Are YEEZYs Comfortable? Are They Good For Running, Walking, Or Hiking?

Yeezy shoes

Whether it’s before or after KimYe, you’ve got to admit- YEEZYs always look pretty cool! Not to mention your automatic street cred when you sport them? But do they feel as good as they look? Are they comfortable and non-biting on your feet? 

This article will look into all the different facets of YEEZY shoes. It will also explore the different varieties and functions. This way you can make sure you invest in a glam pair of shoes wisely! 

What are YEEZYs made of?

There are many varieties of YEEZY shoes which are all made using different materials. These vary based on function and style. But most of the sneakers have some type of plastic base. This could be polyester or EVA foam. 

Some varieties also incorporate leather or rubber in the soles or sides. Fabric is also a component for the laces or the straps. Materials like algae-based foam, mesh, and suede are also used. These improve wearability and comfort by providing a cushion effect. 

Or, in the more luxe ranges, they add a glossy, polished finish to the exterior. 

Are YEEZYs non-slip?

A few YEEZY ranges are made to be non-slip. These include the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Clay and the Knitted Breathable Lace-Up variety. The BOOST 350 V2 Clay range is available for both adults and children. 

The 350V uses a rubber outsole that has more traction on slippery ground. They provide better grip and adhesion on wet or oily surfaces. This provides safety against mishaps like falling or tripping in such environments. 

The Knitted Lace-Up sneakers are made for women. They feature a little platform heel for a feminine edge while retaining daily functionality.

Are YEEZYs true to size?

YEEZYs are mostly true to size because they stretch with wear and are quite elastic. They are meant to mold themselves around your feet and not the other way round. But depending on the make and model, your toes may feel a little cramped. 

The YEEZY 350 V2 and 700 V2 range are more pliable so they run true to size. But the 350 V1 and the 500 ranges are more compact, even though they may look larger externally. They don’t have as much give, so you will need to go up a size. If your feet are not too wide, half a size up also works. 

Keep in mind that any range with extra padding on the insole or sides will be tighter. Ribbed designs or cages within may also restrict space. So you may have to move up a size in these cases as well. 

The YEEZY Slides are usually true to size unless your feet are very wide. But even here, buying a slightly bigger version doesn’t hurt, since this model is made to be roomy and breathable. 

Are YEEZYs comfortable?

YEEZYs are one of the most comfortable sneaker brands on the market. Their ranges are built to be snug, stretchy and snazzy! Everything from the design, stitching, and technology helps with airflow and durability. 

The materials are chosen and the techniques used ensure practical utility as well as comfort. Different aspects of easy wear are explored. All the shoes feature especially designed mid-soles that don’t cramp your feet. 

They can also be slipped on and off effortlessly, saving you the hassles of abrasions and rash.

Are YEEZYs comfortable for walking or running?  

Not all YEEZY shoes are comfortable for running. Even the sportier YEEZY sneakers are not all apt for serious runners. To their credit, many sneakers do have some qualities that come in handy for runners.

For example, they all have BOOST technology for the midsoles to absorb pressure. BOOST provides more flexibility and shock absorption which enhances performance. 

They also provide a good fit that can be adjusted with the laces. You won’t have to worry about them slipping off or tripping. 

But, there are issues that can crop up. Some sneakers have very distinct shapes and rear Achilles heels. These may seem comfortable, but rigorous running may lead to ankle sprains or twists. 

The cloth-knit on the upper portion of YEEZY 380  can come apart quite easily with regular running.

The good news is all YEEZYs are durable. You just have to select the series that best fits your purpose. YEEZY 700 is a running shoe, as is the 350 V2. Avoid the 500 as it is meant for basketball. It is too heavy for runners and doesn’t provide enough energy return. 

This means that most YEEZYs are perfect for walking. The shoes are long-lasting and provide excellent support for lighter physical activities. So whether you are out for a stroll or a gentle jog, these babies will serve you well. 

Are YEEZYs comfortable for standing all day? 

