Does Embryolisse Have Fragrance?


The skincare products of Embryolisse are scented. There are varied reviews about the fragrances of these products. While some describe it as pleasant and floral, some call it overwhelming and chemical-like.

For those who are intolerant and allergic to fragrances, Embryolisse also has a modest category of perfume-free versions.

What are the fragrances in Embryolisse?

Embryolisse is touted to be a natural product that uses biological substances like aloe vera, soy, beeswax, shea butter, sesame oils, plum, vegetable oils, almonds, and fruit extracts.

While the natural ingredients provide their intrinsic aromas to the product, the company also uses fragrant additives like parfum and limonene.

Are the fragrances in Embryolisse safe?

Fragrances are enticing. They help in removing bad odors and induce freshness. In addition to these pleasant qualities, fragrances find their place in cosmetics to mask the odor of chemicals and herbs.

However, are these fragrances safe for you? Let’s delve into the aromatic ingredients used in Embryolisse.

Companies are not required by law to furnish details of the fragrance ingredients they use. According to details provided by Embryolisse, we know of only parfum and limonene.

Parfum is a synthetically manufactured substance with a pleasant smell. It is a mixture of ingredients – the specifics of which are not divulged. In fact, parfum has become a blanket term used to denote the concoction of nearly 30 chemicals.

When applied on the skin, parfum can cause toxicity and hormonal imbalance. It can also lead to contact dermatitis, photoallergy, excessive hair growth, and skin breakouts. Inhalation of these chemicals is also known to cause respiratory issues and lung diseases.

Limonene is the other fragrance ingredient listed by Embryolisse. It is a chemical extracted from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. It is widely used in cosmetics, household cleaning products, and medicinal ointments.

Although considered safe, long-term exposure to limonene is not advisable. Used over prolonged periods, limonene can lead to skin allergies and respiratory issues.

While parfum and limonene are used as additives, Embryolisse also carries the aromas of the organic compounds it is chiefly made of. You could be allergic and intolerant to some scents or natural chemicals. Therefore, a patch test before using the product would be appropriate.

Are the fragrances of Embryolisse safe for dry skin?

A research paper published by the National Library of Medicine on fragrance contact allergy shows that dry skin is induced or aggravated by fragrances in scented products.

The chemicals used in parfum can trigger your skin to lose moisture and dry. If you already have dry skin, it could become worse with parfum. The same is the case with limonene – it can cause and exasperate the problem of dry skin and skin breakouts.

Similarly, while natural oils and organic compounds are safer than chemicals, some of them have the potential to worsen the dryness of the skin. For instance, almond oil and almond extracts are known to be bad for dry skin.

Additionally, non-active chemical ingredients in Embryolisse, such as alcohol, potassium sorbate, and sulfonic acid could worsen your dry skin condition.

Embryolisse has beneficial natural ingredients with a mix of chemicals. If you have dry skin or have experienced drying of the skin with the use of cosmetics, avoid the above-listed components while picking your Embryolisse product.

Are the fragrances in Embryolisse safe for sensitive skin?

The sensitivity of skin does not have a fixed definition. If you have this condition, you could have issues with even the safest natural ingredient. Embryolisse is made of organic material, the fragrances of which are blended into the product. You could be intolerant to these natural fragrances if you have sensitive skin.

Parfum – added to Embryolisse products – is noted to contain allergens and harmful chemicals. Limonene is also known to trigger sensitivity. Therefore, read the product label while purchasing Embryolisse and avoid these two ingredients if you have sensitive skin.

Is it safe to inhale the fragrances in Embryolisse?

Aromas of natural extracts and oils have therapeutic benefits. However, they may also cause asthma and breathing problems if used in excess and if you have a sensitive respiratory system.

The fumes from the chemicals of parfum, when inhaled, have the capability of inducing migraine, nausea, congestion, breathing difficulty, asthma, fever, and seizures. Inhalation of limonene is also found to cause dizziness and headaches.

Is it better to use non-fragrant Embryolisse products?

The non-fragrant Embryolisse products include Lait-Crème Sensitive, Smooth-Active Cream, and Anti-age Re-densifying Serum. According to the company, these products are not completely odorless. They have the characteristic scents of natural active ingredients. What they do not include are parfum, limonene, and similar additives.

If you want to cut down the potential threats of fragrances or simply want to avoid the use of chemicals – yes, non-fragrant Embryolisse products are better.


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