The 10 Best-Selling iam8bit Vinyl Records

We have curated the top 10 bestselling vinyl records by iam8bit for you to check out. Have a look and shop for your favorite before it runs out of stock as iam8bit supplies on a first come first serve basis.

Hero of Time 2xLP

This 180-gram vinyl includes the music of the 64-piece Slovak National Symphony Orchestra which was recorded live in Bratislava. The album art is by Ryan Brinkerhoff and is absolutely beautiful. It’s a one-hour album based on Koji Kondo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ”.

The record is priced at $40. Shop it here:

Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack- The Essential Edition 4xLP

It’s a premium box set that includes sticker sheets and postcard pack-ins along with the jazz and pop music produced by the Atlus sound team. This record has whistle-worthy beats that make you stand on your feet and contains over 100-hours of recording. It is priced at $100.

Persona 5 Royal 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack.

This masterpiece comprises 3 discs – Red, Black Ice, and Gold Nugget. The music is produced by Atlus Sound Team and the Album art is by Drew Wise. This one is priced at $75. Get it here:

Steven Universe 4*10” Vinyl Set 

This complete Volume 1 soundtrack has 37 songs. The album art is designed by chromosphere. If you love musical storytelling, this one’s for you! The songs are lively and mood uplifting. It is priced at $49.99. Get it here:

UNDERTALE- Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP

This 180-gram vinyl 2xLP includes a digital soundtrack wherein the music is produced by Toby Fox and the album art is from Drew Wise. It has been the recipient of the “Game of the Year” award and numerous full-on reviews. This one is priced at $44.99. Check it out here:

Journey Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP 

It’s a 2xLP picture disc set composed by Austin Wintory and the art is provided by Mark Englert. It is a soundtrack from the critically acclaimed PlayStation official game ‘Journey’. This record is noteworthy for being the first videogame soundtrack that has been nominated for The Grammys. This one is priced at $35.00. Shop for it here:

League of Legends: Selected Orchestral Works 

The music for this vinyl record has been composed by The Riot Music Team and the album art is designed by Riot Games. This was produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “League of Legends” and curates the most beloved theme of all time. It is priced at $39.99 and you can buy it here:

It’s Bugsnax! 7” Single 

This Vinyl Record is a screen-printed strawberry 7”. The music is composed by Kero Kero Bonito and the album art is from Young Horses and Kero Kero Bonito. This catchy theme song is from Kero Kero Bonito, a British indie-pop hero. It is priced at $11.99.  Buy it here:

Gravity Falls Vinyl Soundtrack 

The music for this record is from Brad Breeck and the album art is designed by “Ghost Shrimp”. The Gravity Falls Vinyl Soundtrack is only available on pre-order. This vinyl soundtrack is worth every penny. Pre-order it for $39.99 here:

Cuphead 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

With the nostalgic 1930s style packaging, this record comprises the previously unreleased Jazz solos from Kristofer Maddigon. It also includes a digital download.

It’s priced at $40.00, and you can buy it here:

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