Is Skechers A Good Brand? Quality & Fit Explained


Skechers is a lifestyle and performance footwear brand that has swept consumers off their feet in the USA. It is sold in about 170 countries. It is popular for its wide range of options, trustable quality, trendy designs, and great ergonomics.

The brand comes with a meticulous design with a brilliantly tailored upper, insole, memory foam, and outsole.

‘You’re limitless’ – is the company’s slogan. With no strings attached, let’s do a gumshoe on this brand.

Who owns Skechers?

Skechers USA Inc is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California. It was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg – an innovator in the field. As founder and CEO, he has developed Skechers into a $6.29 billion brand. He is also a recipient of the famed Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by Footwear News.

Michael Greenberg is the co-founder of Skechers. He has played a crucial role in the company’s growth and success – also being pivotal in the brand’s expansion in Asia.

Is Skechers good?

Skechers is popular for its walking, work, casual, and athletic solutions. Its array of solutions has a pick for kids, women, and men. Let’s check if it is going to suit your purpose.


Skechers gives its opponents a run in the market for running shoes. It will spoil you for choice with about 50 styles in the running shoe segment. The products are lightweight, well-cushioned, and breathable. They provide good traction, support, and stability. Some of the models in this segment are also equipped with a Goodyear performance outsole to deliver enhanced traction and stability.

Here are some of the best running shoes from Skechers

  • GoRun Ride 9
  • GoRun MaxRoad 5
  • GoRun MaxRoad 4 Hyper
  • GoRun Razor Excess 2
  • GoRun Speed Elite Hyper
  • GoRun Speed Freek
  • GoRun Horizon Vanish 2


Skechers has a good collection of walking shoes with a plethora of styling options. They are known for their comfort, traction, and durability. The engineered max fabric upper provides sufficient ventilation. Most variants come with Hyper Burst cushioning.

Here is a list of good walking shoes from Skechers

  • Arch Fit
  • Arch Fit – Iconic
  • GoWalk 5
  • GoWalk Evolution Ultra
  • Flex Appeal 2.0
  • D’Lites
  • Women’s MicroBurst


Skechers hiking shoes allow you to do your trails in fashion, comfort, and safety. The products have memory foam that makes you feel comfortable while you trek. They also have an athletic and supportive midsole and high traction rubber flexible outsole. Some variants like Escape Plan have water-repellent leather.

Skechers has many highly-rated hiking shoes in its catalog. This includes

  • All-Terrain Hiking Shoes
  • Outdoor Men Hiking Shoes
  • Wide Width Black Shoes Men
  • Equalizer 4.0 Trail
  • Men’s GoWalk 6 Orva Black


Skechers has three options for men in the workout and training segment. They come with a Mono mesh upper for breathability and flexibility, and an air-cooled Gaga Mat insole for extra cushioning and rebound.

You can also choose Skechers running shoes for workouts as they are lightweight, well-ventilated, and provide good traction. The memory foam absorbs the shock as you work out and prevents your feet from becoming tired and sore. The brand is versatile and provides many choices for all types of workouts – like running on the treadmill, weightlifting, stability training, and aerobics.

Standing all day

The brand has several options that you can choose from to brace yourself to stand all day. They are trendy, come in different colors, have memory foam, and are breathable. The shoes are a great option to protect your feet, ankle, back, and neck from the hazards of standing all day.

After-burn Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker, Arch Fit, Ultra-Flex 2.0, Flex Advantage – Covert Action, and Equalizer Double Play Slip-on Loafer are some of the variants best suited for your requirement. If you work at a factory or construction site where you stand all day, go for Workshire Relaxed Fit Steel Toe Boot – it is well padded to protect your feet from injuries.

Meanwhile, there are arguments that while the cushioning and memory foam would offer high comfort at the outset – too much cushioning and memory foam could cause instability in joints, muscles, and ligaments. When you are standing all day long, it is natural that your gait and posture are not always perfect – this results in the memory foam molding to a poor gait, thereby resulting in musculoskeletal issues, sprains, and aches.

Are Skechers good for your feet?

A shoe that fits one pinches another. Skechers is a much-acclaimed brand with versatile options for various requirements. They are known to be comfortable, lightweight, flexible, breathable, and supportive. However, does it give you a proper fit? Is it good for your feet? Let’s check out.

Wide feet

Skechers’ shoes are offered in five width options – classic fit, relaxed fit, wide fit, extra wide fit, and narrow. A relaxed fit offers more room at the heel and toe, while a wide fit offers more room all around the feet. The options are available for both men’s and women’s shoe variants – in fact, most variants are available in a wide fit. Moreover, Skechers shoes stretch when you use them.

Women GoWalk 6, Women Relaxed Fit, Men GoWalk 6, Men GoWalk Air, Men’s Arch Fit, and Men’s Relaxed Fit are some good options from Skechers for those with wide feet.

Flat feet

Skechers arch fit is a podiatrist-approved variant for flat feet and for those with other foot problems. Besides this, GoWalk 5 – Men and Women, Sketch Air – Men and Women, and D’Lux Walker – Men and Women are other variants that will provide stability, support, and flexibility to you if you have flat feet.

Arthritic feet

For people with arthritis, choose shoes that have a flat sole, supportive heel, and soft uppers. Avoid shoes that have too much cushioning as that could aggravate your problem. Skechers variants that fulfill these requirements – Elite Flex, Ultra Flex, GoWalk 6, GoWalk Arch Fit, and GoFlex 2.

Narrow feet

Skechers has quite a few options if you have narrow feet – GoWalk 2 Hyper, Melson – Volgo, Energy, Ultra-Flex 2.0, and Razor Buckeye.

