Is Dania Furniture Good Quality?

Dania furniture quality

Dania furniture is a family business established in 1963 that features 30+ showrooms of home furnishings. Their designs are inspired by Nordic culture, with modern design and quality craftsmanship in mind.

Dania furniture is quite popular, and they also own Scandanavian Designs, another brand with furnishing for both home and work environments. They might have popped up in your recent home shopping search, so let’s take a look at their brand and products. 

What kind of furniture does Dania make?

Dania furniture products are hand selected to fuse traditional Scandanavian Designs with modern interior design. Each of their designs are carefully crafted to fit the buyers personality. 

Payment options with Dania furniture

Dania accepts payment options like credit cards and Apple Pay.

Where is Dania furniture located?

Dania furniture is located at 1905 NE 41st Avenue, Portland OR 97212, Hollywood, Northeast Portland.

What are Dania furniture’s open hours?

Dania is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM  on Sundays.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

We know that Covid has made shopping very hard and unsafe in these times, which is why we looked into Covid safety protocols in Dania stores. They do a fine job of keeping you safe by requiring every customer and staff to wear a mask. Social distancing is enforced and hand sanitizers are provided to make your shopping experience safe.


Every brand has its own pros and cons, let’s take a look at various aspects of Dania Furniture in detail. 


The workers at Dania are highly skilled, and they guide customers through their products efficiently while giving them enough time to discuss and explore the items. One user who reviewed the company on a third-party site recalls wandering around the store without any pressure from the staff at all! They even have a good reputation with customer support, something we’ll look at in detail later. 


Dania offers multiple services with their products to ensure customer satisfaction. From guided tours that help you find decors that fit your house and personal deals, to complete home delivery and home installation of your products. They even provide email notifications and the installation team does a quick job of setting up your furniture in your home with as little disruption as possible. 

Long Term Durability of Dania furniture

Dania furniture is a cut above the rest in terms of build quality and sustainability. One of their satisfied customers has shared that they have been enjoying their products purchased 15 years ago. We believe this is a testament to their craftsmanship. 

Purchase Experience

The purchase procedure is quick and efficient at Dania. Their sales reps are calm and knowledgeable, and will clarify any doubts you might have. They smoothly guide you through the procedure and explain all the necessary things. 

Are prices competitive?

Many satisfied users have talked about the pricing of Dania products. Their products are available for all price ranges, and every range provides it’s value without cutting any corners. 

Customer Support

Buying high-end furniture can be a really big investment for most people, which is why after-sales services can have a really big impact on your shopping choice. Keeping that into consideration, many customers mentioned their experience of having a great experience with after-sales support regarding deliveries, missing components, repairs, component replacements, etc. It’s safe to say that Dania provides impeccable service to you as a customer after the transaction has ended. 

Quick FAQ: Is Dania furniture the same as Scandanavian Designs? 

Well, yes but actually, no. While they’re both owned by the same brand, Scandanavian Designs was the first company and Dania Furniture was a sub-company that came later. Scandinavian Designs provides furniture for both home and work environments, but their work products tend to be better. Dania Furniture specializes in Home furnishing. 


Anything that has many positives will also have some negatives. Some customers have had a bad experience at Dania and it’s worthy to look at their experience before moving on with your purchase. 


This point seems to be a little contradicting. While some users enjoyed not being troubled by the staff during their purchase, others had trouble in making their purchase due to inattentive staff. If you don’t want to spend a long time at the store, or if it’s your first time looking into home furnishing, this might not be a good place to start. Some customers have had to wait over an hour before they received any help.  


Some users have mentioned having a bad experience with their deliveries. Unclear communication during delivery and damaged goods were delivered to some customers, with no further help or support provided. 

Product Quality

Unlike the past two points, most customers haven’t had a bad experience with their product purchases. Some customers did receive damaged products, but most of them got help from customer service later. Their products are mid-end at best. The designs are pretty good and modern, but they are generic at the same time. You won’t find a really unique piece of home decor here. 


This point is parallel to the previous point. Like one user said, “Some pieces last, some don’t.” Dania products can be good and durable, but you’ll have to spend a good amount of time examining the quality of your chosen furniture.

Some users had their furniture last for longer than 15-20 years, while some had theirs wear down in less than 5 years. 

The Bottom Line 

Is Dania furniture good quality? Well it seems like Dania has suffered with bad employees and poor product quality in the past, but they’ve definitely improved those areas of their business in the past few years (This was concluded by comparing the dates of the positive and negative reviews by their customers).

It’s still unclear if they’re completely trustworthy or not. They’ve got a fair share of bad reputation to clear up. Being a sub-company, they haven’t really reached the reputation of Scandanavian Designs yet. With that all of that said, it’s probably worth checking the store out before making your decision. 


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