Is Ashley Furniture Good? [2000 Words]

Ashley furniture

There are over 2000 Ashley furniture stores across the world, and together, the company makes over $5 billion in revenue each year. 

But how good is the furniture you buy at Ashley? Let’s look at what they offer, and how they compare to the other major furniture chains in the United States.

Ashley Furniture quality 

The quality of Ashley furniture depends largely on the price point you are going after.

The company has a large range of prices and corresponding quality levels. 

The expensive upholstery made of leather and other high-end fabrics and the furniture frames that are made of natural wood will obviously cost more but are also of high quality and durability. 

The pieces of furniture that use eco-friendly and engineered wood, are more economical and also use a lot of synthetic materials, and metal.

While they are more cost-effective, they may also be less durable, less sturdy, and may have more wear and tear.

The quality of these Ashley furniture products is also reasonable and on par with the cheap prices.  

Is Ashley Furniture made in the USA or China? 

As of today, 40% of Ashley furniture is imported and only 50% of the import value comes from China.

China now accounts for less than 10% of the manufacturing and production of Ashley furniture.

More of the imports have been diversified to other Asian countries like Vietnam and much of it has been redirected back to the USA, where Ashley furniture now has about 650 stores and 6,000 employees. 

Most of Ashley furniture production now happens in the states of Wisconsin, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida. 

Is Ashley Furniture expensive or affordable ? 

One of the main selling points of Ashley’s furniture is that it has prices that cater to various income needs and its prices are within people’s means. 

There are pricier options made of plush material and authentic leather, real wood, etc. which could be expensive.

There are also cheaper options on Ashley furniture that may be less sturdy but are low-priced. 

On the whole, it is quite affordable at all price ranges. Most items are affordable and budget-friendly, with fair bargains and discounts thrown in for good measure. 

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Does Ashley Furniture use real wood ? 

Ashley furniture does use solid wood/real wood in some of its product lines but has largely shifted towards engineered wood and combinations of wood/engineered wood and synthetic material to make their products more sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. 

Engineered wood is man-made wood from the by-products of traditional wood mills such as fibers, resins, strands, etc. 

Some wood textures of Ashley furniture may be of wood veneers that are not solid wood but are made by pressing a slice of real wood against a fiberboard or particleboard.

So, while this may seem like real wood from the surface, it is not. 

Does Ashley Furniture use real leather?  

Ashley furniture does use some amounts of real leather derived from animal hides in their furnishings and upholstery, although not completely and not for the entire product line. 

Ashley uses authentic leather in combination with other materials. So the material is not 100% real leather. 

They use two types of synthetic leather – bonded leather and leather match. 

Bonded leather is a combination of leather scraps, faux leather i.e. pleather or plastic, and other synthetic resins or adhesives.

This type of material contains approximately 10-20% “authentic” leather because of the use of animal hide scraps.

This is, however, different from using leather for the entire furnishing. It makes up only a small percentage of it.

Leather match is part-leather and part-faux-leather. It uses top-grain leather that is the topmost part of the cowhide which is removed and treated to remove all imperfections (a process called ‘correction’). 

While the inner part of the leather match is made with real leather, the faux leather/pleather/vinyl is used as the outer coating to ensure that its texture and consistency match the leather used inside.

Does Ashley Furniture use flame retardants ? 

Since 2015, Ashley Furniture has officially stopped the use of any flame retardants because of the toxicity of the chemicals that are found in them.

This includes couches, chairs, foam mattresses, and all other product lines. 

They also ensure that the furniture is labeled to clearly state that such chemicals have not been used in the manufacturing of any materials either for upholstery or main frames.

This is to comply with California’s state laws. 

Does Ashley Furniture use prison labor? 

There have been many companies ranging from fast food, clothing, gadgets, vehicles, and furniture who use prison labor to make their products at a much cheaper price.

Unfortunately, some companies have also forced prisoners into working for them for very little reward. 

Ashley Furniture does not appear to use prison labor to make its products. No links have been found between Ashley Furniture and the use of correctional labor. 

Does Ashley Furniture use Progressive Leasing? 

Ashley Furniture does use Progressive Leasing which is a financing method that allows the buyer to pay for products over a period of 12 months.

The payment plans are flexible according to the customer’s convenience. 

Progressive Leasing is not available in some American states, so you may need to check its validity in your area.

To qualify for progressive leasing at Ashley furniture, you need to have bought at least $200 worth of furniture to qualify, and the base down payment in all cases is $49.

Is the Ashley Furniture Protection Plan worth it? 

The Ashley Furniture Premium Protection Plan is available for all its product lines – chairs, tables, stands, etc.

There are different rates for indoor and outdoor Protection Plans ranging from $50 to $1500 depending upon the cost of the furniture bought. 

Purchasing the protection plan will help customers with repairs and in-house servicing, customer support, and hassle-free registrations.

They also get replacements if the repairs and refurbishment don’t work.

The Ashley Furniture Protection Plan is for 5 years with a one-time payment. 

The worth of a 5-year plan will depend on your expectations and also your circumstances. If you have children or pets and anticipate messes or breakage then a warranty could be useful. 

There may be delays in accepting a piece back and getting the necessary repair or replacement work done. The value of the warranty depends on your priorities.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions to decide if it is suitable for your specific living situation.

Also, read the fine print. Sometimes what you think is damage may be covered under the company’s ‘normal use’ clause and you will not be compensated.

