-life of shampoos. It prevents spoilage. But it is also suspected of releasing trace amounts of formaldehyde upon use.

Formaldehyde is a proven carcinogen that can be absorbed through the scalp and skin. It is also skin-sensitizing. It may cause allergies or contact dermatitis on the scalp. 

Does Kevin Murphy have butylphenyl methylpropional? 

Kevin Murphy shampoos do not contain butylphenyl methylpropional. But some hair treatments from the brand may use this compound. For example, the Re-Store 3-part treatment contains butylphenyl methylpropional. 

The Kevin Murphy “Repair.Me Wash and Rinse” is used to contain butylphenyl methylpropional. But the ingredients list keeps altering. It is no longer part of the current formulation. But we would suggest checking the label. Ingredients are subject to rotation and constant change. 

Butylphenyl methylpropional is a synthetic fragrance compound. It is a potential skin irritant which is also known as Lilial.

In the US, the concentrations used are deemed to be safe whether rinsed off or left on. But in the EU, it has been banned since March 2022. There are concerns that Lilial interferes with reproductive function.

Does Kevin Murphy shampoo contain phthalates? 

Kevin Murphy shampoos do probably contain phthalates. The brand is marketed as being free of several harmful chemicals. But they do not claim to be phthalates-free. All the Kevin Murphy shampoos have added fragrance or perfume. 

These usually have phthalates in their composition. Phthalates are plasticizers. These keep the plastic bottle flexible and shatter-proof. They create a gel-like consistency that helps in shampoo lubrication. They also sustain the effects of fragrances for a longer period. 

Phthalates may cause inflammation on the scalp and hair roots. Exposure to phthalates is also suspected of causing hormone imbalances, neurological issues, and lifestyle diseases. But their presence in cosmetics remains unregulated.

Does Kevin Murphy shampoo have dimethicone?

Many Kevin Murphy shampoos contain different forms of dimethicone. These include potassium dimethicone, dimethicone PEG-8 meadowfoamate, potassium dimethicone, and PEG-7 panthenyl phosphate. 

These are all really complex names. But they are just variants of basic silicones. They form a protective coating over hair cuticles. This shields the hair from water loss due to external heat. This is crucial during dry, hot months or even during cold weather. 

Dimethicones are used as hair conditioners. But the waxy residue could be too heavy. This could make your hair dull and flat in the long term. 

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo gluten-free?

Many Kevin Murphy shampoos are gluten-free. These include the “Blonde.Angel wash”, “Maxi.Wash”,  “Hydrate.Me Wash and Rinse”, and “Scalp.Spa” amongst others. Many rinses and treatments are also gluten-free. But some varieties do contain gluten. 

For example, the “Angel.Wash” shampoo contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat amino acid, and hydrolyzed oat proteins. These have much less gluten than normal grain extracts. But they can still trigger allergies in people with intolerance or celiac disease.

Kevin Murphy shampoos are also not certified gluten-free. This is because common facilities are used for manufacturing and processing where there is a risk of cross-contamination. But the risk is minimal. The company tries to keep the gluten-free line completely separate and cleaned down.

Does Kevin Murphy have a dandruff shampoo?

Kevin Murphy doesn’t have a dandruff-specific shampoo. But there are scalp-focused shampoos that can help tackle dandruff. The Stimulate.Me wash has camphor crystals and bergamot oils. These cool down the scalp and restore the oil and pH balance. 

The Maxi.Wash shampoo has citrus, eucalyptus, and mint. These soothe the scalp and reduce itchiness. It deep-cleans the pores of your scalp. This removes any grime and grease residue. Other varieties are also gentle on sensitive scalp skin. They help to keep flakiness and dryness at bay. 

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo good for colored hair? 

Most Kevin Murphy shampoos are color-safe. They act to cleanse your hair without stripping the color treatment. It protects the treatment so it doesn’t fade. The Maxi.Wash shampoo can be used before coloring. It strengthens and prepares your hair. 

The Balancing.Wash is also effective at retaining color during everyday rinses. This shampoo has antioxidants that prevent damage from heat and coloring chemicals. It also has fortifying ingredients that make hair healthier. It helps your hair bounce back post the stressful treatments.

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo good for fine hair? 

The Kevin Murphy Plumping.Wash may be useful for fine or thinning hair. This is packed with natural thickening ingredients. It contains ginger root and nettle extract that promotes blood circulation in the scalp area. This further promotes voluminous, robust hair growth. 

Rice amino acids in this shampoo promote protein production. This in turn increases hair regeneration and regrowth. They also help with healing split or fragmented hair shafts. 

The Angel.Wash shampoo from Kevin Murphy also contains oat proteins. These contain omega acids which prevent hair fall. Together these create naturally abundant and sturdy tresses. 

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo good for low-porosity hair?

Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash and Balancing Wash are the best options for low-porosity hair. Low-porosity hair needs extra moisture. The shampoo must not be too dense on the hair. So the best options are light, clarifying, and gentle-cleanse shampoos. 

Detoxing varieties are also very useful.

