Are Brass Pasta Cutters Worth It?

Brass pasta cutters

Pasta cutters are typically made with stainless steel or aluminum. However, brass pasta cutters are emerging to be a customer favorite in recent times because of how better they are. 

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and this makes it highly workable and hard. Brass also has other unique properties such as resistance to corrosion and low friction. These properties make brass tools, such as pasta cutters, a better option than stainless steel or aluminum tools. 

Given the better quality, brass cutters may cost you a little more than basic steel and aluminum tools, but are they really worth it? Let’s find out!

Why is brass popular

Brass has a shimmery gold appearance. Due to its appearance, brass has been used for centuries for the creation of decorative objects, such as jewelry, and doorknobs. However, its lustrous appearance is not the only benefit of brass. 

Because of its low melting point, conductivity, malleability, and durability, brass is used in many other practical tools and utensils, such as musical instruments, valves, hinges, and yes, cooking tools too!

What are the benefits of using brass pasta cutters?

1. Higher precision

Like we mentioned earlier, brass has higher malleability than most of the other metals. Due to this, when a pasta manufacturer uses brass to create pasta cutters, they are able to get a much more precise mold cut. With other metals, due to their lower malleability, the manufacturer may not get that precise mold cut!

In addition, brass has a good amount of weight to it. You may think that this may be a negative quality, but it is not. The weight can actually turn out to be a useful feature when you cut pasta. The brass pasta cutter will naturally press down on the dough with little to no effort. And you can easily get a more defined and even cut dough!

2. Better durability

Have you ever wondered how the ancient artifacts and pieces last for so many years; even decades, in the museum? Well, most of these artifacts are made up of brass and it is a very durable material!

Brass is made up of a combination of copper and zinc, which are both strong and durable elements. These, in turn, give brass this additional property of durability.

If you invest in a pasta cutter made of brass, your tool will last you a very long time. Even though a brass pasta cutter may be heavy on the pockets, it is a one-time investment! You will not have to buy another pasta cutter again. This is great for someone who makes pasta regularly.

3. Prettier and functional

Another reason why we prefer brass pasta cutters is that they are beautiful! And it’s not just their physical appearance that makes pasta makers invest in brass pasta tools. Like we mentioned earlier, they are quite functional as well!

If you are a serious pasta maker, these brass pasta cutters can be an heirloom for you. You can pass on the brass cutter to your future generations too, and it will remain functional for many, many years!

How to take care of the brass pasta cutter?

While brass is both pretty to look at and equally functional, you must keep one thing in mind. With time, brass tarnishes a little and loses its lustrous appearance. But it is not something that you cannot fix. 

Here are some tips for you to take care of your brass pasta cutter and other tools:

  • Use a cleaning mixture of water and lemon juice, or water and baking soda to clean your brass tools. You can even use tomato ketchup, sauce, or paste instead of preparing a mixture. Tomatoes have acidic properties and can work just as well as lemon juice!
  • Take a soft cloth and dampen it with the liquid mixture.
  • Gently squeeze out excess liquid and run the cloth over your brass tool. 
  • Remove any dough or flour stuck on its surface.
  • Using lukewarm water, wash the brass tool off of any dough residue and the cleaning mixture. 
  • Keep the brass tool in a cool, ventilated space to dry on its own.
  • Clean the brass tools with the same cleaning mixture after every use.
  • You can even use commercial polishes and metal cleaners to clean the brass tools.
  • If needed, use a thin coating of mineral oil or linseed oil to prevent tarnishing. You can use the oil after every use to ensure your brass tools remain lustrous for a long time.

Precautions while using a brass pasta cutter

  • Do not use highly abrasive scrubbing cloths as they can scratch the surface of the brass tools. Also, avoid using steel wool or metal bristle brushes for the same reason.
  • Do not use dishwashing liquid to wash your brass tools as it can cause the brass to tarnish and lose its luster.
  • Also, never run your brass tools through a dishwasher as the harsh detergents and water can damage the brass tools.

So, are brass pasta cutters really worth it?

We say yes, brass pasta cutters are totally worth it. Considering the features and functionalities of the tool, it can be said it’s a good investment. You will get a defined and even cut with each use and it will last for a long, long time. Even though you may have to spend quite a bit on a single brass pasta cutter, it is a one-time investment. The price is justified as it will last you many many years!

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