Is Zarbee’s Sleep Spray Safe for Babies? Does It Work?

Zarbee's sleep spray

Baby’s cranky mood and restlessness giving you sleepless nights? Wondering if Zarbee’s spray is safe and worth a nice, long snooze? 

Turns out, it is indeed safe. Zarbee’s is a health and wellness company. They sell therapeutic medicines and supplements derived from natural ingredients. Zarbee’s bedtime spray is natural and gluten-free. It helps you and your baby prepare for bed. 

There are no toxic chemicals like parabens or drugs. There are also no harmful additives like alcohol or colorants that could cause dermatitis or itchy skin.  

What is Zarbee’s bedtime spray? 

Zarbee’s has an entire product line catering to babies and children. Every mama knows, a well-rested baby means a much happier family. To ensure that both you and your little one get some shut-eye, Zarbee’s has concocted the bedtime spray. 

This spray is a pleasant mist with notes of lavender and chamomile. These ingredients soothe and lull the baby. 

Your tiny tot may be fighting sleep because of a range of factors. They may have separation anxiety if their crib is in a different room. They may be overtired from too much activity. Overstimulation can occur due to excess playtime, bright lights, and loud sounds. 

Overactive evenings can delay bedtimes. Your baby may take longer to wind down in such situations. Multiple, irregular naps during the day can also wreck a night-time sleep schedule. 

Babies may also experience discomfort due to itchy sheets and heat. Or they could be irritated by teething or digestive distress. All these issues may cause hesitation in falling asleep. 

How to use Zarbee’s bedtime spray? 

Zarbee’s is straightforward and simple to use. Spritz it into the air an hour or so before bedtime. 2-3 pumps are sufficient. Don’t spray it straight onto the sheets, blanket, or linens. The scent will linger for a while. But it won’t stay long, so you may have to re-mist. 

The mild, pleasant fragrance creates a restful environment. When your baby is ready for bed, the environment is inviting and cozy.

Zarbee’s bedtime spray ingredients

Water is the main solvent. Lavender and chamomile essential oils are also added. 

  • SD alcohol 40-b

This is a class of denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol has added chemicals that make it unfit for human consumption. It is an antimicrobial that purifies the air. 

  • Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate

This is a plant-based solvent. It easily dissolves ingredients that are insoluble or weakly soluble in water and alcohol. It regulates the viscosity of the spray. It is also an antifungal agent. 

  • Polyglyceryl-3 Cocoate

This compound is an emulsifier. It blends oil and water-based components together. 

Does Zarbee’s lavender bedtime spray help baby sleep? Does it work? 

Yes, the spray does work for putting babies to sleep. It has a pacifying and comforting aroma. The lavender oil has soporific effects. It contributes to longer and better quality sleep when inhaled.

Chamomile is a relaxant. It helps settle down a hyperactive toddler. It may also reduce any uneasiness in colicky or fussy babies. 

Does Zarbee’s lavender bedtime spray work? 

The spray definitely works. But its effectiveness varies from one child to another. Each child may have different bedtime requirements. You can use the massage oils and balms in tandem for better results.

This may help create a tranquil, dreamy setting. Your baby will be a little more serene if nothing else. You can try using white noise machines, dim light, and soft covers. Together, they may help your baby doze off quicker. 

Zarbee’s bedtime spray side effects

There are not many negative side effects to the spray. Some babies may not like the smell of essential oils. And although it is mild, some infants may react badly. 

If you use the spray when the baby is in the room, it could cause irritation. It may cause a little nasal blockage or breathing issues in some cases. But if sprayed beforehand, it diffuses across the room. This should prevent any aggravation. 

Make sure your baby has no allergies to the ingredients. To avoid contact allergies, keep the spray away from their skin, eyes, and mouth.   

What age can you use Zarbee’s bedtime spray? 

Zarbee’s calming bedtime spray can be used at any age. You can use it from the newborn stage onwards. It is safe enough to be used on neonates and older. It is safe and gentle. 

Zarbee’s calming bedtime spray age limit? 

There is no age limit for using Zarbee’s bedtime spray. Ideally, children should be weaned off the spray by 2 years. Beyond this age, problems with sleep are more psychological than biological. 

If the reluctance to sleep persists beyond 3 years, use sleep aids. The spray may not work as well for toddlers and older children. This is because sleep needs to change with age. You don’t need to stop using the spray. It still provides a calming atmosphere.

Even adults find it quite decompressing. 

Is Zarbee’s sleep aid safe?

Not always. Zarbee’s sleep aids include melatonin tablets, gummies, and sleep liquid. These are permitted for kids aged 3 years and above. They don’t contain any drugs, artificial flavors, or alcohol. 

None of the ingredients are habit-forming. Gradually your kid will get past the behavioral problems, like fear. Then they won’t require the melatonin to settle down.  

In terms of overall safety, the jury is still out. Depending on the amount used, side effects are possible. A couple of gummies or tablets may cause severe headaches, migraines, vomiting, and night terrors. You may also observe kids waking up more frequently or experiencing pain. 

Some experts also question the long-term developmental impact of melatonin. There is no conclusive evidence either way. 

The best option is to use half or a quarter of the tablet or gummy. This limited amount may ensure uninterrupted sleep. Let the kiddos have them 30 minutes to an hour before sleep.

For all the sleep-deprived moms out there, this may be your saving grace! So grab a bottle and get some repose. Because a mom can’t be drowsy; she needs to be on her toes!


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