Be warned that Skechers shoes stretch immensely when you wear them. So, pick one size down so that it does not become too wide for you with usage.

Swollen feet

If you have swollen feet, wear shoes that are wide, airy, soft, ventilated, and flexible. Skechers options for you would be – GoWalk 5 – Astonished, Creston Ultra, Go Recovery, GoWalk 5 – Unmatched, Ultra Flex, GoWalk 5 – Fur Real, and Max Cushioning Arch Fit.


A bunion-friendly footwear must be wide, soft, and flexible. You can choose extra wide variants of Skechers walking and running shoes for the purpose. Since Skechers shoes are known to stretch a lot when you use them, this brand is a good fit for those with bunions.


Overpronation is a condition where the arch of the foot collapses either inward or outward. If you have this condition, you need to wear shoes that provide you with perfect stability and prevent too much rotation of the feet.

Skechers is popular for giving you the perfect arch fit. Go for its podiatrist-recommended arch fit variants that offer a well-designed insole system. They come with removable insoles to reduce shock. The variants are available in an array of sizes, colors, and patterns.


For osteoarthritis, you would need shoes that are flexible and do not have heels. Also, you must avoid excessive cushioning and memory foam. Skechers shoes are not highly recommended for osteoarthritis. However, GoWalk Arch and GoFlex could work for you as they are lightweight and flexible – you can even insert orthotics or shoe sole inserts for better comfort.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition where the tissue that connects the heel bone to the tones gets inflamed. For this condition, you will need shoes with firm heel support, slightly high heeled, and good arch support.

Yes, Skechers fits in the bill. Step into the brands’ variants like GoWalk Air, GoWalk Arch, GoRun Speed Freek, and GoRun Pure 2.

What type of Skechers are good for sports?

Shoes play an important role in the performance and well-being of sportsmen and women. They are expected to provide sufficient cushioning and reduce pressure on the feet and ankles. They must prevent injuries, falls, muscle stress, and neurological issues.

Here’s a look at Skechers’ performance in different sports.


Basketball requires shoes that are good for running, flexible for jumping and maneuvering, and have a soft sole for heavy landings. Skechers Go Torch, Flex Advantage, and Ultra Flex are designed to provide good traction, shock-absorbing midsole, and flexibility. They may work well if you are playing basketball.


Badminton players may want a shoe that provides extreme agility and traction. For this purpose, the shoe must be lightweight, the sole has to be thin, and cushioning should be available throughout the shoes. Sketchers GoRun Ultra, GoRun Supersonic, GoRun Balance, and Glide-Step Flex are some variants that fit the bill. Some of these variants are equipped with a Goodyear performance outsole for improved traction and stability.


Golfing requires shoes that support the feet and spine for prolonged standing. There should be no metal spikes as they will damage the course. Skechers has a wide range for golf players – they provide wonderful cushioning, are spikeless, and are water-resistant. Some popular models in the segment include GoGolf Arch Fit, GoGolf Max, GoGolf Elite, and GoGolf Torque Pro.


For soccer, your shoes must be lightweight, water-resistant, and have a toe stud. Skechers GoGalaxy Fg Soccer Cleat Shoe qualifies as a good choice for your dribbles, passes, and shoots.


To play tennis, your shoes must offer immense stability and support – they need to have soft and thick heels. Sole should provide enough grip while running across both clay and grass courts. Skechers Flex Appeal 4.0 has a shock-absorbing midsole and flexible traction outer sole – will be a good addition to your tennis kit. You can also choose GoRun or GoWalk variants with Goodyear performance outsole improved for traction and stability.

Can you wash Skechers?

Yes, you can wash your Skechers shoes – the company has listed detailed instructions on its website.

So, can you wash your Skechers in the washing machine?

Absolutely! First, dust off the dirt from the upper and outsole with a brush or cloth – then remove the laces and insoles – put the shoes in a laundry bag – place the bag in the washing machine and wash with mild detergent using a low spin option.

Can you use the dryer to dry your Skechers?

You are advised against using the washing machine dryer or any other artificial drying method for your Skechers. After the wash cycle is done, take the shoes out of the machine and let them dry in natural air.

Are Skechers shoes comfortable?

Although a young company compared to many other giants in the market, Skechers is quite a rage in the USA and many other countries. It defines comfort, style, and upmarket fashion.

Skechers products feature engineered soles. They are frequently opted for their flexibility, cushioning, memory foam, and breathability. Their designs offer perfect support and stability to your feet and entire system – thereby reducing the risk of injuries, sprains, and aches.

Since the brand offers an array of variants, it is also easy to pick something to suit your requirements.

Skechers’ shoes are not just comfortable and are high performance, they are also widely accepted for their supreme quality – they are made of genuine leather. They are known for being extremely durable in both casual and sports use.

A common criticism against Skechers shoes is the memory foam – while it provides improved comfort, it could also work against you in some sports and if you are wearing it for a prolonged time. So, pick the shoes based on your specifications.

Are they true to size?

Yes, Skechers shoes are true to size. There are various options like relaxed fit, wide fit, and boots to choose from too. However, Skechers is known to stretch a lot once you start using them.

Are they non-slip?

Skechers rates high for non-slip performance. Some of its models are specifically made with flat and sturdy outsoles to provide good traction on different types of surfaces. Variants like Max Cushioning Arch Fit, GoWalk Air, and GoRun Ride have Goodyear performance outsole for improved traction and stability.

Are they non-marking?

All of Skechers kids’ models are non-marking. Among the variants for men and women, only some selected ones are non-marking – such as Men GoWalk 4, Men Max Cushioning Running, Men GoWalk Flex 2, Women GoWalk EUE, and Women GoWalk Joy Shoes.


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