Most of the YEEZY shoes are suitable if you are standing all day. You may have a supervisory role or functions that require you to be on your feet all day. Choose the lighter, laid-back designs like the Slides or the Foam Runners. 

They are lightweight and provide support for your heels and toes. The Foam runners also have air holes that keep your feet from getting sweaty and stinky! 

Avoid the bulkier, thicker varieties like the Wave Runner. You don’t want your feet to feel cramped and tired after a long day. 

Are YEEZYs comfortable for working out and lifting weights? 

YEEZYs are designed for chic comfort. They are more of a fashion statement than core fitness shoes. Some sneaker ranges like the YEEZY 700 are great for use at the gym. They have extra padding on the heels which comes in handy. 

But these aren’t made for intense workout sessions. They won’t sustain regular pressure, especially on leg days. Those squats, lunges, and thrusts will probably see you saying adios to these shoes sooner rather than later. 

But for lighter exercises like arms, treadmill, weights, etc., YEEZY 700 and 350 V may be sufficient. For leg work and HIIT, the shoes are too clunky and cumbersome. They aren’t built especially for athletic activities that require agility and nimbleness. 

Even with weight-lifting, the continuous load will cause the shoes to fall apart. YEEZYs also have less toe space and are less stretchy. This can cause blisters, shoe bites, and sprains. They are not firm enough to rebound the pressure. 

Are YEEZYs comfortable for hiking? 

YEEZYs are a lifestyle, deluxe brand of shoes. They aren’t really meant for daily wear or for rough use. Hiking certainly is not an activity these shoes are cut out for. Especially if you are on rugged terrains, such as rocky mountains or slippery hiking trails. 

They don’t have as much grip or self-drying ability as proper hiking gear. This means you may slip and fall. It isn’t worth ruining these style statements on muddy, dirty areas. 

If you don’t have any other option, you can use the more robust YZY QNTM range. For wet climates, the YZY KNIT RNR boots may last a while too. You can slosh around in them because their upper-half cloth is made water-proof. 

But, otherwise, the durability of the cloth material is a concern. Try out the YEEZY 500 High Slate or other varieties with mesh or elastane, which are resistant to abrasion. 

Are YEEZYs comfortable for basketball?

YEEZY does have a special line of sneakers made for basketball. These are slightly upgraded versions of the YEEZY 700s. These were considered the perfect “dad-shoe”, and could be used on the court as well. 

The YEEZY Basketball Quantum (QNTM) range is meant for basketball. First off, it doesn’t meet the criteria needed for serious or pro basketball players. It has too many light fixtures which aren’t really pro-hoop material. 

On top of this, the herringbone design isn’t all it is made out to be. This herringbone-cage design can actually injure athletes. And despite the collar support for the hind ankles, these shoes cannot bear the power and force put on them during a play.

It might very well hinder performance, rather than enable it. 

It is safe to say that the chances of the shoes ripping at the seams are quite high. But if you’re just shooting hoops with your mates in a friendly play, these may hold up for a while. 

Are YEEZYs good for flat feet?

Most YEEZYs are apt for people with flat feet. Many ranges have added features that make them suitable for flat-footed people. The Slides, Foam Runners, and 350s amongst others are great options. 

They provide additional insoles because flat-footed people need additional thickness in the midsole area. In addition, these shoes don’t have a very high arch in the back. High arches and heels are not recommended for flat feet as they hurt the ankles. 

These shoes redirect the staring towards the soles to prevent muscle aches. 

Are YEEZYs good for wide feet?

There are quite a few YEEZY shoes that work well for wide feet. But most of the time, you will need to buy one size bigger if you have wide feet. This is because the toe box is smaller in most YEEZY ranges. This will confine your feet and cause stiffness. 

But if you take the size up a notch, most ranges are quite elastic and tractable. They allow airflow and are quite roomy. If you take out the extra padding, you can also stretch out the sides a little bit. 

