Can You Store Ice in Backpack Coolers?

Yeti backpack cooloer

Gearing up for a trip? A backpack cooler is a fantastic way to keep all your drinks and food cool while you go trekking, camping, or maybe even hunting! While the insulated insides prevent heat transfer, one question a lot of people have is this – can you use a backpack cooler to store ice?

The answer is ‘Yes.’ You can indeed store ice in a backpack cooler. However, in order to do so, you have to take care of a few things. First, make sure that you put ice in when the backpack is perfectly chilled. Also, always keep ice on the top of foods in the cooler. You can also pack the ice in sealed boxes or plastic packs to sustain it longer. 

Further, it is also important to note that ice can only last for up to a few hours in these coolers. So, plan accordingly.

There are several popular brands of backpack coolers. Keep scrolling to learn more.

How long can ice retain in this cooler?

Usually, ice lasts for up to three days in a soft cooler. This can vary from cooler to cooler. However, the ideal range is between 60 to 72 hours. So, check the specs and thickness of your backpack cooler to get a better idea about the range it offers. Also, dry ice tends to last longer than water ice. You may try packing the ice in a sealed box for it to last longer.

Are hard coolers better than soft coolers?

As the name suggests, hard coolers are hard, rotomolded storage units. Soft coolers are typically RF-welded and made of softer materials. Backpack coolers fall in the latter category.

Soft coolers are typically measured by their holding capacity while hard coolers are measured by their volume. So, the answer to this query depends on your needs. If you want a cooler for treks, camps, and hiking, where a lot of walking is involved, then a backpack cooler is ideal for you. However, if you want a cooler for simple trips, and plan on driving there, then hard coolers can be a better choice.

Which are the finest backpack cooler brands?

There are several brands that make stunning backpack coolers. All of them have their unique specs, for you to evaluate and make a choice from. Here is a list of the top backpack cooler brands in the market currently.

  • Yeti
  • Igloo
  • Hydro Flask
  • Tourit
  • IceMule
  • Carhartt
  • Seehonor
  • Coleman
  • Petunia
  • Otterbox

All these brands of backpack coolers can sustain ice for sufficient time. Therefore, you can entirely depend on them for your trips and camping plans.

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Where should you put ice in a backpack cooler bag?

Always put ice on the top of your food in a backpack cooler. Also, do not directly store it inside the bag but seal it in a plastic or packet. It will make your ice last longer and prevent melting. Moreover, this will also prevent other food items from getting wet or damaged.

Why are Yeti coolers so expensive?

Yeti is among the best-recognized brand in the cooler industry. The products they manufacture are of the highest quality. Moreover, they have smart marketing and amazing technology for their users. Typically, a cooler you buy can last for many years. So, their customers typically look at it as a one-time investment in getting the best product in the market. 

Which is a good alternative for Yeti?

Undoubtedly, Yeti is the finest brand for coolers. But, if that is outside your budget, you can go with a brand like Pelican. This backpack cooler is not just effective at keeping things cool but is also pretty durable and long-lasting. Some customers have in fact found Pelican coolers to perform better in retaining ice compared to Yeti.

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How can you retain ice for longer in a cooler?

These tips below can effectively assist you in retaining ice for a long time in your cooler. Follow these guidelines closely to get ideal results.

  1. Ensure you pre-cool the backpack cooler bag

A warm cooler will take time to cool. So, lower the temperature of your cooler before loading in ice. Pre-cooling is essential before packing for the best results.

  1. Load ice and chilled contents

More ice will retain coolness and ice better. So load your backpack cooler with ice to sustain ice for a few more days.

  1. Prevent air gaps

Extra space will lead to the melting of ice. So, top your cooler with ice and keep it air-tight to prevent air from entering the backpack.

  1. Do not remove the water. 

Removing water may seem convenient, but it melts ice faster. So, prevent removing water and do not remove it unless it leaks.  

  1. Avoid frequent opening

Each time you open a backpack cooler, you are technically replacing the cool air inside with warmer air from outside. This can speed up the melting process.

These five points can help you retain ice for several days.

Are backpack coolers effective?

Backpack coolers are indeed effective. Use them as per instructions to minimize the melting of ice. You can easily carry sodas, colas, and even foods inside these bags. Moreover, they are convenient to carry anywhere. Overall, the insulating material and impressive technology of backpack coolers help retain heat and preserve freshness.

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Can you put a backpack cooler in the fridge?

Yes, you can put the backpack cooler in the fridge. It is an effective way of cooling it before packing it for your treks. Many people prefer this method for cooling their backpack coolers. As a matter of fact, this gives soft coolers an edge over hard coolers that do not always fit into your average refrigerator.

Can salt delay ice melting?

Many people suggest sprinkling rock salt on the ice to slow down melting. It is a useful method of storing ice in the backpack cooler. In addition, salt lowers the melting point and thereby helps retain ice for longer.

Altogether, a backpack cooler is ideal for storing ice for your trips. Also, you can use the tips mentioned above to retain ice for more days in the cooler bags. So consider all the points closely for best results. And take all essential measures and enjoy a hassle-free trip with the finest coolers.

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