YoYoExpert Introduces Alphaline Professional Grade Yoyo String

YoYoExpert Bulk Yoyo Strings

The best of ZipLine and Sochi Company is a dream come true in the form of this newly announced YoYoExpert’s latest professional-grade bulk yoyo string named Sochi String Alphaline- 100 Count which is an exclusive collaboration of the two polished brands in this field.

The color ratios are formulated by ZipLine and the bulk string methodology is derived from Sochi Company. While using it, you will exploit the best traits of both brands. It is durable because of the 100% polyester being used in its making. It is easy to use due to its relaxed grip yet feels composed enough due to its consistent torsion. The thickness is appropriate. The whip speed is swift yet provides room for control, holding back any slack formation for the best performance of the user.

Taking down the best of both the brands, the Sochi String Alphaline is flawless. Constructed using scientific methodology and previous experiences, Alphaline is made for the victor.

This string is available in 4 assorted color shades of Neon Yellow/White, Neon Green/Neon Yellow/ White, Neon Pink/White, Neon Pink/Neon Orange/ White.

It is priced at $28.50.

Shop it from here: https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/collections/yo-yo-string/products/sochi-string-alphaline-100-count-by-sochi?variant=39739321286846

YoYoExpert is not just a brand selling its products but also an establishment for YoYoers to learn new skills and techniques. One gets to grasp a lot of knowledge about various tricks and also teach others one’s skills, expanding the horizon of the Yoyo community. They have the best products that assist you to come out as a champion.

Where does YoyoExpert ship from?

YoyoExpert currently ships throughout the United States via United States Postal Services and FedEx Express. Orders are usually shipped on the same day. International shipping is available too to selected countries. International shipping is done through FedEx, which is the fastest method of all, and with the United States Postal Services. Check all available shipping options from here: https://yoyoexpert.com/international-shipping.php


  1. https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/sochi-string-alphaline-100-count-by-sochi?variant=40175618785470
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