Are Arbor Skateboards Good? A Complete Review

Arbor Skateboards review

Arbor is the collective brand founded by Bob Carlson. It started in 1995 with snowboarding as its first product. Soon after it included skateboards and expanded to soft goods.

Over years of innovation, Arbor offers a wide range of skateboards in many shapes with high-quality woodcraft. Arbor is the first company to use bamboo, bioplastic, reclaimed, and other recycled materials. It mainly focuses on the use of recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood and bamboo. Arbor comes with the mission to build premium lifestyle skateboards with the smallest possible environmental footprints.

After reviewing hundreds of reviews from past and current customers, we can say that Arbor skateboards offer a great quality product. They are light, multifunctional, and durable. Arbor skateboards never fail to provide top-notch quality in decks, bearings, wheels, and trucks.

In addition to this, Arbor products are covered under a 3-year repair or replacement warranty and that certainly makes this a smooth experience for the customer. Overall, you can say that Arbor is one of the best brands that include quality, performance, safe materials, and help to preserve the planet.

What are Arbor skateboards made of?

Arbor skateboards are made of highly renewable woods and bamboo materials obtained from well-maintained forests. Arbor also expanded the use of bio-urethane, bio-plastic along with recycled, reclaimed, and renewable alternatives.

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Are Arbor skateboards eco-friendly?

Arbor skateboards give prominence to 3R’s. Arbor uses the most eco-friendly components with the theme of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Every product used here is processed with modern methods that stretch the material and most of the building decks are from recycled materials.

The use of recycled materials in their product reduces the impact on the planet and also the wooden by-products are reclaimed for use in the Arbor products and the cycle repeats. Arbor also took active participation in programs such as “Returning Roots”, which donate a portion of their sale to Hawaii’s Koa Forests.

Where are Arbor skateboards made?

Arbor skateboards were designed and manufactured in San Diego, California. In 2013 manufacturing of Arbor snowboards moved to SWS in Dubai and they have also started distribution to retailers in Canada, Europe, and India

Are Arbor skateboards expensive?

Yes, Arbor skateboards are expensive. Depending on the shape, size, and material, an average Arbor skateboard ranges from $70 to $230. In terms of performance, however, this is indeed a great value for money. 

Are Arbor skateboards good for beginners?

Arbors’ tough skate deck and appealing design are perfectly suited for beginners. Its long wheelbases and wide deck widths offer more stability and make it easier to find balance for first-timers.

Are Arbor skateboards good for tricks?

Arbor skateboards have a compact size, attractive shape, and mellow flex that’s great for low-speed carving and cruising around the town. Arbor skateboards have a momentum core design that allows for smooth riding without the bumpy ride. The Venice formula of this skateboard ensures smooth cruising no matter how rough the road gets. This complete skateboard is sure to take smooth riding to another level.

Does Arbor make good snowboards?

Arbor manufactures a massive line of snowboards with high durability that offers a super fun ride. Arbor’s Camber system has a parabolic camber, grip tech, and Up-Rise-Fenders that give you a poppy experience.

Its positive arc improves edge-to-snow contact for a seamless transition in and out of turns; Up-Rise-Fenders lift the outside contact points 3° so they don’t dig too far into the snow. Arbor snowboards have features such as grip tech side cut adds 4 ergonomic contact points underfoot to grip the snow for additional control.

Do Arbor boards have grip tape?

Yes, Arbor boards include a grip tape. The boards have a clear grip feature that ranges from deck to deck. Boards can be found with features such as concave, W concave, rocker, wheel flares, cut-out, and kick tails. The design also utilizes a 24″ rockered platform, partially flush-mounted trucks to maintain turning angle while providing superior slide control.

Are Arbor wheels good?

Arbor produces a wide range of wheels suitable for different types of riding. Arbor wheels grip the road very well and are unlikely to slide while riding. These wheels are great for carving, skating downhill, and cruising where you can expect a smooth and comfortable ride. Arbor wheel wells help to prevent wheel bites by providing more clearance between the wheel and the underside of the deck. More wheel clearance allows it to take sharper turns without experiencing bite.

Are Arbor cruiser skateboards good?

Arbor cruiser boards are well assembled and playful. You can expect excellent quality such as smoother wheels, decent bearings, Paris trucks, and dynamic deck. Arbor cruiser skateboards perform great in carving, downhill, and rough roads. Arbors’ mini-cruise wheels are suitable for all-around quick commutes and damping momentum creates a smoother ride. 

Are Arbor Longboards good?

Arbor Longboards are made with high-quality materials that are suitable for freestyling, freeriding, and downhill riding. Arbor longboards are appropriate for beginners as well as advanced skaters. Arbor has classic Pintail longboards such as Arbor Koa fish, Arbor timeless bamboo, pintail, and koa pintail.

What is the Arbor bamboo collection?

The Arbor bamboo collection is specifically made of Bamboo and Maple from sustainable sources of supply and also a wood byproduct is reclaimed for use in the other products. Arbor includes bamboo collections such as Pocket Rocket bamboo, Pilsner bamboo, Sizzler bamboo, Zeppelin bamboo, Fish bamboo, Axis 40 bamboo, Pocket Rocket bamboo deck, Pilsner bamboo deck, Sizzler bamboo deck, Fish bamboo deck, Zeppelin bamboo deck, and Axis 40 bamboo deck.

Does Arbor make good decks?    

Arbor makes good decks for longboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Arbor decks have a wide platform and mid-length wheelbase for shredding large transitions. Its hybrid setup is sized perfectly for the skate parks, streets and also it can be used as a cruiser.

What is the Arbor Solstice collection?

Arbor Solstice is curated by the women of the Arbor collective to benefit boarding for breast cancer patients. These Solstice collections are not only aesthetic but also ensure a fast and agile driving experience with maximum acceleration. Arbor Solstices have a wide range of collections such as Pilsner Solstice, Cucharon Solstice, Fish Solstice, and Axis 37 Solstice.

Do Arbor Skateboards Have A Weight Limit?

Arbors Drop Cruiser flagship is specifically designed for heavy riders. It has nine-ply Canadian hard rock maple with soft and grippy wheels that are best suited for heavy riders up to 400 lbs.

Is the Arbor Mini Skateboard Good?

Arbor mini skateboards come with six piles of sustainably sourced hard rock maple with a solid top sheet. These aesthetically looking mini skateboards have grip tape and their recycled glass is long-lasting, provides good grip without being super sharp to cut up your feet. Arbor Mini skateboard truck has good stability at high speeds and great turning capabilities.

Where can you buy Arbor Skateboards?

Arbor skateboards are available for purchase on eCommerce sites like Amazon,, eBay, and Arbor also has retailers in Asia, Europe, and North America. You can find them at Empire, Blue Tomato, Sport Conrad, and Planet Sports.

What Should I Do If My Skateboard Is Defective?

Arbor products are covered under 3 years of warranty. If the Arbor skateboard is defective, you can contact authorized Arbor dealers who will replace or repair the defective skateboards.


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