Does Alya Skin Have Fragrance?

Alya Skin

Alya Skin’s slew of products consisting of cleansers, face masks, moisturizers, scrubs, and serums are scented. Their fragrance is described by consumers as solid and overwhelming.

What are the fragrance ingredients in Alya Skin?

The products of Alya Skin are claimed to be made from natural berries and fruits native to Australia. In addition, they also contain several oils extracted from flowers, seeds, and leaves.

According to the company, the fragrance of its products comes from the natural ingredients that are used. Further, fragrance ingredients like farnesol, citronellol, geraniol, linalool, citral, and phenethyl alcohol that are extracted from organic sources are also added to enhance odour.

The company asserts that it does not use synthetic fragrances.

Are fragrances ingredients of Alya Skin safe for you?

Fragrance ingredients used in cosmetics must meet safety standards although they do not require the approval of the FDA in the USA. Even in most other countries, cosmetics manufacturers are not required to provide the list of fragrance ingredients they use.

Fragrances are mood enhancers and make you feel good while using a product. They help fight bad odour. Further, fragrances have always been associated with aristocracy, fashion, and style. Consumers of cosmetics prefer products that smell pleasant.

However, are the fragrances in Alya Skin safe for you?

All products of Alya Skin contain fragrances that is organically derived. While chemical odours are known for their hazardous effects on health and the environment, the ones extracted from natural sources could also have some impact.

Let’s check if the fragrance ingredients in Alya Skin are safe for you.


It is an organic compound usually found in essential oils like lemon grass, rose, and musk. It is actually acyclic sesquiterpene alcohol with a floral scent. The use of farnesol in prescribed measures is usually considered safe.

In higher concentrations, farnesol can lead to irritation of the nasal tract and cause cough, sneezing, throat itching, and even nausea. If you have sensitive skin, it is likely to cause skin rashes and irritation. The compound can also trigger eye irritation.

Farnesol is known to be toxic to aquatic life.


It is a natural compound that is prepared through the hydrogenation of geraniol. It is used in perfumes and insect repellents. Its usage in perfumery is restricted as it can cause sensitization and allergies.

If citronellol is listed in the product listing of the Alya Skin product you are about to use, exercise caution as the compound is known to trigger skin and eye irritation – more so if you have sensitive skin.


It is natural alcohol occurring in rose and palmarosa oils. Having a pleasant odour, geraniol is used in perfumery as well as in insect repellents. It is non-toxic but can cause skin allergies. Long-term exposure and its inhalation over continued periods of time can be harmful to the respiratory system.


It is a naturally occurring terpene alcohol. Found in flowers and spice plants, it is extensively used in perfumery.

Linalool is a powerful compound known to cause severe allergies, irritation, pain, and symptoms of depression and insomnia. Its inhalation can cause respiratory issues besides affecting the nervous system.


It is derived from the oil of citrus fruits and their peels. Having a pleasant and fresh aroma of lemon, citral is widely used in cosmetics and beverages. If you are sensitive, the scent of citral can trigger nausea, vomiting, and headache.

Phenethyl alcohol

It is an organic compound with a floral aroma. It is used in cosmetics for its fragrance besides its antimicrobial properties. The compound can cause skin allergies in addition to sensitization if used in higher doses. It has also been listed as hazardous under GHS with associated risks of eye irritation and ingestion toxicity.

Are fragrances in Alya Skin safe for dry skin?

Fragrances in Alya Skin are mostly organic. However, they mostly contain alcohol that dries out skin and reduces skin elasticity over a period of time. Therefore, if you have dry skin, avoid Alya Skin products that contain alcohol compounds such as phenethyl alcohol and linalool.

Are fragrances of Alya Skin safe for sensitive skin?

Fragrances extracted from essential oils and natural oils have to be used in minute doses. Long-term usage can cause skin damage and allergies if you have sensitive skin.

Are fragrances of Alya Skin safe for the sensitive respiratory system?

Organically derived scents are usually pungent. If you have a sensitive respiratory system or are suffering from a respiratory issue, inhalation of these scents could cause respiratory tract inflammation and aggravate symptoms of asthma.


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