Many other damages are often attributed to customer negligence and will not be addressed by the service team.

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Competitor Analysis

Is Ashley Furniture better than IKEA? 

Ashley Furniture has slightly higher prices than IKEA, but at the same time, they have many more stores in several locations. 

This makes purchase and transport easier and cheaper.  IKEA, on the other hand, has fewer stores, higher shipping charges and so transportation is difficult and expensive for people who don’t live near an IKEA outlet. 

IKEA pieces are still cheaper and they are more suitable for starter homes.

Ashley also offers a greater variety of product designs such as Victorian, rustic, and Art Deco styles whereas IKEA only offers modern and contemporary designs. 

IKEA does offer slightly better personalization than Ashley, although still limited.

Ashley also has the advantage of offering better and more varied payment options and support whereas IKEA does not accept prepaid cards etc. 

In terms of quality, Ashley and IKEA rank almost the same, with Ashley having a slightly better edge over IKEA, but IKEA is more budget-friendly and value for money. 

Is Ashley Furniture better than Living Spaces ? 

Living Spaces offers trendy, modern furniture which is in demand these days. 

Ashley Furniture has more variety but offers more traditional pieces (although they also carry modern items).

Customer service and quality are about on par with one another, although Living Spaces offers a greater selection and a better showroom whereas Ashley Furniture has better designs and a larger collection as well. 

You may find the delivery service of Living Spaces to be of lower quality to Ashley Furniture. There may also be more delays in client services.

Is Ashley Furniture better than Rooms to Go? 

Both Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go are known for their low prices.

Ashley offers more durability and quality for low prices; its quality is better in terms of its prices compared to Rooms to Go, although both cannot compete with high-end furniture brands.

Ashley also has a greater variety of designs and product types. Customer service is quite poor in both stores. Overall, Ashley is seen to be more affordable and provides greater value for money compared to Rooms to Go. 

Is Ashley Furniture better than Bob’s furniture? 

Ashley furniture and Bob’s furniture are quite on par with everything ranging from affordable prices, cheaper bargains, convenient store locations, variety, etc.

In terms of quality and durability, Bob’s is less reliable than Ashley and Ashley has a slight edge in terms of these parameters.

Is Ashley furniture better than Raymour and Flanigan ? 

Ashley Furniture offers better value for money as compared to R&F. It also offers a five-year warranty on its products.

Raymour and Flanigan also offer a good variety of products like Ashley, but R&F also offers additional décor items like paintings, lamps, rugs, etc. which Ashley doesn’t. 

Ashley has a greater reach since it is a nationwide company. It also has many more outlets as compared to Raymour and Flannigan’s which have only a couple of area-specific stores.

So purchase and delivery are easier and cheaper with Ashley’s. 

Does Ashley Furniture offer a military discount ? 

As of now, Ashley Furniture does not provide a military discount. Veterans or their families do not receive special price discounts. 

There used to be some discounts earlier, but as of now, the Ashley Furniture Military discount scheme is no longer in use. 

Veterans can still access a number of other discounts that are available to customers which are featured on their websites and will also be made available in walk-in purchases. 

Does Ashley Furniture offer payment plans? 

Ashley Furniture does offer a range of payment plans for its products. 

The terms of these plans vary depending on factors like the minimum purchase value, the mode of purchase (online or in-store), etc. 

There are payment plans wherein the customer has to pay equated monthly payments for 6, 12, 18, 60, and 72 months. 

Ashley also offers the Progressive Leasing scheme in which a customer can buy and take possession of their chosen piece immediately and pay the total amount within 12 months. 

Does Ashley furniture do Afterpay? 

As of now, Ashley Furniture does not accept Afterpay. They have financing options such as Progressive Leasing instead, which is a lease and purchase agreement similar to Afterpay’s buy now- pay later system.

In Progressive Leasing, the customer can take possession of the furniture and pay over 12 months’ time, in weekly or monthly installments. Progressive Leasing accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards. 

Ashley also accepts the Ashley Advantage cards for discounts and to access monthly payment plans.

Does Ashley Furniture have free delivery ? 

Ashley Furniture offers free shipping for Standard Shipping items.

These are smaller, lightweight pieces that can be shipped and transported using FedEx or UPS systems.

Items that do not come under Standard Shipping like In-Home delivery and other larger, heavier pieces will be charged a delivery fee. 

The delivery charge depends on your area and residence and the distance from the nearest Ashley store. The delivery charge will be added to the total cost once you have placed an order.

Does Ashley Furniture have a lifetime warranty ? 

Ashley offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for leather and upholstered furniture, which includes sofas, couches, sectionals, etc.

Lifetime refers to the normal, expected utility period of the product. You may have to get this clarified for what this means for the specific product you are purchasing.

Other products only have limited warranties ranging from 1 year for items like beds, cabinets, leather and upholstery fabric, cushions, etc. to 3-5 years for mattresses, recliners, and other seating furniture that use springs.

Does Ashley Furniture have a return policy?

You are permitted to return products purchased from Ashely furniture. But this is with certain conditions.

In case of online purchases, if the item you received, particularly mattresses, is damaged upon delivery, the store must be informed within 72 hours and your money will be refunded. 

If there are any other issues, you may seek replacements or returns within 30 days of delivery. 

For in-store purchases, each store may have its own policies regarding returns. So, please check the terms and conditions carefully.



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