Since low-porosity hair has very specific needs, you may need to use additional products. Augment your hair-care regime with Kevin Murphy leave-on masks and conditioners. These are lightweight but also hydrate. 

There are also repair treatments available from the brand. These assist in reducing breakage and brittleness. These issues are common with low-porosity hair, be it curly or straight. 

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo good for blonde hair? 

The Kevin Murphy Blonde-Angel range is curated for blonde and ash hair. It brings the blonde lowlight or highlights to the fore. It also enhances the ashy or blonde hues, be it platinum, strawberry, or brunette. The optical brighteners like sunflower seed oil maintain the lighter tones. 

Ingredients like mango seed butter and jojoba seed oil protect the strands against abrasion and dullness. This shampoo also reduces darker and warmer hues. This accentuates the blonde undertones.

You can also use the Everlasting. Color Wash. It has a chromatic complex which helps lock in the color. It secures hair fibers, seals in the treatment, and protects it from harsh conditions. It shields against UV rays and humidity. 

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo good for curly hair? 

Curly locks can get very frizzy, tangled, and tough to manage. The Kevin Murphy Smooth.Again Wash can be helpful for such wild, bristly, and rough hair. But unfortunately, it isn’t the Curly-Girl method approved. 

The Smooth.Again range has trimethylsiloxyamodimethicone. These silicones can be quite waxy and make hair look limp. They form deposits over time. This prevents nutrient absorption into the follicles and scalp. This can cause malnourished hair. 

But not to worry. Curly Girl Method (CGM) approves of the Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash. This has water-soluble silicones and approved emollients. These make your ringlets shiny and bouncy, whether they are tightly bound or loose and free.

Is Kevin Murphy shampoo good for oily hair? 

There are Kevin Murphy shampoos that help with greasy, slick hair. These include the Maxi.Wash and Balancing.Wash options. 

The Maxi.Wash contains papaya, witch hazel, and sage extracts. These help to break down excess oil and fatty product residue. Witch hazel is also an antiseptic. These ingredients promote hygiene and freshness.  

The Balancing Wash contains Ylang Ylang flower oil. Don’t worry- the oils actually help to control and stabilize optimum oil production. The wash also contains green tea extract which is rich in antioxidants. These remove all debris and dirt on the scalp.

This action allows nourishing ingredients to seep through the roots and deep into the scalp. Your hair will become more elastic, supple, and soft.  

Does Kevin Murphy cause hair loss? 

Kevin Murphy shampoos can actually help stop hair loss. You have to use the right range for your hair-care needs. Kevin Murphy’s “Plumping Wash” can be great to restore your hair thickness and density. This shampoo reduces DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is a hormone found in the hair follicles. An increase in this hormone can cause alopecia and stunted hair growth. By reducing this hormone, the wash speeds up regrowth. 

You can also use the “Plumping Rinse” conditioner and “Body Mass” treatment. These have citrus flavonoids and Oleanolic Acid. These compounds reinforce hair follicles from within. This promotes luxuriant growth.  

Is Kevin Murphy cruelty-free and vegan?

Kevin Murphy is a 100% cruelty-free brand. It doesn’t test its products or the ingredients on animals. They ensure that their supplies are also cruelty-free. Their third-party vendors also refrain from the practice. 

Kevin Murphy doesn’t sell its products in countries where animal testing is legally required. For example, China mandates that all products need to be tested first before marketing. 

Kevin Murphy is certified by PETA. They also ensure that the supply chain or sourcing of ingredients doesn’t hurt or harm animals. 

But Kevin Murphy is not a 100% vegan brand. There are many vegan-friendly products available. But some shampoos may use ingredients derived from animals or animal products. These include beeswax, honey, and silk amino acids, to name a few. 

Check the labels to be extra sure. All the products in this brand are 100% vegetarian-friendly. 

If you want clarity on vegan products, visit the related Kevin Murphy website. It provides a comprehensive list of all the products that are vegan. For quick reference, some include – Scalp.Spa, Angel, and Maxi.Washes. 

Is Kevin Murphy organic?

Kevin Murphy does use primarily natural, plant-based ingredients. But it does not have an organic certification. They certainly try to source organically grown and harvested ingredients. Their supply chain utilizes environment-friendly and sustainable wild-harvesting practices. 

They also source ingredients that have been micro-cultivated. These systems minimize the use of water, pesticides, and other inputs. It is more efficient in terms of resource utilization. But Kevin Murphy doesn’t specify which or how many of its ingredients are organic. 

At most, we can conclude that the brand is making inroads into a more eco-conscious approach.

Do Kevin Murphy products expire? How long do they last?

Kevin Murphy shampoos and other products do expire. Their expiry date is usually printed at the bottom of the pack. If there is no expiration or use-by date, check the batch date. The shampoos should be good for about 3 years after manufacture if unopened. 

Once opened, they should be used within 12 months or a year and a half. After this, the ingredients will start to separate. The shampoo and other products will lose their effectiveness. They may also begin to smell rancid.

If you think your locks deserve a treat with all the goodness of nature and all the professional pampering a salon can offer, then lather away with Kevin Murphy shampoos!


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