Linjer Aurora and Martine Rings Now With New Gemstones

Linjer Aurora Ring

Are you a jewelry fan? Give your jewel box the perfect addition with Aurora and Martine rings. Linjer’s best-selling Aurora and Martine rings are now available with new gemstones like Citrine, Peridot, and London Blue Topaz.

The pear-shaped solitaire in the Martine ring gives it a modern, but classic appeal. The ring is gold-plated and has 925 at its core. It is durable and thicker than gold-plated and flash-plated jewelry. It is made of 14K gold, which adds to its durability and elegance. A lovely addition for any occasion, its classic design will make your hand the center of attention. It’s available in five different gemstones:

  • London Blue Topaz: $66.87
  • White Topaz: $53.22
  • Peridot: $53.22
  • Citrine: $53.22
  • Silver Topaz: $50.49

The Aurora Ring is inspired by a star constellation; the stunning design, along with the carefully created hand-cut gemstones, gives the ring a heavenly shimmer. The ring is an ideal present for any occasion, it adds beauty and glitter to the finger. The stylish and attractive appearance is appealing to the eye. The ring is gold-plated with 925 silver at its core. It’s plated with 14k gold, which gives it a gleaming golden sheen. The ring is available in four different gemstones:

  • White Topaz: $68.23
  • Blue Topaz: $ 81.88
  • Citrine: $68.23
  • Peridot: $68.23

Linjer makes eco-friendly jewelry, purses, and watches without the luxury price tag. They sell directly to clients, eliminating the superfluous fees and exorbitant markups that make luxury jewelry, luggage, and watches so unaffordable. They pass the savings on to the customer, giving them the same quality for a third or a fourth of the usual price.


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