Kristina Dam Studio Launches Modernist Sofa Set

Kristina Dam Modernist Sofa set

In a world that is loud and excessive, we always look for places to find refuge, somewhere that can be quiet and minimalistic. So why not make that place your home? If you are in the market for a sofa check out Kristina Dam’s Modernist collection.

The Modernist collection has a visible solid stainless steel frame. This visible frame adds a clean sleek modern look to the sofa. Keeping with the minimalistic design the upholstery follows the curves of the stainless steel frame in a smooth elegant way and forms both the backrest and armrest of the chair in one single movement.

The upholstery is made from soft wool and is available in two quiet colors grey and beige. All this adds up to form a simple, relaxed and warm aura to your home interior.

The collection has a lounge chair available for €3.490,00, a two-seater sofa available for EUR 4.290,00, and a three-seater sofa for €4.790,00. The furniture can be bought online or at one of their multiple store locations internationally.

Popular graphic designer and architect, Kristina Dam, founded the Kristina Dam Studio in 2012. Her designs bear an industrial look with an art-based approach.

All furniture created by them has a minimalistic design with a monochromatic palette. Every design from Kristina Dam Studio has a distinct Scandinavian and architectural expression, that is easily recognized.

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