The YEEZY 700 WaveRunner, MNVN, Mauve, and others are good options. They are large enough without looking too awkward or bulky on your feet. 

Are YEEZYs more comfortable without insoles?

The comfort of insoles in YEEZYs really depends on your foot structure and function. Those with flat feet will do better keeping the insoles on. But for people with wider feet, the extra padding might be cumbersome.

Taking insoles out is also useful for people with hammertoes. Insoles can restrict wiggle room, causing pain and swelling. Just be careful while removing the insoles as it could damage the shoe. Try to buy a size bigger so you don’t have to take the shoe apart. 

The insoles provide comfort, and cushioning that relieves fatigue to a large extent. 

Which YEEZY is the most comfortable?

Both the unconventional, modernistic YEEZY designs and the more straight-laced ones offer equal comfort. The YEEZY 350, Foam Runners, and the 380s are front-runners in terms of comfort. 

Still, other YEEZY ranges are also considered very snug and cozy. We will look at a few in turn to highlight the features that are most loved. 

Are YEEZY Slides comfortable?

YEEZY Slides Ochre and Pure are known for being quite relaxing. They are almost like open-toed Crocs, with a spongy, bouncy feel. This absorbent feel is courtesy of the EVA foam that is injected into the sole material.

They do give the balls of your feet much-needed rest and rejuvenation. The grooves on the underside also ensure that the rubber doesn’t cause slippage. It provides hold and resistance on smooth surfaces as well. 

It really is like wearing the most informal, chill pair of sandals- but oh so fashionable!

Are YEEZY 350s comfortable? 

YEEZY 350s are the OG YEEZYS in terms of easy-going comfort. The ranges have been upgraded with time from the YEEZY 350 V1 to the 350 V2s. Make sure your size check leaves a little extra toe space. 

The prime-knit threading on the upper portion feels just like a pair of socks. It doesn’t feel dense or leaden on your feet. The 350 V2s also have some exciting design changes such as neon colors and bespoke detailing. 

Are YEEZY 380s comfortable? 

The YEEZY 380s are a fan favorite with a very loyal following. They are a little more old-school but quite versatile and multi-purpose. They are the real-deal staple that never disappoints. It can be used for gentle strolls, quick runs, or even while grocery shopping. 

The new edition of YEEZY BOOST 380 also uses the new BOOST technology for a better spring. It also has a higher arch at the back. This design suits many people in terms of ease of movement. But the design may hinder people with flat feet.  

Are YEEZY 500s comfortable?

The YEEZY 500s aren’t as comfortable as some of its peers. It does provide excellent support to your heels and soles. It is a dad shoe, in that it is really reliable especially if you are walking around all day. 

For busybodies who have a lot to do and need an all-purpose shoe the 500s will serve you well. The range features the adiPRENE+ footbed material which offers a good energy return. It is also very malleable and moves with the muscles. 

Are YEEZY 700s comfortable?

All YEEZYS have the distinction of being comfortable in their own way. The same applies to the YEEZY 700s. But they aren’t what you would select straight off the bat. These are more hulking, jumbo shoes compared to the rest. 

They can be quite unwieldy, especially if you have smaller feet. It just looks clunky and may get in the way. But if it’s a good fit, the BOOST technology used in other soft meshwork does keep your feet warm. They are a little plush, so cleaning them might be tougher.

Are YEEZY Foam Runners comfortable?

YEEZY Foam Runners are like walking on clouds! They are fluffy and cottony to the touch. Not to mention its crazy sci-fi design that looks almost, Martian. The Foam Runners use algae foam, which means the line is also vegan. 

It also has strategically placed air vents in its quirky design. These can be cleaned easily and they don’t lose their ability to configure to your feet. It’s an easy-breezy shoe that is easy to slide on and off and kind of looks like an alien sandal! 

Do you think Kanye’s YEEZYs add to your cool quotient? The glow-in-the-dark shoelaces are really extra- but if it’s your vibe, then YEEZY it up!

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